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  1. I remember playing this on my friend's IBM and enjoying it. Then when I finally found it for my C64, it moved ridiculously fast and was much harder and I barely touched it. Fun game though.
  2. So sorry for your loss, so sad. Many condolences.
  3. Semantics. I pre-ordered it ON my Series X and play it on my Series X, it's just not optimized for it yet.
  4. I still don't know much about it, but with all the hype for months, I figured I'd pre-order it for the Series X. The Rewards points punch card was a nice bonus. Didn't get a chance to play it yet. Will try after work.
  5. As stated before, the Series X "came" with the hundreds of Xbox games I already had, and could still play. Bought the new COD, even though I don't play that series much anymore, more for zombies with friends. However, between new or old games on the SSD, the load times are awesome.. so nice to play a game within a a few seconds. And quick resume, where applicable. Will get Cyberpunk soon, as well. (and as a side note, an added bonus is doing Microsoft/Bing rewards for awhile and saving up points... bought a shock blue controller, a new rechargeable battery pack with USB-C cord, and COD was free as well... all those for no cost. Was nice.)
  6. Got mine yesterday. Runs near-silently and fast. Didn't have a whole lot of time with it yet though.
  7. I always assumed the "point" was the tip of the sword. Do the dragons die if they touch the "normal" side of it (if you're holding it from the pointy end)? Do they only die if they touch the "point"?
  8. You've never seen game trailer, a movie trailer, a TV show preview and thought "That looks interesting" even though it's not released yet?
  9. Discount bundle deal #2, many thanks as always. Telebunny, Star Soldier, Pippols, Drol, and Strip Poker sold.
  10. I joined yesterday as well.
  11. Another discounted bundle deal... many thanks to the buyer. Zanac, Robee Blaster, Computer Space & Pong boxset, Comic Bakery, and Cat SOS have been sold.
  12. I have one I'd part with, feel free to PM with an offer if you like.
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