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  1. MarkO


    The Epyx FastLoad was one of the First Things I bought, after I bought my Sx-64 in 1986... I still keep it in my SX-64 Bag, and have acquired a second FastLoad in the last few years... MarkO
  2. Good Information.... MarkO
  3. Yep, that's me... One of the CoCoTALKers that's been there since the First Show... The Tandy CoCo Discord Server is https://discord.gg/4J5nHXm MarkO
  4. MarkO


    Hey Rietveld.... I've had a C64, ( the Portable SX-64 ) since 1986... I don't know everything about the C64, but I remember a lot.... MarkO
  5. Since the Apple ][ and ][+ didn't have Lower Case, from the Factory, nor a Caps Lock Key, none of the Older Games expected Lower Case Characters.. It's Harder to Program for things you don't have.... MarkO
  6. I signed up for a couple of tables.... I was there last year... Tandy CoCo, Apple ][e and Commodore SX-64... MarkO
  7. Yes, it can be changed... I'm not sure exactly where in the ROM it is, but I can ask some people I know... All the Smart People I know that know the CoCo hang out on a Discord Server.... MarkO
  8. The Apple ][e had at least Two different Keyboards, the earlier "White Key" board has slightly better feel for me than the later, "Black Key" board. For "modern PCs", IBM Type M, All the Way!!!! MarkO
  9. The Atari Joysticks with work with an Adapter: https://console5.com/store/byteboosters-sega-atari-snes-joystick-adapter-to-apple-ii-e-c-c-iigs.html MarkO
  10. I'm still new to the CoCo World, since I got my first one, a CoCo 3 in 2012, but I have heard of an RF Modulator in a CoCo 1 that basically disintegrated, while the rest of the CoCo was perfectly fine.. So there is a chance that your CoCo will never get better, unless it's opened up... There are some ways to ( carefully ) heat and remove the original Warranty Stickers so that they can be replaced.
  11. WOW!! I haven't seen anything like that since the last visit from the Evil Mirror Universe... The big IC is a Fairchild TR1602-B, which according to Google is an Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter... See PDF Page 18 of this Document: http://bitsavers.trailing-edge.com/components/westernDigital/_dataBooks/1981_Western_Digital_Product_Handbook.pdf MarkO
  12. The CoCo 2 was first available with what is called the "Melty Key" Keyboard.. Later Tandy made a "Full Travel" Keyboard that was modified for the Dulex CoCo and CoCo 3. The Mylar Membrain can "degrade" and cause issues... This might be what happened to yours.. ( I own Three, CoCo 3s, Four, CoCo 2s and Two, CoCo 1s, and all their keyboards seem to be in working order.. ) MarkO
  13. All of the Non-Enhanced Apple ][e can be Enhanced with a ROM Upgrade and 65C02 Upgrade.. Apple sold the kits, BITD.. Reactive Micro still sells a version: https://www.reactivemicro.com/product/iie-enhancement-kit/ MarkO
  14. Lets see.... I got an Apple ][e with One Disk ][ Floppy and Green Screen Apple /// Monitor in NOV-1983, and in 1985 got an Apple Super Serial Card, so I got a deal on a US Robotics ( USR ) 300/1200 bps Password™ Modem. I called a lot of Commodore C64 BBSs at 300 bps and one CP/M based system on a Northstar Advantage system with a 300/1200 bps modem.. My second model was "generic" 2400 bps, I still have it somewhere.. My Third, ( and Fourth and Fifth ) are Supra 14.4 and 33.6 Modems... I got Dial Up Internet in MAR-1996 and used the Supra's to connect to my ISP. I used them regularly up until the year 2000 when I got Cable Internet.. MarkO
  15. I have my original Sinclair ZX-81 from 1982 and the an Apple ][e from 1983... I got a Commodore SX-64 in about 1986 and my first CoCo, ( a CoCo 3, NIB ) in 2012... So I am a "new" CoCoNut!! The CoCo Crowd is a pretty friendly group, so I keep, Hanging Out with them... MarkO
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