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  1. For 512K and 2MB boards, they are Solid... MarkO
  2. For the Tandy Color Computer, ( CoCo ),"CoCo: The Colorful History of Tandy's Underdog Computer" is pretty good, also there is "Tandy's Little Wonder, The Color Computer" you can get the PDF here: https://archive.org/details/Tandys_Little_Wonder_1993_Farna_Systems and the Second Edition is here: https://colorcomputerarchive.com/repo/Documents/Books/Tandy's Little Wonder Second Edition (Farna Systems).pdf MarkO ( Apple ][ user since JAN-1982, Tandy CoCo user since 2012 )
  3. I'll try to Pull it Out and get some Close Ups... I'm so Back Logged with Day Job and current Hobbies, I haven't even taken the North Star Out of Storage.. MarkO
  4. CoCoTALK! is the world’s leading live talk show featuring the Tandy Color Computer! Airing live each week on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook, with video and audio replays available, join us for some CoCoTALK about community projects, hardware and software, interviews, reviews, demos, tutorials, world premiers, announcements and more! The Dragon Users will be taking over CoCoTALK! to present the Dragon and it's Communities..
  5. Saturday August 14th at 13:00 UTC-5, 18:00 UTC https://youtu.be/JmP8xIKQ05I The Dragon, released by Dragon Data Ltd of Wales, UK ( a division of Mettoy ), built and sold a Personal Computer based on the Motorola Design Spec for a MC6809 based Computing System. This is the same Design Spec that Tandy/Radio-Shack designed the Tandy Color Computer ( CoCo ) from. Making the Dragon and the CoCo, cousins.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragon_Data MarkO
  6. I see on Asimovs that the ADIOS manual in there as well as Softworks-ROS ( Remote Operating System 😞 The ADIOS-81_Apple Disk Interface and Operating System Reference Manual-1981 Softworks-ROS (Remote Operating System) Installation and Operation Manual I wonder if muMath and muLISP are related to the muSPEED Math Co-Processor?? Both products would benefit from some CPU assistance.. Mine seems to be exactly like the CCS 7781B design: CCS Apple II APU 7781B Owners Manual Too Bad there don't seem to be any Disks of ADIOS or Softworks-ROS..... ADIOS Disks _might_ have muLISP on them... MarkO
  7. I have seen this Issue, recently on another Discord Server with BOTs that aren't configured correctly... MarkO
  8. The CoCoSDC has the "same requirements" as RS-DOS... 16KB RAM and Extended BASIC... But 16KB won't leave any RAM for Programs, so 32KB is a _minimum_ RAM level for a working system.. MarkO
  9. I I live about 8 hours North of you... That makes me "closer" that many people..... MarkO
  10. JAN-1982: Discover the Three Apple ][+ 48KB in the High School Business Classroom. Bought some blank disks and started "collecting" Software.. SEP-1982: All Apple ][+ were moved to dedicated classroom, no longer "free access".. APR-1983: My Uncle and Dad both got Sinclair ZX-81 "kits" to Build... Works Great, but no Disks and Membrane Keyboard.. NOV-1983: High School friend, Randy and I form Partnership.. We each bring $600.00, ( US Dollars ) to purchase a 6 month old, used Apple ][e, 64KB, one Disk ][ and Monitor /// with that little stand.. APR-1984, ( or ), Randy buys out my Half, my Dad contributes $600.00 and we get another of the, now 12 month old, used Apple ][e, 64KB, one Disk ][ and Monitor /// with that little stand.. My dad buys a Star Gemini 10, I get a Microbuffer, 64KB with Parallel and Serial Interfaces, a RAMWORKS III with 512KB, Ace Calc, ( a little better than Vis-a-Calc ) and Word Juggler ][e for Word Processing.. My dad gets the Apple Monitor 100 and Apple Memory/RGB card, and stores the Monitor /// My dad uses this setup until 1994, when he "upgrades" to a i386 Compatible.. Attached Picture: I'm the "guy" on the Left.. Randy is on the Right..
