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  1. Good luck! What you're doing for us is awesome! Thank you!!
  2. ragequit To stop playing a game out of an anger towards an event that transpired within the game.
  3. So what are your (favorite ) nominations for Atari 8bit games that are most capable of inducing #Ragequit? Yes these are just games, and yes they're all meant to be enjoyed.. but let's have some fun and assume you're predisposed to raging at "unfair" games -- what would they be? A few to start the discussion: - Fort Apocalypse - some sections are *extremely* unforgiving on collisions requiring a lot of patience - Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves - If you're not prepared for constantly respawning (Dark Souls style) then you won't have a good time - The Last V8 - played on a NTSC system when it's intended for PAL is quite the challenge What else do others recommend?
  4. Wow really nice enhanced version Jace! I liked how you fused some of the POKEY sounds with modern stuff. Thanks for posting!
  5. Treat it like graphics cards, get an F5 bot running for Fujinet to avoid scalping
  6. That is a very fair post.. the 8bit accessories were extra expensive for the user convenience.. too bad Wifi and Fujinet weren't available in the 80s
  7. Wow serious flashbacks watching this. I remember the first time I downloaded a file from a BBS -- as a 7 year old kid. It was a game from an Atari 8-bit BBS ("The Tardis" - near Woodbury, NJ) and the modem program would show the internal code when transferring via XModem.. 300 baud then later 1200.. via 850 Express. Dad was focused on teaching me good manners and had me thank the SysOp for the piece of software. IIRC the SysOp as a joke tried to run the Eliza program at some point which didn't fool me but reflecting back is epically hilarious.. Also kind of spooky to hear "we recovered xyz from the archive" -- this really is digital preservation and ancient history we're using just to re-experience these things.. Amazing work on this!
  8. Very interesting - I had a feeling it wasn't even considered. I guess they never thought back then the speed would amount to anything useful vs. the awesome speed and low latency of slots. IMO the user experience of even SIO is better than having disks, printers, casettes, and modems each on unique cables vs. just daisy chaining with a universal cable. Do you know what his main objections were to USB 1.x? 2.0 obviously adds speed, but also new connector types, USB OTG, and a battery charging spec.
  9. Lol - I always wondered if the Amiga designers thought about continuing something like the SIO / a universal serial port for all of the reasons it was awesome on the Atari 8bit and later in USB...
  10. Yeah I think Wolfie 3D was still all integer code; it was Quake that *definitely* liked FPUs..
  11. Hey there, Just two technical questions for the ST ; Were there any 80 column terminal/modem programs that supported 16 color ANSI on the ST? maybe via 640x200 and some kind of color changing tricks? Also, did screen resolution affect the stability of the serial port at higher baud rates (19200 or above) on the ST? I know on the Amiga desktop resolution * color count -- lower was better for ensuring higher serial port speed stability. I'm curious if that was just due to the multitasking nature of the OS or something else going on .. Thanks! John
  12. LOL - Duh - that worked - thank you I am now getting occasional hangs on the XIO read/write commands (either they work immediately or they time out eventually with Error 138) but will mess around later today to see what's going on. Thanks again for this wonderful device!
  13. I'm getting an Error 130 in BASIC when trying to access N: I'm using the commands from the Fujinet "N: Has a JSON Parser!" video (bottom of email). Atari 800 - Incognito - SpartaDOS X (w/Fujinet utilities) - (recent ROM flash on Fujinet). I boot to SD X; type 'BASIC', then run both commands in the video: DIM A$(99) OPEN #1,12,3,"N:HTTPS://JSONPLACEHOLDER.TYPICODE.COM/todos/1" then receive ERROR- 130 (I receive the error regardless of whether I just try to open N: with no internet addresses or with the full type out above) Any recommendations? My goal is to see it work and then write a stock symbol/price lookup program (using JSON) as something to do on the Atari.. Thanks
