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  1. Absolutely fantastic Doc. Wells, It's a dream come true , to me at least . I tried to pursue Keith Robinson to get in touch with Ian Bogost years ago but I was not very fortunate with that . Now the wait is over. " Em 12-08-2012 13:33, Ian Bogost wrote: Fabio, I'm a huge fan of the Intellivision too and have long hoped that we'd see a book in the series on it. However, surely you also know that many "dead" consoles have games still produced and for sale, although the Intellivision is certainly among them. Anyway, if you and others would like to submit a proposal for a book, we'd welcome it. I wasn't sure if your message was meant to indicate your own intentions or just to encourage us to pursue one. If the former case, lay it on us. If the latter, fear not it's on our list, although most of the challenge of publishing these books involves finding willing and able authors. Ian On Aug 12, 2012, at 10:39 AM, Fabio Muller wrote: Good Morning Professors , Today i discovered the platform studies series thanks to a wired.com article that mentioned the "racing the beam" book. Well as the site was opened to suggestion and as you have written a book about atari 2600 vcs, now it's time to give credit to its most terrific rival : Intellivision (....). Rgds Fabio " I loved "racing the beam" except for the two references to the intellivision ( ) now it's time to charge back. I think you gonna find a lot of good information here. Historic developers , new developers, a team of great hackers and enthusiast all together in a single place . Hope to see a great work coming. Cheers..
  2. https://www.facebook.com/cnet/videos/475732612843794/UzpfSTczMzEzMDkwNToxMDE1NTM2MjQzNDQyMDkwNg/
  3. Some from Brazil , later I'll send more. These are all from Veja magazine '83,'84 .
  4. Today I stumbled at a pole position gameplay video , where I left a comment against a ridiculous observation that VCS 2600 was faster than intellivision so that's why the VCS pole position was better and Intv was not good for this kind of game (race). Anyway pole position here really sucks and seeing other ports I know Intv can do better. In fact by just playing Auto racing it's obvious enough that it can be better. I know Carl it's very good to fix these things and maybe with some luck, and our insistence, he can put a mod for PP in his queue. What do you think Carl ? rgds..
  5. Yes , triple action was default and mine came also with soccer , which we call football here. But that's was a limited promo .
  6. C'mon , Now I know why the prices sky rocket here ! You're buying it all.
  7. 44 next month. And interesting stories to share: My father gave me the INTV I when I was 9, it was one of the most surprisingly things he has ever done to me. He and I don't know till today why he made it. He just can't remember and as he was ( and is) such a penny pincher That I think he was abducted by a superior race or something like that. Interesting that I was the only boy in a giant radius with that console as it was more expansive that the VCS and my neighborhood that time was not very pretty , a decadent one indeed. So I got cartidges only on my birthdays or Christmas and to not go crazy I had to rent but nearest rental shop was 9 miles away and There is only 2 lines (bus) that make that route (even today, what a lack of development !). One line pass from hour to hour and the other one each 20 to 30 min. I can still fell the smell of the shop even today, it was a mixture of lavender with new plastic. The shop was divided in 3 sections, one for VCS 2600 , one for Intellevision and one for Odissey and I still remember the way the labels were organized , the carts were behind the counter and you have to choose the label and give to the attendant which picked the cart, inserted into the console, tested and gave back to you. A lot of games were just cart and manual (no box and no overlay). This journey took a round trip of at least 2 hours and a some courage to make it. Boy, what you do when you have 9 ! Generally I was carrying a school bag with an English dictionary inside it , because a lot of carts were smuggled and with English instructions so I took that return time to read the manual, as I was learning English with private classes that helped me improve my skills. The rental shops started to broke by 1985 and and I started to gather money by all possible means (selling remnant of wires of a popular one, pass under the bus roulette was another) and when we finally move from that neighborhood at 86 I had kind of 25 carts. Continue to buy because there was a medium network called fotomania that still had some inventory till the 90's and I bought some of their carts and I think I got near 40. After we move