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  1. Widely regarded as a pretty crappy game, I used to play the hell out of Vs. Baseball, and loved it on the NES. It has tons of flaws, but something about it always had me playing it. A local Pizza Hut had a sit-down dual screen Vs. Baseball, where your points keep ticking down (or up if you scored).. it was definitely a quarter eater.
  2. Finished Doom 3 maybe two weeks ago, or so. What a chore. Didn't stick with Goose like I thought, but will definitely go back to it. Still, as always, mixing in Rocket League. And some of My Friend Pedro.
  3. As always, still playing Rocket League in small doses. Trying to finish Doom 3. It's really not fun at all. Will be starting the Goose Game shortly.
  4. A very popular yet cultish animated show on Cartoon Network/Adult Swim.
  5. I received a package a day or two ago, but won't be opening due to prepping for a move. Thanks for the quick service!
  6. I put a bundle up for offer in the buy sell trade forum, if anyone's interested. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/298775-for-offer-xbox-one-x-taco-bell-eclipse-bundle/
  7. For offer, the limited bundle from Taco Bell promo. Includes: - Xbox One X Eclipse Edition - New (V2) Elite Controller - 6-month GamePass Ultimate membership - Console start-up sound is the Taco Bell bell - Console vertical stand There are several unboxing videos out there, here is one with some apparently popular girl, which can show in more detail. YouTube Unboxing Link to my Flickr album with pics PM if interested, thanks
  8. Please, please make these games with your original customers in mind, and the Phoenix stuff second, if that makes sense. I want nothing to do with their stuff, and I really hope I don't feel like an afterthought once these games start coming out.. like "you'll get a great game, but you're getting the real experience playing it on a Phoenix" or something.
  9. I beat both older (pixelated) and newer Bloodstained games, then downloaded The Outer Worlds on GamePass. Only into it a little bit, not sure what I really think of it yet.
  10. I find it interesting the popular choice as a masterpiece is Space Invaders, simply because that was an arcade translation. Could Adventure be considered an "original" masterpiece? I loved Adventure and consider it a classic. Whether a classic and masterpiece are the same, I'm not sure.
  11. Did you not convert sub (if you have one) to GamePass? The Outer Worlds is on GamePass.
  12. That looks great, and the scrolling/transitioning works nicely.
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