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  1. I've already played this more than I thought I would, and yes, it looks very good. I've enjoyed hearing the main characters' stories and intros, etc.. but like I said, the other stuff, I click on just to fill the codex and move on. I'd also forgotten how much I enjoyed hearing Wrex speak. So far, fun. I hope I stick with it.
  2. GamePass Ultimate has allowed me to try a ton of games I never thought I would.. and some of them I've liked a lot. And when I didn't, uninstall and move on, no loss. I love it.
  3. The Microsoft Rewards timeframe for bonus points was nearing its end, so I figured I'd eventually buy it... so I bought it. Started off with ME1.. this will take me a long time, with limited gaming time, like so many of us. So far, it's nice to go back.. but the first time around, I actually clicked and listed to all the conversations and backstories and codex info etc... I'm kind of clicking, then blowing by a lot of it if it's not important info.
  4. I'm still waffling on this one. I originally got Mass Effect, not thinking I'd like it. Then i loved it, and played it multiple times, and eventually won on the top difficulty setting. Played ME2, though I can't remember if it was once or twice. Played ME3, enjoyed it, that was enough. (bought Andromeda when it came out but didn't play it very much). So... not sure if I really want to go back and do it all again...
  5. Hope you feel better soon. These really look great. I always loved this game.
  6. Off topic, but I sent you a PM recently, and just sent an email to cotegamers, please check when you get a minute. Thanks
  7. I remember playing this on my friend's IBM and enjoying it. Then when I finally found it for my C64, it moved ridiculously fast and was much harder and I barely touched it. Fun game though.
  8. So sorry for your loss, so sad. Many condolences.
  9. Semantics. I pre-ordered it ON my Series X and play it on my Series X, it's just not optimized for it yet.
  10. I still don't know much about it, but with all the hype for months, I figured I'd pre-order it for the Series X. The Rewards points punch card was a nice bonus. Didn't get a chance to play it yet. Will try after work.
  11. As stated before, the Series X "came" with the hundreds of Xbox games I already had, and could still play. Bought the new COD, even though I don't play that series much anymore, more for zombies with friends. However, between new or old games on the SSD, the load times are awesome.. so nice to play a game within a a few seconds. And quick resume, where applicable. Will get Cyberpunk soon, as well. (and as a side note, an added bonus is doing Microsoft/Bing rewards for awhile and saving up points... bought a shock blue controller, a new rechargeable battery pack with USB-C cord, and COD was free as well... all those for no cost. Was nice.)
  12. Got mine yesterday. Runs near-silently and fast. Didn't have a whole lot of time with it yet though.
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