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  1. Most likely Deadline and/or VCFB, provided those are happening. No clue what to code though. I was going to do something with KC-85/3, but now that a KC-85/4 demo has happened at Revision my motivation for that has been lowered significantly
  2. Hehe yeah, props to Tronimal for producing such an excellent track with my player (for anybody interested, download it from here: https://demozoo.org/music/185140/ ) I'm currently busy with non-Atari things but I'll definately come back to this at some point.
  3. I've had some reports that tiatune doesn't work (more specifically, hangs on load) on Flashback Portable. Any ideas that I could try to make it work?
  4. Thanks for the detective work, Thomas and DirtyHairy! Looking forward to having this emulated in Stella. I have a hunch that this quirk might actually turn out to be a useful "feature" at some point
  5. Sadly it's not possible to output any gfx with this player, because it does not produce a stable image. I do have plans for a simpler version however. That one will mix 2 simple saw wave channels, have a stable kernal and maybe even leave some time free on each scanline to do some additional ops. However, I don't understand yet how to do a VSYNC without introducing wait states, which would be crucial for pulling this off.
  6. Wow, after 5 years of being a member of this forum I finally managed to actually code an Atari thingy Made a little sound routine for the mighty TIA, which fixes the "detune problem". This is achieved by re-implementing the TIA waveforms in software, and controlling playback with 16-bit pitch accuracy. All AUDC waveforms except 2,3 and E are supported, playback rate is approx. 10 KHz. The player takes 100% CPU time so it isn't suitable for use in games or demos, unfortunately. If you've followed last year's Silly Venture VCS music competition, you will have heard the player in action on the entry named "Tunabit", which took 2nd place. Anyway, I'm now releasing the source code, as well as an XM converter that can be used to convert music composed with a specially crafted XM template. Disclaimer: I'm only a beginner-level 65xx coder so please tell me if you spot any bugs/possible optimizations/etc. github download (includes win32 converter + xm template) tunabit.bin
  7. Great news! Thanks for the hard work, XXL.
  8. I don't see any ZX-10 tracks in Beep'em All 3?!?
  9. Great stuff. And now that I finally have a working 800xl, I'm especially looking forward to xm2gtia converter (and secretly hoping for ZX-10 gtia port) Btw some interesting distortion going on at bass frequencies. A bit different from how it sounds on Spectrum, but not really in a bad way. Overall great sound quality, actually sounds like it's running more stable than the ZX version.
  10. Hello, I'd be interested in making some music for your game. 300 bytes sounds like quite a challenge, but I like this sort of challenge. Normally I make music for ZX Spectrum beeper, you can check some of my works here if you like: http://irrlichtproject.de/releases3.html PM me if you're interested
  11. Yay, it works. Tried a couple of VS redists first, which unfortunately didn't fix the problem. So I had to install the SDK after all. Would be great if the needed dlls could be identified, so users don't have to install the full SDK package. Btw I think XP is still widely used among homebrew developers, as it offers better backward compatibility, is much faster, and not everybody wants to install 15GB Win7 or 8 system. (In fact you neither need a dual core nor 2 GB of RAM to run VbB under XP.) Anyway, thanks a lot for your help! Edit: I love how in normal mode, the pitch offset values are denoted (I'm assuming that's what those +/- values are supposed to be). That's a genius feature. Might be useful to display something like this in Expert mode as well, maybe with a little tooltip?
  12. i tried a couple of different combinations - build 554 with soundlib produces the same error. I'm using a freshly installed WinXP Pro SP3, 32 bit real machine. No antivir as this is my offline development machine.
  13. using build 566 and the soundlib that came with it.
  14. Hey, thanks for the quick reply! Yes, my folder looks just like this, except there's no backup folder (yet). Already saw the other thread, unfortunately that didn't solve my problem either.
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