  14. Nice find! According to this, it looks like it just uses the DMA sound from the STE ("and above"). Thanks!
  15. Welcome back btw! Unfortunately I had only very little content from my Atari 8bit BBS (and literally the only thing I had from my ST BBSes was the registration key for Space Empire Elite) -- I hope you're able to find some fun stuff
  16. Youtube has been kind of enough to remind me that the ST got a Wolfenstein port much later on.. And knowing it's a STe enhanced game - I was wondering what STe features are being used? My google-fu isn't working well here. I assume it's using the PCM/audio enhancements for sound, is it also using the blitter for faster drawing, and/or maybe more colors? I saw the claim that it's using 32 colors on screen, but that may also be the case on STfm. I also saw it requires 2MB of RAM, and I'm curious if that's due mainly to textures/walls or if that is to help accelerate certain functions.. Lastly (separately), for STe enhanced games - will they typically use a blitter on a STf is one is found? Thanks
  17. Interesting thread.. I'm not necessarily recommending PLM spend time doing any of these, but some useful things with early OSes that came around the late 80s / early 90s were: - Built in Calculator (i.e. something the iPad still doesn't have ) - Disk or other device drivers - Basic network stack - a Basic terminal or comms program - A text editor or notepad type app - In the ST's case there's sort of a "necessary" set of ACCs - forgetting but on/off for MegaSTE cache and speed, blitter on/off, etc. - A basic game or two - Disk compression software - Something in the ROM that allows you to Shadow the ROM into RAM to make functions quicker - Improved diagnostic software for system health/etc Look forward to seeing what people come up with and what happens. And of course - you're awesome ParanoidLittleMan - really great work on making the ST even more fun to use!
  18. Thank you - forgot to check for the firmware, and this resolved it! Thanks again!
  19. Dumb question time - My Fujinet for some reason can no longer connect to any servers (have tried at least: fujinet.pl, fujinet.atari8bit.net, atari-apps.irata.online, atari8.us) without success. The UI will sit there for several seconds, then eventually revert back to reconnecting to my AP (which is successful), showing the list of servers and drives again after doing so. Are websites such as: http://www.cacaculopedopis.net/ the only real way (or best way) for me to test connectivity to TNFS or is there a piece of software I can use to get more information about why the connections are failing? (and if I'm on my AP with a Chromebook, and that webpage is able to connect to Fujinet.pl - then safe to assume it's not my network but something with the Atari?) EDIT, additional troubleshooting completed: IP Address / [C]onfig info in Fujinet looks legit. Weather.ATR is unable to connect to retrieve info (loaded from SD card). Tried both APs that I have available. I *also* have a condition where the Fujinet fails to connect to wireless (or see any APs) every other boot, but I'm not sure why. Info: Atari 800, Incognito, XL ROM, 1088KB Wifi connectivity IS successful from Fujinet - I've tried both of my Access Points Powered by Atari 800, no other peripherals detected SD card works flawlessly Thanks all! P.S. I think i'll take the 'extra' troubleshooting step of ordering a second one of these for another 8bit since they're.. AWESOME! P.P.S. Good Morning Atarians!
  20. Thanks - would love to see the PDF if possible; do you think ICD is incorrect here? I guess I can pull my 520ST out of storage and do some tests with my UltraSatan... Thanks :)
  21. Just here to say you are amazing for doing this and doing these conversions! Seriously - thank you!!
  22. I see per the ICD Drivers page that TOS 1.00-1.02 can support up to 16MB for a boot partition but then 256MB per subsequent partition.. However, "back in the day" when I ran a BBS on a 520ST with a SuperDrive 65MB hard drive (Seagate ST276N IIRC), I remember having to split into 4 x 16 MB partitions.. (Rather than 1 x 16 + 1 x 48 or whatever). For BBS software I started with BBS Express ST! but later switched to FoReM because it handled reading/writing file transfer forums/folders across multiple drives effortlessly. (No disk space management). Were there older disk drivers / utilities back then that might have limited me to 16MB only even for subsequent partitions, or did I just not realize i could have partitioned it better? (i.e. 1MB boot/BBS, and rest for file storage). Thanks!
  23. Mein Deutsche ist nicht sehr gut, aber ich kann kaffee bestellen :). - Have you tried a different SIO cable to chain / attach devices? - Can you connect another device first to the Atari, *then* the Fujinet - does that work? Google Translate if it helps: - Haben Sie ein anderes SIO-Kabel zum Verketten / Anbringen von Geräten ausprobiert? - Können Sie zuerst ein anderes Gerät an den Atari und dann an das Fujinet anschließen - funktioniert das?
  24. Thanks sir! Now to figure out where to buy a VME to ISA adapter since Google isn't being helpful..
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