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  1. This looks great! Looking forward to it!
  2. Hey - Just thinking we have a lot of methods for emulating SIO devices -- via Arduinos and Raspberry Pi type devices. Is there one of these that might be suitable to modify "easily" for 'passthrough' emulation of a USB 3.5" floppy to the Atari 8bit?
  3. Hi folks! I've installed Antonia on a NTSC 1200XL (2 CPU socket risers), and am having a lot of software just not work when trying to run from AVGCart*. I've removed the onboard ROMs to ensure no conflict. I'd like to try to run the latest ANT.EXE to configure / set various RAM types / etc.. but on Drac030's site they're in .ARC format: http://drac030.krap.pl/en-acc-pliki.php 7-Zip, WinZip don't want to open, and PeaZip which I downloaded asks for a password which doesn't work either. Is there any chance someone could post .EXE versions of these so I can run the latest? Also, is it possible to change ROMs from just the AVGCart, or do I need to create some kind of .ATR with ROMs on it and load that from the AVGCart? Also, on a 1200XL running Antonia with default, how do I force disable BASIC? *Software not working: Bosconian NTSC load most of the way, and at the logo screen just hangs. SpartaDOS X cartridge loads in some configs (64, 128KB), but halts when I select 576KB or 1MB of RAM. It also doesn't seem to see any more RAM with 320KB. AutoDuel .ATR files just hang on load Phantasie .ATR gives an error "remove cartridge" (even though I held option during boot) Alternate Reality .ATRs don't load or hang Some other ATRs do seem to work OK For each of these I've tried Linear ON/OFF, and also various RAM types. Is it possible these are compatibility problems with the 65C816? Thanks!
  4. My Antonia has a ribbon and a 20-pin plugin that comes off of it - I thought that went to the MMU socket? "This allow a user to add memory to an Atari 8-Bit computer by removing two chips(MMU and CPU)"
  5. Thanks Frank - can you tell me how you got the Antonia in there? It looks like it will block the MMU chip so I'm not sure how i'd connect Antonia to the MMU? Did you use a riser or two on the CPU socket?
  6. Hey folks -- I have an AVGCart that i'd like to use on a 1200XL, but unfortunately the plastic case is too large. How do I ensure the AVGCart is facing the right way to not short something out when plugging into the 1200XL?
  7. Colleton + FJC - Thank you for the awesome responses! This helps a ton. I'm lucky enough to have an extra tube monitor or two (w/Chroma and Luma support), but I think I might also order a Sophia for future use.. I do also have an AVGCart which I guess could give me limited .ATR support with the Antonia at least. I appreciate the links for the PBI upgrade for the 1200XL, but that's definitely beyond my ambition :). I might someday set up an Atari 8bit BBS again, though I'd probably use an 800XL rather than a 1200XL or 800 just because I have more spares of 800XLs :). I think for 2020 my two main 8bit machines will end up being: 800 + Incognito + SIDE2 for NTSC software and general usage (Wifi232).. 1200XL + Antonia + AVGCart + PAL ANTIC for playing PAL specific demos and games.. Thanks again!
  8. Hi folks - I have a ~ March 2018 Antonia upgrade I never installed, and was getting ready to install on an 800XL when I realized I have a 1200XL here as well. I think all of the following are true, could someone please verify? - Antonia will plug-into the 1200XL and will provide .ATR support when used with a SIDE2 - An Antonia 'bought for an 800XL' is plugged in the same way as an 800XL (just locate the CPU and the proper CPLD) - The 1200XL video output has a bunch of issues, but wiring in a UAV with chroma/luma support will give good output - For playing games/demos -- there's no real drawback to a 1200XL in this configuration, over an 800XL? - Using an ANTIC PAL on a 1200XL has the same effect as 800XL? (correct timing, colors may be slightly off)
  9. I upgraded to 17 from the original AVGCart post (download link = http://avgcart.tmp.sk/files/atari/avgcart-0017.zip), and believe it was version 12 before. I tested this on a second Atari 800 (bone stock, no mods at all) and same result. Of course I don't know if it worked before on that version. Mule.Atr also doesn't work (though I'm not sure which ATRs work / don't work on AVGCart). Thanks!
  10. See attached I did a FC vs a fresh download and everything appears OK MULE.xex
  11. Hi folks! I'm prepping a bone stock 48K Atari 800+AVGCart for a retro LAN party next weekend, and I just noticed the versions of MULE that I have limit me to 1 or 2 planeteers only. I've tried .XEX versions found via forum searches here, and what I already had from a while ago. I also tried the multijoy figuring it wouldn't be compatible, and it wasn't. It's not that the 3rd and 4th ports don't work - I can actually use those joysticks for players 1 or 2, but there's literally no option for 4 humans. Are there any other XEXs available? I have an .ATR version that won't work on the latest AVGCart firmware, and a .bin file that also doesn't load. P.S. After updating my AVGCart to the latest firmware, my existing mule.XEX won't even load now.. ugh (tried copying a fresh version down, no change).
  12. Xebec


    Finally got around to playing with my AVGCart - in an original Atari 800. A lot more software works than I expected! This is a great cartridge!!
  13. Hey folks - received my Incognito board a week or two ago, and finally getting ready to install.. (Been looking forward to this for years! Thanks community!) I noticed this on the black strip part of the board - it looks like a little bubbling where a few traces are.. Is this anything to worry about? am I good to go ahead and begin the soldering/connection to the 800 mainboard? Also bonus question - I see a lot of chatter about the 'overdriven Luma', but the Luma/Chroma output looks great on my Amdek monitor; should I bother replacing R189 with the ~200-220 Ohm? Thanks all!
  14. Continuing the thread - as an electronics n00b - Does the VME bus on the Mega STE already have access to what it needs to access the ports/registers/"etc stuff" it needs if someone built a the enhanced ports into a VME card? Would desoldering the dipswitches and patching TOS just for the HD floppy (dip switch 7) be enough? (i.e. just force HD floppy on or off with the right ROM) -- the other thread seems to indicate that's the only actual use of the dip switches relative to TOS. (No hardware changes).
  15. True though I was also thinking the CTIA/GTIA chips are an evolution of TIA, and they do have a sound channel output -- sort of a 5th channel, attached to the speaker on the Atari 400/800 and muxed to the output on the newer machines. That *might* be directly compatible with TIA sound .. re: Graphics, VBXE is a FPGA so I was thinking if you reprogrammed the FPGA to simulate MARIA instead of ANTIC .. though the architecture probably won't work, but I wanted to explore. Thanks..
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