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  1. Assuming it works, pull the trigger on that beautiful 2609 immediately. You will be having the "original" Intellivision experience. Don't worry about "detachable" controllers. The 2609 controllers are plugged in as well -- just internally. You just have to remove some phillips head screws and pop open the case to plug/unplug them if you ever need to.
  2. Donkey Kong meets Jungle Hunt with a Dash of Popeye.
  3. Bought a 2600 6-switch. Unit arrived promptly and looks/works perfectly. Very personable and great to work with. Terrific transaction. Thanks!
  4. I have a TI-99/4A that I believe the GROM chip(s) may have glitched. Does anyone have a set of these and/or a motherboard or otherwise parts only TI that I could purchase from you to see if I can revive this one? Thank you!
  5. Apple /// and Apple Lisa, I have both and both are in perfect working order. The Lisa is particularly amazing. The OS is astonishing. You can really see why it went for $10K in 1983.
  6. This is a very underrated and misunderstood game. Most of the fun is developing the subtle strategies to beat it at the highest level. I can beat the top level about 50% to 70% of the time. It comes down to luck in some cases. I've found the best way is to come at each armada moving as due west as possible, kill sonar before they are in range, take out the lead destroyer using just the over the horizon visuals and then IMMEDIATELY sink to the bottom and turn off engines. Then wait. The remaining destroyer will pound you with depth charges but he'll be blind and will usually not find you. Then, circle around and repeat. Once the two destroyers are gone, carefully pick off the remaining ships with the usual torpedo in the broadside idea. The trick is to not be greedy but to erode the convoy until completely sunk. Then do it again for the next one. You'll need to line your subs up fast in case your lead goes down, the remaining subs are right in line to continue to attack the convoys before reaching the north harbor.
  7. If anyone has an extra or decides to sell, let me know! Thanks!
  8. Not sure if these have been mentioned yet. Some have limited self play, others just have cycling "arcade" attract modes and never go to the normal Atari color cycling: Atari Invaders (limited self play) Beachhead Clowns and Balloons Defender (if you manually set it to DEMO mode) Gorf Leaderboard Mr. Cool Nibbler Pharaoh's Curse Pole Position Protector II Rally Speedway Robot Battle Snake Byte Sneakers Space Eggs Space Zap Triad Twerps Vanguard
  9. I ran across this interesting BASIC listing/program but the youtuber only lists the lines onscreen up to line 150. Does anyone else have this complete file on a disk or virtual disk somewhere? Was this a type-in back in the day from a Compute! book or from a magazine? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFeb3OGRHMg
  10. Thanks, carlsson! I know that a lot of VIC-20's and C64's have gone to that great bit bucket in the sky based on failing power supplies that began to put out too much voltage -- that's what worried me -- that the PS was giving way somehow. The capacitor sounds like a very reasonable idea. I should probably just recap the entire machine...
  11. I have a VIC-20 that I've had for many years that has begun to exhibit a habit of booting to a black screen, and then after turning it off and back on again, booting normally. So the issue is intermittent, etc. It occurred to me to check the power supply. It is a 2-pin early supply and the VIC is also a very early machine with the large motherboard and giant heat dissipation stuff inside, etc. The power supply is a 2-pin #902502-01 labeled output 9V AC 3A. Here's my question: when I measure the voltage at the holes of the pins on the power supply, I get a steady 11.75V AC. So...this sounds abnormal but is it? I know that a system can eat up excess amps as needed but is it normal for the power supply to put out more than 9V to a multi-meter but be the correct amount for the machine, i.e. sort of an "unloaded" output? Attached is a picture of an identical supply. If anyone has a similar PS, what output are you getting? is 11.75V about to fry the machine or is this a healthy normal output? Thank you!
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