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  1. "Apple Roots: Assembly Language Programming for the Apple //e and //c" by Mark Andrews is also on BombJack.org, in the Apple ][ Section. MarkO
  2. Yes, even the original 'C' supports Loading the Arrays when they come into Scope.. here are some code examples from the ANSI Edition of the 'C' White Book: static char daytab[2][13] = { {0, 31, 28, 31, 30, 31, 30, 31, 31, 30, 31, 30, 31}, {0, 31, 29, 31, 30, 31, 30, 31, 31, 30, 31, 30, 31} }; static char *name[] = { "Illegal month", "January", "February", "March", "April", "May", "June", "July", "August", "September", "October", "November", "December" };
  3. Didn't the Copy ][ Utilities has this feature?? MarkO
  4. I have made a bit of, Head Way, but I’m getting married next month, and I am packing everything up to move to a new ( slightly bigger ) place.. So the Northstar is hibernating for now... i did post post a bit on the VCFed forum, in the S100 bus section... i will I’ll post pictures and results here soon.. MarkO
  5. In case You All didn’t, “read between the lines”, I now have this Northstar Horizon, and have started the path to Refurbishment.. But, I have set it aside for a few weeks as I pack up and move houses... MarkO
  6. Doing a search at https://www.archive.org/ didn't return any results for the Title. Do you have a Link to it?? MarkO
  7. My "first" Computer Experience was the Apple ][+, in JAN-1982 at my High School. A year later, my Dad and Uncle bought Sinclair ZX-81 Kits, and in NOV-1983, I became a Half-Owner of an Apple ][e. My start with Personal Computers, especially the Apple ][+ is an interesting story, in that I discovered them because I was perpetually late to my First Period Class, Chemistry... My Chemistry Teacher "assigned" me to After School Detention, which started at 15:30, and school ended at 15:10, so while waiting for Detention to Start, the Business classroom next door had Three, Apple ][+s. One with Two Disk ][s, and an Epson MX Printer, One with One Disk ][ and a Hammer type printer and One with just a Disk ][. All had 48K RAM and the Language Card with Integer BASIC. The Business Instructor let me read the AppleSoft Manuals, the Disk ][ Manuals and the Epson Printer Manuals.. This Introduction to Personal Computers lead to getting the Sinclair, and then the Apple ][e, and later a Commodore SX-64 and then IBM-PC Clones and eventually the Tandy Color Computers. ( and an Osborn I and just a few weeks ago, a Northstar Horizon ) I also went to the local community college and learned some Electronics, and Computer Programming, including COBOL and eventually into Embedded Programming. My favorite Apple ][ games are Castle Wolfenstein, Load Runner, and the Adventure Games like EAMON and Odyssey, The Complete Apventure, and the Infocom Games. MarkO
  8. I can get to the Discord Serve, it just never remembers me.. This is the First Discord Link that works this way. MarkO
  9. This Discord Invite is Not Persistent... MarkO
  10. Did Byteboosters clarify why the ][+ doesn't work, but the ][e Does.. MarkO
  11. The "First Software" I recall buying, was The Merlin Assembler, ( DOS 3.3. & ProDOS ), for the Apple ][e, and "Assemble Lines", from SoftTalk Publishing.. MarkO
  12. Hi!! Long Time no Speak.... Are you making this an RS-DOS HD Image or NitrOS9/OS9 Image??? 128 MB seems to be the largest practical Disk. The ToolShed Utilities work really good for these sorts of things... MarkO
  13. So Sorry, out of town, and was not checking AtariAge.. Responded... MarkO
  14. From looking at the picture, looks like the Mesh is already removed... MarkO
  15. Sounds like a Keyboard Issue... If you unplug the Keyboard from the Motherboard, and Power Up the Apple, the computer should jump directly into the System Test.... Has anyone here tried something like, De-Oxit on the Keys??? MarkO
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