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  1. I just bought a Microvision! Excellent cosmetic shape, but dead screen... So I'm in for 1 for sure!!!
  2. I noticed the game chip puts out composite & audio... couldnt be as simple as picking off the signal and running it to a jack, could it? I may give that a try and see if it works. I imagine it may need some kind of amplification. Although, it was that simple for the Odyssey 2. Ive got some TRRS jacks and cables that terminate in RCA plugs.
  3. Got the cap in and replaced C12. It's fully functional once again, thank you!!! Now I just need to replace that one electrolytic cap, clean the pots and switches with some Deoxit, and button it all back up! I still am rather curious about having a jumper in CR4 rather than a zener diode. There apparently IS some AC in the circuit according to the images posted here (granted, those images are for Pong). Everything seems to be working just fine, but I wonder (given the schematic I have shows it) if others have the diode or a jumper.
  4. Thanks! It looks like the test points on either side go to the LPAD & RPAD inputs on the game IC. The unused test point in the middle is your +5V supply. Looking at the schematic, I don't see a pullup resistor in the start game circuit. One thing I did notice is that I have a jumper in place of diode CR4 (and it was evident that the board had work done on it at some point - as the shield over the traces side of the board was only tacked down in 2 of the 4 corners). And the post that you linked to - goes to this thread... LOL! Schematic My Board
  5. One other question... there are 3 2-pin test points on the board (one by the RF cable, one by the speaker, and one on the side opposite the RF cable) - any idea of what these test points are for? I measured them with my DVM and got: Speaker - 5.33 VDC RF Cable - 3.44 VDC Opposite RF - 0 VDC
  6. Ok, I just saw what a working unit looks like... mine when powered up, immediately starts playing... there is no screen with all the squares moving. So I disconnected the button (2 blue wires) and powered it up, no change in behavior. All 4 game modes work and behave as expected - just no score is kept. I’m hoping it’s not the main chip - unless there is a source for them. Have not tried batteries in it yet - but don’t see how that could be an issue.
  7. Just recently picked up this classic. Also bought an Atari Pong Battery Eliminator. Everything seems to be working fine - display, paddles, sound... but when playing it, when one player scores, the score display remains 0-0. Any idea what could be wrong? I'm thinking perhaps a bad "Start Game" switch? Also, I noticed that the sound is only through the supplied speaker - not via the TV (which just puts out white noise / static). Anyone aware of someone who modded one of these to send the sound out over the RF cord? I plan on opening it up and doing a little cleaning (Deoxit on the paddles), look for broken/cold solder joints, and I'll probably put a brand new quality video cord on it while I'm in there.
  8. Cracked it open to discover exactly what I had inside. Looks like I got this mainboard... https://www.breadbox64.com/c64-hardware/commodore-64c/assy-250466/
  9. I just picked up a C64C off e-bay as I've always prefered the newer case style. Thankfully, I got one that has the original long board with the original SID in it. I also have an Ultimate-II+ (Warm Grey) with Tape Adapter on order. So, I have 2 main questions... 1) What can I do to the system to bullet-proof it for years to come? Heat sinks, capacitor replacement, etc? I'm fairly handy with a soldering iron - so no worries there. and 2) What would you consider to be essential peripherals that I might want to consider getting/adding to the system - anything really, as long as it doesn't require modifying the case (which I'd prefer to keep stock). I heard someone mention the Nu-Brick power supply, but I can't seem to find where I'd purchase one of those from.
  10. moonchilddave


    Love my Harmony Cart... But one of the things I wish it had was the ability to start up a game, let it run the attract screen for a set time, and then jump to another game - kind of a demo/attract mode for the console. Any chance that might be on deck for the H2?
  11. moonchilddave


    Count me in for at least one!!!
  12. I also just picked up a 21" Sony Trinitron... Model KV-2565MTJ. Odd little beast... have not seen one like this before. It has on it "Hyper-Band Cable Ready" and the antenna jack has a plastic ring around it. It also has a knob on the inside flip-down panel that is labeled "Color System" and you can set it to Auto or PAL. It appears to have a convergence issue I think - see pictures below. I've tried using the codes on the site mentioned above to get in to service mode with no luck. When I hit 5 the TV cuts on, hitting power after it turns it right back off. Anyone ever seen one of these beasts or know how to get in to service mode? I think this might be a TV imported from Japan (as it says Made In Japan on the back and I saw a reference on the Internet where it also mentioned this model as being an import). Or I wonder if this is what I'm experiencing: XBR250 COLOR BANDING PROBLEM If you have a XBR250 and you're experiencing horizontal blue, green or red banding across the screen with a component video connection, you will need to enter service mode and adjust the HOSC parameter. Initially HOSC is set to 7 (factory default), you'll need to change it to about 11 - this will eliminate the color banding in the picture. Any ideas or any help?
  13. That's pretty nice. I'd love to do something like that - but I don't trust myself enough to not screw up the switch (and I don't have any spares). I would buy one from someone if they offered them though... LOL! I found this site good for calculating the resistor size - depending on color the LEDs have different voltage drops, which it will tell you if you click on the '?' next to the voltage drop: http://led.linear1.org/1led.wiz
  14. I just bought and installed one of LittleJoe's boards (assembled)... I'm noticing the problems he mentioned here with the color being a bit washed out and having to adjust the brightness on the TV down real low. I assume this issue has not yet been solved? I went with composite as that is what my other systems use, and I have an auto switch that I'm using. The auto switch supports s-video and composite, but won't convert from one to the other, so I went with the lowest common denominator of all the systems - composite. Also, I like the look of a single jack for audio & video so I bought and used these: http://www.probroadcastsupply.com/ctor-trrs-chassis-mount-snap-in-jack-grey-30-712/ http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000KW6VJ2/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00
  15. Stumbled across this thread doing a Google search for O2 roms... Rene's site mentioned above has moved, but I found it here: http://home.kpn.nl/rene_g7400/ It looks like his archive currently has 220 roms.
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