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  1. You've never seen game trailer, a movie trailer, a TV show preview and thought "That looks interesting" even though it's not released yet?
  2. Discount bundle deal #2, many thanks as always. Telebunny, Star Soldier, Pippols, Drol, and Strip Poker sold.
  3. I joined yesterday as well.
  4. Another discounted bundle deal... many thanks to the buyer. Zanac, Robee Blaster, Computer Space & Pong boxset, Comic Bakery, and Cat SOS have been sold.
  5. I have one I'd part with, feel free to PM with an offer if you like.
  6. Did you win that bid, Lord Helmet, or are you still looking?
  7. Some very mature posts here lately.. good to see some things don't change. I remember getting banned from another Phoenix thread, after pre-ordering early, for daring ask why there was an assumption that most people would get two. Very professional. Saved myself a lot of money not supporting this or their games anymore. So, though I'm but a wee single person, that hurt sales too, big picture. If only it made a different to something other than my wallet. Let the banhammer drop again!
  8. I, sadly, cannot remember where I first saw Food Fight. But that has always been one of my favorites. Great game!
  9. I went to the link and looked around, didn't see a games list of the 150 built in. Is one available yet?
  10. I've seen a few instances with "keep quiet etc" only for it to eventually show up. Always going to happen eventually.
  11. I've never heard of Dazzler. My grandparents lived in North Arlington, NJ with their backyard next to a bowling alley parking lot. You'd walk out their back door, take a few steps, walk up some some concrete steps, where they basically had a raised garden... the fence at the top of these steps had a locked gate, and upon unlocking it, you were in the back part of the parking lot. Walk around to the front, they had their few games spread out in the usual spots. This bowling alley is where I first saw several games, Donkey Kong included. It was awesome.
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