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  1. Yes, but if you could go into more detail next time....that'd be great! Awesome response,,,thanks
  2. I am preparing my scathing PM to you as we speak. I have 16 posts here...I deserve some respect PS, I hope my overuse of weird smiley faces also makes it clear I am joking
  3. My apologies to those I have said harsh things to. I thought i asked a fun question and did not like some of the snarky (my opinion) answers I got from some folks. Whether my question was misunderstood by some protecting their hobby is neither here nor there. I appreciate all the legitimate answers from others. I apologize to AtariLeaf personally and I would have sent a PM but i will respect that you asked me not to. I would just like to enjoy the information I get from this forum and maybe contribute a bit.
  4. Jesus...I'll ban myself and remember why I don't do forums.
  5. Ok, I'll try it again. I come on here....someone who loves Atari and pretty much everything else retro. I sign up new to this forum and ask why Atari fans still love atari....just to get some fun answers. Mind you...I own, play, and love Atari. I get some assholes trying to act like I am bashing the product. You're missing the whole point.
  6. I think some of you are missing my point....but I still appreciate the "well duh" answers. You respond like I am bashing the product. Quite the opposite. AtariLeaf can blow me and you others can carry on with the original question
  7. what kind of douche answer is that?
  8. So I am reading an old post on here about the list of beatable games and it got me wondering why we play Atari still. In a modern age where graphics and control are so important in gaming, how is it that we still get pleasure from playing this system? Most of these games do not offer us a purpose other than fun to play, We can play Yars Revenge for days without completing it and getting that all important final scene message. Is it nostalgia for most of us? Is it a way to hold on to the purity of our childhood? Is it the simplicity of most of the games? For me it's a combination of all those factors. I love holding on to bits of my childhood and keeping it alive. I would hate to be one of those people who always changes with the times. I need to have my memories of childhood brought back to life in order to survive.
  9. I have been a serious collector of so many other things prior to getting back into Atari. I collect 80's toys, 80's wrestling footage, and 80's cartoons. SOOOOO....it was only natural for me to get back into Atari. I don't consider myself a serious collector yet since I just picked up a 2600 jr off Ebay. I only have 8 games so far but the last night at Game Craze I bought a pac man with yellow label and a pac man with orange label so I think I am on my way to getting more serious.
  10. My 8 month old son is the proud owner of an Atari long sleeve t from Target. It's actually a T Shirt with a long sleeve shirt attached to it. It's pretty cool. He also has the Pac Man "nom-nom-nom" shirt to go along with it.
  11. Ok...new to this forum. Is Pac Man 4k still available for purchase? Who do I order it from? Can the seller message me please? Thanks alot!
  12. So as the original poster of this question, I feel I need to add more of my own content. These are all awesome stories by the way. My game selection was limited in the beginning. Like I said initially, I had Combat, Bowling, and the borrowed games from friends and family. I actually can't remember the next game I owned. Anyways, I was playing bowling one night and I remember there was some construction going on down the road. I want to say some telephone pole work or something like that. Anyways, its relatively late at night for a 7 year old and I am sitting about a foot away from this big old, console, Zenith TV. It's dark and I think my parents are in another room or something. In fact, to create more of the mood, I think I am sitting up with a blanket over my head so it's just me and the bowling alley. Anyways, all of a sudden, my TV is talking to me. I am hearing these garbled voices coming from the TV! It sounds like human voices but I can't make out what they are saying. Imagine my terror as I go running to get my mom. I think Poltergeist had just come out so I might have had some fears about the TV people coming to get me. It turns out, our TV was picking up some of the radio conversations between the phone company repair people. It freaked out my little mind but I think I still regrouped for a solid 235 game!
  13. Now THAT is what I'm talking about!! Good stuff. Gimme more
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