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  1. Dude as per usual, your collection is world class! Envious!!!
  2. For some reason Pitfall 2 has been difficult to find in good condition, finally added to the collection....
  3. been after this aswell for a long while - unfortunately little damaged NIB
  4. Been after this for a while - finally!
  5. PAL Klax - added to the Red boxes
  6. Sadly no, they are just the standard box carts - not the v carts. Must have been a late batch. As for Singapore there's not much. Even though there was Atari manufacturing here, very few people here are even aware of it. I had to trawl through the local newspaper archives to find out who were the local distributors in the 70/80's. The only retro scene here is post NES and Japanese imports. It's a shame people don't remember... I have a number of M Network boxes with the words "Made in Singapore" stamped on them. This place is awesome for Sony and modern limited edition products! You have to dig deep here to even find any Atari products... I found Australia had a better Atari scene and was a shit load cheaper!
  7. Hey Guys, thought I finally show off my Atari 2600 collection. It small but growing steadily over time. I move around the world a lot due to my job. So far this collection has travelled to many countries and now finally here in Singapore. As you know looking after a collection of Atari cardboard boxes is challenging, even more so in the humid climate and lack of space in Singapore apartments. In all I have around 348 Atari titles. My entire collection of Retro games is roughly 2000 plus but my real passion is early 80's late 70's. Taiwan Cooper Carts NIB Atari 1st Party Mixed CIB & NIB Atari Red Boxes NIB Atari Silver Boxes NIB Cost Reduced Version (Trammel Era) Atari Children's Label (CCW) NIB M Network NIB (Frogs CIB) Data Age CIB & NIB Xonox CIB Mystique NIB Parker Brothers CIB Imagic NTSC Magic PAL CIB Activision CIB & NIB Sega CIB Arcadia NIB & CIB 20th Century NIB & CIB Konami Gammatron Gamma Attack Re-release #31 (Jerry's Version) Telesys TNT NIB PAL NIB PAL NIB Clamshells OZ CIB HES Clamshell OZ NIB Tigervision NIB & CIB Some Random Reproduction Boxes Last Ninja 2600.com NIB Telegames NIB Supervision NIB Spectra vision & spectravideo NIB Sega CIB & NIB Sears CIB (more stored away) Sancho NIB and the rest...etc there more coming.....
  8. I'm the one who picked up this Omega Race and maybe I paid a little more over market price. But the last one I saw in similar condition was also around $100US and almost a year ago. I haven't received it yet (I'm in Australia), but it does look in excellent quality compared to previous ebay sales. Just kicking myself that I let the other Apollo games go so cheap.... That 2$ increment is an ebay sniper set to creep at 2$ Per bid - really annoying when it's down to the last 30seconds and some guy beats you by 2$!!
  9. I used to manage a computer store, it was policy to shrink wrap all games that came unwrapped to prevent stock damage. I was common practice, and I'd imagine most other stores would do the same. IMO 50$US is still cheap for Maniac Miner in very good to mint condition even if it doesn't have the factory seals.
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