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  1. Thanks for the offer. Right now I might have a guy on another forum who's gonna sell me one. If it doesn't pull through by this weekend, I'll contact you.
  2. Mods, please move this to the Wanted section. In the meantime, bump.
  3. Ah, yes. Sorry about that. Would a mod be so kind as to move this thread then?
  4. So I was fortunate enough to come across a fully-functioning Sega-CD Model 1 out in the wild. It's also in pristine cosmetic shape with the exception that it's missing the plastic CD tray cover that has the Sega CD logo. Here's a picture of what I'm talking about: (The thing circled in red is the part I need) I was wondering, if any of you have a Model 1 SCD laying around that you're using for parts, or otherwise doesn't work, I would really like this piece of plastic that would complete my Sega CD. PM me if interested, we can discuss price. Will pay using Paypal only. Thank You!
  5. Bought some Atari games. Quick and easy payment. Shipped quickly and got here really fast. A+ Seller!
  6. I wouldn't disqualify Halo 2600 even though it's technically a port. I don't feel like it deserves to be best all around homebrew since although it's pretty good, there's really no replay value once you beat it and it's not very long. From what I gather its purpose seems to be more to bewilder Halo fanboys: "Hey you want to play Halo?" "Alright" *hands 2600 controller and turns on TV* *head explodes*
  7. So I checked out Toyshop Trouble as well as Oystron and Blinky goes up. Oystron looked great and original, but I could not figure out what you're supposed to do from the video and the descriptions and it seemed a little too frantic/multitasking for my taste. Blinky Goes Up looked pretty amazing. Simple level design with great fluid animation. Reminds me of Mega-Man for some reason. However, it's not yet available, so there goes that one. Medieval Mayhem seems fun and really well done, but it's essentially a nicer version of Warlords, which I already have. I might get this someday, but I don't think it's a good choice for my first homebrew purchase. Toyshop Trouble seems great, addictive, and fun, not to mention, original. For an action/puzzle concept it's pretty new, especially for the 2600. Reviews saying the difficulty curve is just right adds to my interest in this game as well as the fact that several coders collaborated on it. It also seems like it does a lot while not trying to bite off more than the 2600 can chew and making me wish it was on a more capable platform. Because of these reasons and the majority in the recommendations, I decided to purchase this cartridge from AtariAge. However, I believe this topic may be useful for other people so keep replying with your favorite homebrew!
  8. I just recently got my Atari 2600 and I've been playing a bunch of games on it and having fun! Anyway, I'm interested in buying a single homebrew cart from AtariAge and I'd like to know what you guys would recommend. If you had to pick a single original (meaning not a port) homebrew game for the 2600, which would it be? Also, consider that I would like a game that is unique on the Atari and isn't a rehash of a game that already exists for the console or on other systems. And yes, I know there is already an official Top 10 list, but most of them are ports of some kind, not the most original (aka yet another space shooter), and people are allowed to vote for multiple ones. I want to know what you guys think is a single one that is really good and stands well on its own. And that you can buy at AA or be otherwise readily available for purchase. Thanks.
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