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  1. I found hitting DEL (not Delete) over an icon pops up a dialog to hide it. Confirm, and all is great! Thanks for all your help!!!
  2. Ok, I'm an idiot, missed the part about taking the drive online. Got it up now, but why so many multiple choices?
  3. So now I'm running into an issue with using Disk Genius to copy the rEFInd files to the efi(1) & efi(2) partitions. Do you need the paid version to copy? I tried dragging the EFI folder to both partitions but nothing happens. The partitions look like they are locked or something.
  4. I can confirm that if you use the flasher provided by Atari here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17TeJMIZcLIsGMJEHlQAxOb_YdIuX4GoL4bvBExAudWU/ it does indeed erase the Ubuntu/grub boot loader installed on efi(0). I'm thinking that what I want to do is back that partition up and restore it to the M.2 drive. Just wanted others who may be reading to be aware of this catch, as it might save them some time and frustration. So I copied the contents of efi(0) to the EFI partition I created on M.2 drive and it now works as expected... without losing the Atari logo on boot.
  5. Ok, I now have Windows and Batocera installed on the M.2 and working great. For the life of me though, I can't figure out how to get Ubuntu to install entirely on the M.2 card. When installing, I created a 512MB EFI system partition on /dev/sda6 and told the installer to place the boot loader (grub) on that partition - but for some reason it installs the boot loader on the system partition. Any idea on how to get around this? Sorry for the poor picture quality, my phone hates taking pictures of the TV. If I re-flash the Atari - the bootloader for Ubuntu goes away... which is not exactly desirable.
  6. Ok, I now have Batocera & Ubuntu installed on the M.2 with about 400G of free space left. I also have a 128G USB stick with Windows 10 on it (used the WinToUSB program) that boots on the VCS fine, it is updated (I did have to load the Realtek Wifi drivers to get that working). I'd now like to get it off the USB stick and onto the free space on my M.2 drive so I'll have all 3 OS on there for easy access. Any suggestions on how to get Windows from the USB to the M.2 (without having to erase what I already have on there)?
  7. Thanks!!! Got it restored and updated. Managed to load Batocera, Ubuntu, and Windows is next. Will give rEFInd a go this time. Really my main reason for wanting Android was so I could run SmartYouTube TV. Wish the client Atari provided could be controlled like it is (as well as no ads). I'm also curious if I could restore that 2G restore image you provided to a partition so I could always reflash if needed.
  8. How exactly do you go about updating from a recovery image? Where does one get the recovery image? It'd be nice to be able to update the system again now that a new update is out.
  9. And now I've made things worse it appears. First, I shrunk the partition on my M.2 drive so I'd have room to install another 1 or 2 OS on the internal drive. First up was Android-x86, which I made a huge mistake when installing and it overwrote the EFI boot which used to take me into Baticera. It appears most all of my data is still there - as if I boot Batocera from a USB stick, it pulls in my data and settings from when I first installed it on the internal. So now if I select the internal M.2 drive it boots straight to Android-x86. Anyone have a clue on how I might be able to fix this without having to format and start completely over? Also, it seems like when I boot into AtariOS now (after installing the Grub2 boot loader) that I can't update the system. I just get "Update Failed" - perhaps because I managed to screw something up. I noticed there was a UEFI recovery tool included with the Grub2 package... which I tried burning to a USB stick and booting from - but the boot manager would not show it as an option.
  10. That was basically what mine was... a cheap poker move!
  11. I assume I need to add a line to the "loader.cfg" file like: add_os_if_exists /efi/batocera/${grub}.efi "Batocera" batocera But I tried that, and it doesn't show up. It appears Batocera EFI is located in /boot/EFI/BOOT/bootx64.efi
  12. Ok, I think I managed to install the Grub2 VCS files to both the /efi & /efi_1 directories. When I reboot the VCS, it shows as in the video... but now my question is, how would I add Batocera (installed on my m.2 SSD) to the options?
  13. I took the time to compare them. As far as I can tell, the only difference between the 2 cards is the "Subsystem" reported by the lspci command - otherwise, they look identical. The one that doesn't work is the actual Realtek, where as the one that works looks to be more or less generic. The only difference mentioned when buying was the one that didn't work was advertised as bluetooth v5, and the one that works was advertised as bluetooth v4.2. So it seems my suspicion was correct and the issue is you need a v4.2 card for it to work. 0_obeWAN, I suspect the card you mentioned won't work being a v5 card. I suspect Atari could do an upgrade of the controllers to support v5, but that appears not to have happened as of yet, and probably won't unless they switch to a v5 card in the VCS due to supply issues.
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