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  1. I didn't think I would, but I tired of Dead Cells pretty quickly after beating it on normal difficulty. I've done some Hollow Knight, after reading many good things about it, but it hasn't hooked me the way I'd hoped. Still will try some more and see.
  2. Mine actually did end up in spam, which usually doesn't happen. Luckily I scan it before I wipe them out.
  3. I see the eBay Dragon's Lair went for $305. Very nice!
  4. Started up some Dead Cells, thanks to GamePass. Very good game.
  5. Karate Champ was a lot of fun back in the day. FULL POINT. And that bull.... grrrr
  6. Loved Popeye back in the day, ColecoVision, arcade, and even 2600. One arcade always had it blasting, and when a heart hit the bottom of the screen, the whole place knew it. That "better grab the heart soon" tune is forever in my head.
  7. Lode Runner sold, this and Mario Bros. both below asking prices... always willing to work out a deal here.
  8. I don't know exactly how many different ones there are, but there's several. You'd have to ask in the CV section for a good answer, I don't know it without researching it. Just found this: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/282226-mario-bros-different-versions/ Hope that helps.
  9. As stated in original post, all are CIB and in excellent/very good condition unless noted otherwise. Thanks
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