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  1. For anyone on the fence, don't be. There's a reason why these sell out. I used to use it in my Apple IIGS (ROM 01), but since I pared down to just an Apple IIe Platinum, I use it in that. Naturally, the remote is all but a requirement if you don't have a IIGS.


    The only thing that disappoints me about it is a limitation of the Apple II itself, and it's that I can't have this and a physical disk card plugged in at the same time if I want full CFFA 3000 functionality (virtual disk and hard drive). That's not as big of a deal as it used to be, of course, since I got rid of all of my boxed software.

    I have my CFFA3000 in Slot #7 in my ROM 01 ][gs, and it emulates a Hard Drive there, as well as Shadowing the 5.25" and 3.5" Disks into Slots #6 and #5...


    If I deactivated the 5.25" Drives Shadowed into Slot #6, I could use the ][gs' internal Card to connect to a pair of 5.25" Drives....



    If your just copying Disks, you can temporally install a Disk ][ Card into Slot #4 or #2 or #1...



  2. Simon shared a video of that on facebook, but I tried sharing video off of facebook and people just complain they don't do facebook and you can't watch the video without leaving this site, so I don't share anything from there anymore.


    << BIG SNIP >>

    I agree about Facebook.. I prefer videos on YouTube too....



    There is a YouTube Video of Simon's Demo, it's just not Publicly Available...



    The above video is on YouTube..




  3. Ah Ah, looks like you're fully hyped-up Byte!

    I will email the Disk to registered testers later today.


    @Mark: You will be interested to hear that while making 8bit-Slicks, I organized it into separate cross-platform SDK and game code. I plan to release the SDK in mid-2018 for the benefit of the community.


    I downloaded the UDP-Test disk and I now have the e-mail with the additional Links...


    I would be curious to see your Protocol for the Game, specifically the Network Portion..


    The rest of the SDK will be interesting too...



  4. Wico produced an Atari/Commodore-compatible joystick adapter, didn't they?


    Many CoCo games feel like they were really designed with digital control in mind, so this wouldn't be a bad thing to have, buy, or build.



    << SNIP >>


    Yes, Wico made Digital Joysticks for the C64/C128 and Atari..


    There are a few options available today for the Color Computer..


    1) John W. Linville/Neil Blanchard's "SEGA Genesis Joypad Adapter for CoCo3".


    2) Richard Lorebiesky's "Joystick CoCo Atari Adapter" ( Contact Info at https://boysontech.com/and https://www.facebook.com/boysontech )


    3) Ed "Zippster" Snider's CoCoPSG with Two Atari/Sega Adapter Inputs.




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