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  1. hello my friend test it today i send atari to him to repair but he dont know he know to repair amstrads , commodore but not atari, he test only on composite because he dont have cables i order on ebay both cables svideo and scart and wait to get them , when my friend send me atari i will try to test it with new cables so he test it only with composite cable and i ask him now and wait to his answer what he got on screen EIDT; i ask my friend screen is gray when he click switch on cable screen kick little and thats it
  2. atari 130 turn on power but dosnt show picture, top condition like new but no picture, what can be ?
  3. looking to buy ATARI 1040 STFM bottom case
  4. anyone have maybe stand for 1435 for sell ?
  5. I'm buying atari sc 1435 stand only
  6. did atari sm125 have same stand?
  7. did stand goes with monitor or must be buyed separately
  8. please explain me this, i dont speak english well
  9. 128D i think go on RGB i have 128D looks like pc
  10. my monitor dont have stand like this one on video he have his tiny legs , why?
  11. what about commodore 128s and commodore PC , amiga cd 32x console?
  12. what about c64 , amiga , 32 bit consoles?
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