  11. Congratulations and Welcome to the World of the CoCo!!! I've been a CoCo owner since 2012, starting with a NIB CoCo 3, and now I own Two CoCo 1s, Four CoCo 2s and Two CoCo 3, plus some add-ons like a couple Mulit-Pack Interfaces, ( MPIs ) and some Carts like the RS-232 Pak, Sound Carts, like the Sound and Speech Pak and Orchestra ( Orch-90 ). **bluejay** mentioned The Color Computer Archive: https://colorcomputerarchive.com/ This the Primary Site for CoCo Software and Documentation. There are quite a few more sites, which a lot of them are nicely summarized at : http://imacoconut.com/ This site is run by "ogStevieStrow", who is "our fearless leader" of the CoCoTALK! show, a Live weekly broadcast. Modern hardware, like the CoCoSDC, that replace the Floppy Disk and Hard Disk with SD card Images, make running Disk Games very easy for a reasonable price. Since the MPIs let you have multiple Carts installed on your CoCo, and they are kind of Rare, there are modern version, the Mini MPI and Mega-Mini MPI available from Ed "Zippster" Snider, who also sells the CoCoSDC: https://thezippsterzone.com/ The original, Non-Self-Centering JoySticks, ( sometimes referred to as, "Black Beauties" ) are of limited use for most games, so you will want to find one of the Deluxe JoyStick, and buy a modern Digital to Analog Converter for the games that don't use Analog features. The CoCo's JoySticks are configured as a Voltage Divider, Not as "strict" Resistance, like the IBM-PC or Apple ][ JoySticks, but these Sticks can be modified to work with the CoCo. A weekly feature of CoCoTALK!, for the past year is our, "High Score Challenge", in which a Game is announced for the Week, and then interested people, play the game and Post a picture of their High Score(s).. And on the next show they are Ranked and you can see how well you did.... https://cocotalk.live/ MarkO
  12. I wish you could make it... I would love to meet up with you in person... MarkO
  13. Shepardson Is who wrote Apple ][ DOS 3.x, the parts above WRTS..
  14. BITD, ( 1982 ), I remember seeing the Model I, II, III and 4 at Radio-Shack and I faintly remember the Color Computer 1. Since I was into the Apple ][, ( an Apple ][+, 48K at my High School and an Apple ][e at Home ), and a Commodore SX-64, because most of the rest of my family had the C64s.. In college, ( 1985 ), I had a friend that Started with the Model I, and by the time I met him and his wife, they had moved up to the Model III and Model 4, and a Tandy 2000. I go to borrow the Tandy 2000 for a month, but is was only MS-DOS compatible, so unless I wanted to write all my own Software, there wasn't much to run.. Today, i'm into the Tandy Color Computer, because in 2012 I got a NIB, Color Computer 3, ( CoCo 3 ), that was included with an Apple //e Platinum with Apple Color Monitor ][e and some original software. At first I wasn't quite sure what to do with it, but found it has the MC6809, which is very much like the 6502 family, and since I never had any Color Computer equipment before, so I kept it... Since then, I have gotten, Two of the CoCoSDCs, Two FD-500 Drives, a Extended Basic 64K CoCo 2, and then a Standard BASIC 16K CoCo 2, with a BONUS, ( reported Non-Working ), 4K CoCo 1.. By the time it arrived, the CoCo 1 worked fine... Three more CoCo2s and another CoCo 3 and a few CoCo Carts. MarkO
  15. Very Interesting... I was at my "local" Apple Dealer, "Team Electronics" pretty frequently.. I would guess that it wasn't in their, ( best ) interest to offer the Apple ][ / ][+ / ][e as a kit, since this wasn't offered as an option.. Possibly a more "hobbies oriented" place, like The Byte Shop would have different clientele and offer different services. I think I would have liked growing up in the Silicon Valley in the 1970s.. Alas, at least I benefited from growing up near the Silicon Forrest.. MarkO
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