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  1. 10 hours ago, eightbit said:

    Yeah, that fastload is a pretty capable cart :) We all had em back in the day to make this stuff easy.


    Thanks for the CoCoSDC tip! I can't wait to try it tonight. I was wondering how this was done!


    Also, if you have 42 minutes to spare you should watch this video. It even covers stuff about the Fastload I had no clue about. So informative in fact that I saved a local copy of this video for future reference!



    The Epyx FastLoad was one of the First Things I bought, after I bought my Sx-64 in 1986...


    I still keep it in my SX-64 Bag, and have acquired a second FastLoad in the last few years...



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  2. On 1/4/2020 at 5:42 PM, MrDave said:

    Ok so I have this figured out now

    On alot of coco2's even in xroar ( coco2b mode)

    Poke &H0167,&H39

    Poke &HFF22,&H78

    The first command locks out basic from resetting the vdg the second is a poke into the vdg the 7 can be a 7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0 and the second digit an 8 for orange or 0 for green

    The top bits are for wideScreen..inverse,,lowercase. Try it out !



    Good Information....



  3. On 12/28/2019 at 5:53 PM, MrDave said:

    Ahh i seen you on cocotalk.. i'm dave of dave & sharron. Lol i suppose if i really wanna play with the roms i could swap in a static ram to figure everything out by trial.. but someone must have done it already...



    Yep, that's me...   One of the CoCoTALKers that's been there since the First Show...  ;)


    The Tandy CoCo Discord Server is https://discord.gg/4J5nHXm



  4. On 1/5/2020 at 8:09 AM, rietveld said:


    << BIG SNIP >>


    I am new to the c64(just picked 1 up with the SD card reader). I may need your help with that



    Hey Rietveld....


    I've had a C64, ( the Portable SX-64 ) since 1986...   I don't know everything about the C64, but I remember a lot....




  5. On 12/15/2019 at 2:01 PM, bluejay said:


    << BIG SNIP >>

    And also: Damn Radio Shack! Why did you have to put a warranty sticker over one of the screws?! (BTW, I'm one of those people who will never remove labels or stickers that came originally from the factory.)

    I'm still new to the CoCo World, since I got my first one, a CoCo 3 in 2012, but I have heard of an RF Modulator in  a CoCo 1 that basically disintegrated, while the rest of the CoCo was perfectly fine.. 


    So there is a chance that your CoCo will never get better, unless it's opened up...


    There are some ways to ( carefully ) heat and remove the original Warranty Stickers so that they can be replaced.

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    8 hours ago, carlsson said:

    << BIG SNIP >>


    Personally I briefly owned what turned out to be a boxed CoCo 2 with the worst keyboard I ever have encountered, including ZX-81, Spectrum and you name it. I understand that the CoCo 1 is considered to have a horrible keyboard, so perhaps my specimen was worn out beyond belief. 

    << SNIP >>

    The CoCo 2 was first available with what is called the "Melty Key" Keyboard.. Later Tandy made a "Full Travel" Keyboard that was modified for the Dulex CoCo and CoCo 3. 


    The Mylar Membrain can "degrade" and cause issues...  This might be what happened to yours..


    ( I own Three, CoCo 3s, Four, CoCo 2s and Two, CoCo 1s, and all their keyboards seem to be in working order..  )



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  7. Lets see....  I got an Apple ][e with One Disk ][ Floppy and Green Screen Apple /// Monitor in NOV-1983, and in 1985 got an Apple Super Serial Card, so I got a deal on a US Robotics ( USR ) 300/1200 bps Password Modem.  I called a lot of Commodore C64 BBSs at 300 bps and one CP/M based system on a Northstar Advantage system with a 300/1200 bps modem..


    My second model was "generic" 2400 bps, I still have it somewhere..


    My Third, ( and Fourth and Fifth ) are Supra 14.4 and 33.6 Modems...


    I got Dial Up Internet in MAR-1996 and used the Supra's to connect to my ISP.


    I used them regularly up until the year 2000 when I got Cable Internet..



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  8. I have my original Sinclair ZX-81 from 1982 and the an Apple ][e from 1983...  I got a Commodore SX-64 in about 1986 and my first CoCo, ( a CoCo 3, NIB ) in 2012...


    So I am a "new" CoCoNut!!


    The CoCo Crowd is a pretty friendly group, so I keep, Hanging Out with them... ;)



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  9. 2 minutes ago, 777ismyname said:

    Thank you, MarkO. I will check that out in a few hours :) I haven’t checked back into FB since sending that request in and can’t remember if it was approved before I logged out or not. 

    I’ve been checking out all the goodies at CoCoWares and such, and making a list of some stuff to get pretty soon. I am ordering a DriveWire and another cheap goody or two on the 7th. At my temporary retro desk is an old PC already serving up virtual files to Atari 8 bit and Commodore 8 bit machines. Their TI 99/4A and CoCo2/3 cousins  will join them very soon :) 



    What User name on Facebook??  I can check...  On Discord, I'm an Admin...


    I'm new to the CoCo..   2012 was my first one, now I have 8 of them plus a Tano Dragon...




  10. On 10/16/2019 at 1:17 PM, mozartpc27 said:

    When I was in grade school my school had Tandy CoCo2s for the most part in the computer lab, with like 3 Apple IIs or something.


    Anyway, when we had computer class and could play "Oregon Trail," we actually played it on the CoCos, not on the Apple IIs, and it was an all-text version.  I remember the way you shot something was by typing words like "Shoot" and "Bang" as fast as possible, with the faster you typed presumably leading to a better result.


    Did anyone else ever play this thing on a Coco2?  Better yet, anyone got a copy?  I am obsessed with it.



    Chris Pedersen took a 1978 version of Oregon Trail and modified it for the CoCo:


    Paul Shoemaker is making a Version for the CoCo's from the 1985 Apple ][ Version:



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  11. 4 hours ago, Staggerwing said:

     Thanks for replying JamesD.

    I’ve tried the TV out with the Coco3 and it works fine on either RF or composite. I used the same cable as with the coco2.

    Could the modulator on the 2 not be getting the Chroma signal? Where does that enter the modulator? If anyone has a diagram understandable by someone who doesn’t know circuit symbols I’d be grateful for a peak. What should the signal strength be on the relevant input?

    The RF Modulators have been know to fail, while the rest of the CoCo is perfectly fine...


    In this, Day and Age, with TVs with Analog inputs becoming less and less common, replacing the RF Modulator with a Composite Output is a Good Direction to Go..  Or even a VGA Output...


    Check Out Zippster's, ( Ed Snider ) CoCo 2 A/V Modulator:



    Or Brendan Donahe's CoCoVGA:



    Zippster doesn't have any of the CoCo A/V Modulators in his store, but Brendan will have CoCoVGAs available..




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