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  1. My Second Computer was an Apple ][e, which I got in NOV-1983.. My dad bought a Star Gemini 10, ( SG10 ) and I knew from High School that the Epson MX-80 would slow the computer down while printing, so I started looking for options...


    I found the Microbuffer ][, and I "splurged" and got the one with 64K and both Parallel and Serial...



    ( This picture I found "On The 'Net" and looks to be just the Parallel Version )



    That made a huge difference in Printing and moving on to "other work"....




  2. You are just unbelievable. Whether your signal travels through cellphone, tablet, or whatever else is really irrelevant. You are still using the same shitty wireless service.


    << BIG SNIP >

    The ISPs in my area that offer this kind of service are using Point-to-Point Microwave with Fiber from the Towers to the ISP and then the Internet..


    As an Individual User, you don't share the Bandwidth to the Tower, but do share it with all the other Point-to-Point Microwave Users to the ISP.


    For areas not served with Coaxial Cable or Fiber, it's way better than DSL, or Cellular Systems..



  3. Hello C0op3r,


    Is this Frankenstein Apple IIgs motherboard into Apple Platinum IIe case ? And is possible for you to named all those cards you had been installed into motherboard ?

    There's a TransWarp in Slot #1, a Uthernet II in Slot #2, an Audio Card of some sort in Slot #3 and a CFFA3000 in Slot #6.



    The little card in Slot #5 is probably for Stereo Audio..



  4. << BIG SNIP >>


    Apple with their strong ecosystem may have thrived on that part of the market still, having one foot in the rich households which could afford an Apple as a gaming computer, and one foot in the more business oriented world which perhaps would play a game of chess now and then.

    Apple was also strong in the Educational Market in the U.S., Canada and Australia.. Especially in the Pre-College Market..



  5. Unfortunately, Apple II FPGA designers have a tendency to keep the design closed, especially accelerator projects.


    For Run #01, one of the options was to use the supplied WDC65815, but it was limited to 1MHz. Essentially the Carte Blanche II is setup as a Alternate Processor Card, with the WDC65816, ( Instead of a Z80 or the MC6809 ).



    This is the Schematic for the Carte Blanche II.


    This is found on the Carte Blanche II Developer Resources page.


    This is the WDC65816 Accelerator Card ( Project #41 ) in Altium Designer 10 (27009).


    This is found on the Carte Blanche II Demo Project, Page - 6.


    Because of the Zip Chip, the Rocket Chip and the Applied Engineering Trans Warp Cards, as well as the Modern Boards, making an Accelerator is totally feasible..



  6. I don't think it can be used as an accelerator (there's a 1mhz 'proof of concept', but that's it). The card seems to have impressive capabilities, but looking at the list of projects you can turn it into an expensive sound card, ram expansion....that's about it from a practical standpoint.

    While it should be possible to make an Accelerator out of the Carte Blanche II, no one has, ( yet ).. Run #01 shipped with a 14MHz 65816 chip, and if the ASIC Logic of the Zip Chip was implemented on the FPGA, it should be very possibly to make an Accelerator.


    I would have thought an accellerator or video output card would have been done by now, but apparently not. I'm interested but don't see any good uses for this thing, considering how little has been done with it after all these years. maybe I'm looking int he worng place.

    VGA and HDMI were available when in originally shipped in JUL-2015..


    I ordered my Unit with Option #4 ( out of 4 ):

    4. IIe VGA video card + Apple speaker circuit + Mockingboard + 1Mhz 65C816 replacement processor (motherboard processor disabled and replaced with CBII's 65C816).




  7. First I have heard of this device. It looks like an accelerator for the IIGS. Am I correct? A "Vampire" of sorts? If so I am SO on board. Is the developer taking emails expressing interest of purchase?


    An FPGA is Programmable Hardware... The concept of making an Apple Accelerator, should be possible, but no one has attempted that yet..


    These are the Projects, ( so far ) that would benefit the typical Apple ][ user:

    Project 25: ][gs VGA Video Card

    Project 31: Circuit Cellar's TMS9918A Video Card.

    Project 33: ALF Apple Music Card, MC1.

    Project 34: Z80 SoftCard with Z80 Softcore.

    Project 37: MockingBoard Audio Card.



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