my console broke and I didn't find anybody to repair, so I became from 86 to 94 without play a single game, but still hold my carts because I had some hopes. In 89 I went to a tech school and learned electronics earning a tech degree but I never got the console working because I couldn't find the schematics. In 94 the internet finally appeared in the country and one of the first things I remember to find was some intellivision sites. I bought a working console at that time I think I paid 30 dollars (if I knew how it would cost today!) from US but it was NTSC and It played back and white so I have to wait another way to change my TV console and play again but that time I was already working and didn't play so much. Some time later I broke up badly with my parents, went to live alone and married. When I get in peace some years later , one the first things that I asked was for my console and my young sister said she throw everything away because that was garbage old stuff , I felt very bad and didn't know if she told the truth or if she sold my collection or gave to my other brother but I lost and started everything again and today I had 18 carts, I guess, but I finally will put my hands at the LTO flash and I think I will have great times again. I think I remains with this console because of all happiness that came back to my mind when I'm playing. I can't say that I became electronics tech ,and computer engineer after, just because of the console but it had a huge influence on those paths, Till today I have the good habit of read all the manuals , datasheet and so, without any problem, hate or impatience, in fact I hate to power anything that does not have a manual, it helped me persisted on my goals to learn english (I even was awarded a plate when I was 9 for outstanding performance) and it still pushes me up to learn microcontrollers (MCU's). The CP1600 is an outstanding piece of hardware , ahead of its time, it's a GI(general instrument) product which became Microchip which is one of the biggest MCU's companies in the world and it holds a core very similar to the PIC family that is one of most popular microcontroller lines of all times and still a top selling product. Well, that's a good partner for all this journey, how one can't love it after all this ? Cheers..
  8. Hi Powerpak, here goes the switchbox and the pipe: It was a classic way to connect through the VCR in the 80's . If you bend the cable and nothing happens , you Intv RF output is in good shape. So, probably is something related to unbalanced impedance. If could find the switchbox you could eliminate this too.
  9. That's weird , but not so much weird . It's most difficult to have this problems on CRT than on LED TV sets. Can be a lot of things , but start by the basics. As intvsteve said try first to make some adjustments on the tv set , try to find if your TV has a channel fine tuning , most of TV set has , put your intv in ch3 or ch4 , select fine tuning and goes up or down and see if gets better. Try with color and brightness too. If none of this work , is it possible to find a regular RCA cable, a switchbox and a pipe ( a 300 to 75 ohms adapter) to check if works ? Maybe some impedance balance either. Last but not least , if you twist lightly the cable edge on the console , does it flicks or get any response on the TV ? I have to remove the entire RF module once because the output connector was a little bit loose and I have to re-sold it to eliminate some problems. Hope this helps ...
  10. Hi powerpack and welcome to the forum. Could you pls describe a little more your set. TV model ? Are you using the RF switch Box or a ballon (adapter coax to antenna) ? Any rust on the edges ?
  11. +1 bet on exec , but just having another unit to swap chips.
  12. I heard, I read about, but I had never seen them , till now... http://produto.mercadolivre.com.br/MLB-723241424-jogos-atari-2600-intelevision-super-break-smurf-video-chees--_JM
  13. Completely right. They were pirat..coffcoffcoff "produced" in a weird time without any legal authorization. It was a kind of consensus those time , many companies "producing" garage cartidges from Intv, VCS and etc. What impress me is that they seem to use a regular rom chip (much easier to copy in series) , the reason why there is an adapter and we have difficulties to reproduce this method even now. That's why I asked for a inside picture.
  14. ColecoNut , I think the best would be buy a local (Brazil) pal-m to NTSC converter. The dollar is 4 to 1 so, probably it would worth. PAL-M is kind trick and only 2 countries in the world used it. China is not one of them , hence the failures. Is better to spend a little bit more and buy one that will gonna work.
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