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  1. Hi guys. I am parting out some of my collection. Most notably my Diner CIB. http://www.ebay.com/sch/wgm1968/m.html?item=252295383335&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  2. That deserves a "you misplaced the decimal point" spamming....
  3. Jony Ive is "the designer" for everything Apple going back to the egg shaped iMac, his studio is one of the most secure spots on the Apple campus. Steve Jobs quote in his book was something like "Only Jony has as much free reign in this company as I do".
  4. I had a similar problem. In fact it sounds almost identical. There are guys here who can give you some general troubleshooting advice, but the reality is it most likely requires significant repair. IMHO, you are probably better off buying another unit and keeping the wonky one for parts.
  5. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_of_all_trades,_master_of_none
  6. Nearly Lost You - The Screaming Trees
  7. "Past performance is the best indicator of future results" Elektronite has published 4 CiB titles, all available now.
  8. Notice most of us are retaining a sense of humor here. I realize it's optional...
  9. Much like a 40yo unmarried career woman who's clock is ticking, I have lowered my standards... If anyone is willing to trade and "average" condition Bump 'n Jump, I am willing to trade either D2K or MineHunter.
  10. Originally I went under the assumption he was laying down cash for the shells and boards etc. This is probably not the case, as I doubt he would sit on that much material for so long - nor would his suppliers. Live and learn...
  11. Cool, thanks. I will try to put it on an Inty II, but some people say the mod picture looks better on an Inty I. Time to experiment...
  12. If I knew how many projects GroovyBee was going to attempt to juggle, I would not have ordered Rocketeer. Caveat Emptor indeed. I could have used that $40 toward building my 125. I am still interested in his Video mod. But I am not going to pre-pay, unless a third party confirms that there is a functioning design "locked in".
  13. I just ordered one 15 minutes ago. How long did the shipping take?
  14. ^That, exactly. He made a business decision. And we all have to accept "it is what it is", until William decides otherwise.
  15. Blockade Runner Body Slam! Super Pro Wrestling Bump 'n Jump Buzz Bombers Centipede Commando Congo Bongo Defender Dig Dug Diner Donkey Kong Jr. Dracula Draughts Dreadnaught Factor Electric Company Word Fun Fathom Frog Bog Happy Trails Hover Force Ice Trek Jetsons' Ways with Words Lady Bug Las Vegas Roulette Learning Fun I Learning Fun II Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-Man Melody Blaster Motocross Nova Blast Pinball Pole Position Popeye Q*bert River Raid Safecracker Sewer Sam Sharp Shot Slam Dunk Super Pro Basketball Slap Shot Super Pro Hockey Spiker! Super Pro Volleyball Stadium Mud Buggies Stampede Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Super Cobra Thunder Castle Tower of Doom Triple Challenge Tropical Trouble Truckin' Turbo Tutankham USCF Chess Utopia Venture White Water World Series Major League Baseball Worm Whomper Zaxxon
  16. I have a copy of Space Patrol to trade. I received it sealed, and have kept the Box Manual and one Overlay in a protective case since. I played the game for a few dozen hours, but the cart and other overlay are essentially mint. As mentioned in the other thread, I am only trading off my homebrews due to my cat getting hit by a car (and a bunch of other unforeseen expenses around the new house). I am trying to expand my climb to 125, so this is being offered for trade only. I would prefer to trade it for one rare game rather than multiple middies, but I will consider all offers. I am looking for a variety of CiB Super Pro items, but I need many other rare games too. My long CiB needs list is on the next page. Body Slam Wrestling Slam Dunk Basketball Slap Shot Hockey PM me.
  17. The Metal Gods punishing him for daring to invoke the name of White Lion!
  18. I have a deal in place for the DK Arcade. D2K Arcade and MineHunter are still up for trade.
  19. Question: do they have these types of Expos on the East coast? I live in MA, but I can easily be in the NY/NJ/PA area in 4 hours. Just wondering, the wife would sucker-punch me if I said I wanted to spend $$$ flying to the West coast.
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