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  1. My IIE currently sits on my dining room table, for me to play with every few weeks. Beyond that.. well it mainly just gets looked at and i get questions about it when friends come over.
  2. So I bought my IIE and it had a very garbled screen, when it was powered up. Well I just put in the enhancement chips and.. it hasnt changed anything. The computer still beeps, the light comes on, but the picture is beyond staticy. So, what is my next move on this? I am going to try and clean the connector pins for the chips, see if that does anything. Beyond that, ive no idea what to do. Any help would be appreciated. Oh and i use a 1982 12" b&w tv with this IIE, ive used it on numerous old computers, so i know it likes them.
  3. J.Ivy

    amiga 2000, no video

    Update. This thing was a turd. Cracked and crushed case with a yellow "glaze" from where a cat had been spraying it for years. I didnt want to touch it, let alone drag it home. I have to many projects that need loads of work, right here at home.
  4. very nice, looks to be in good condition. you should be able to get it working in no time
  5. J.Ivy

    amiga 2000, no video

    From what ive been reading, that certainly can be it. Seems to be a very common flaw. Seems to be a tough fix, but doable. http://www.amiga.org/forums/showthread.php?t=40875
  6. So a friend bought an amiga 2000, it has no video output. It beeps when turned on, but thats it. Its been sitting untouched for a few years and now hes offered to sell it to me. Well its a 2 hour drive there and 2 back, so i want some extra info on this. Any idea what the issue could be?
  7. I stopped "modern gaming" in 2007, havent touched a modern console or new game since. So ive countless games i havent played, but i do want to try the Fallout games one day.
  8. http://www.mainbyte.com/ti99/speedup/speedup.html So I found this article online, showing how to use dual crystals and a 2-way switch, to increase your ti speed up to 20%. I figured it would be a fun evening mod. So here it is. Here you can see where the crystal was removed (the black and orange wire) and wires attached. They run through the board to the simple circuit. The speed "standard" or "fast" are determined by the knife switch, which side its connected to. This speedup wont work with every program, so you will have to switch it back to standard for some.
  9. Ive done something akin to this, building a streaming machine/retro game machine. I used a broken Commodore Vic-20 case, fixed it, added a new keyboard and installed a raspberry pi inside it. For 45 bucks you can buy the new raspberry pi, its a 1.2gb 64bit machine, easily able to play games on.
  10. I have never played any, but I want too Like others have said, theyre no longer "porn", theyre just novelty now.
  11. The matrix of the Ti-99/4a and ZX-81 are different, so the keyboard has to be modified a bit. A few cut traces and a bit of rewiring. Here are the pictures that i found of a TI that has already been modded for use on a zx81. I actually havent modded my keyboard yet, i was about to and then had this video issue crop up...
  12. Yes, im using the exact same tv that ive used with it in the past.
  13. Well my video output is now being screwy, im not getting a consistent signal to the tv, just flashes of it on the screen. This board WAS working fine a few weeks back when i hooked it up to a 1982 quasar b&w tv set. Ive tried two different adapter cables as well as checked the power supply. Im at a loss, any ideas?
  14. Yes, the crystal clear audio mod is a must for this My plan is to build a street fighter 2 arcade, with the arcade version of the cartridge in it. I think im capable of making my own arcade cabinet and doing the wiring, from the plans ive found online.
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