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  1. Mine would have to be: 2600: Tapper Space Invaders Dig Dug Kaboom! Stargate 5200: Pac Man Qix Robotron:2084 Jungle Hunt Defender 7800: Food Fight Ms. Pac Man Robotron:2084 Desert Falcon Joust NES: Legend of Zelda Super Mario Bros Castlevania II:Simon's Quest Dragon Warrior Kid Icarus SNES: Super Mario World Zelda: A Link to the Past Actraiser Final Fantasy II Super Metroid Genesis: Altered Beast Golden Axe Sonic 2 Streets of Rage Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (this was a fun game) PS1: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Final Fantasy VII Legend of Dragoon Crono Cross Resident Evil 2 N64: Zelda:Ocarina of Time Goldeneye Perfect Dark Paper Mario Conker's Bad Fur Day Dreamcast: Jet Grind Radio Soul Caliber Space Channel 5 Skies of Arcadia Dead or Alive 2 PS2: Rez Sly Cooper and Thievious Racoonus Amplitude GTA III Activision Anthology Gamecube: Luigi's Mansion Zelda:Wind Waker Dead to Rights Medal of Honor Metroid Prime Gameboy/GBA Tetris Castlevania:Harmony of Dissonance Wario Ware Advance Wars Tactics Ogre Sean
  2. I agree with you on Karateka. It was one of the first 7800 games I got (after Food Fight). It's horrid. I personally would skip DK and DKJR. I think the gameplay sucks worse than the sounds, IMHO. Sean
  3. I've been "collecting" since 1979 when I got my first 2600. I've been playing ever since. Sean
  4. DOA2 is good, especially playing tag mode with two players. I think think Soul Caliber has superior graphics and gameplay. SCis a must own for DC. I don't think $20 is too steep. It's probably the only used DC game I'd pay $20 for. Sean
  5. Oooo...pretty! You gotta love the 80's...all pastels and neon colors. Sean
  6. Yowza! I haven't seen THAT in ages. That movie made me want toplay Pole Position. Sean
  7. Space Channel 5 is a fun simple game for the DC. I also like Gigawing. It's a fun shooter. Sean
  8. The first game I ever bought myself was Donkey Kong Jr. I LOVE the arcade and couldn't wait to get home a play it. My mom made us stop by my grandma's house for a visit on the way home. I remember sitting there for 3 agonizing hours, staring at the box waiting to get home. When I got home...wow! What a disappointment! Sean
  9. My top 10 is: 10. Castlevania II:Simon's Quest (NES) 09. Food Fight (7800) 08. Qix (5200) 07. Tetris (NES) 06. Mario Bros (NES) 05. Dig Dug (2600) 04. Kaboom! (2600) 03. Donkey Kong (NES) 02. Ms. Pac-Man (7800) 01. The Legend of Zelda (NES) Sean
  10. I'm currently hooked on Tactics Ogre and Wario Ware. Sean
  11. Um...yay Colecovision! What?! Oh, I'm done. :wink: Sean
  12. Yeah...well Genesis does what Nintendon't! Sean
  13. Whoa! I'm a Chopper Commander now. Kick @$$! Sean
  14. Every 1's winner, you sexy thing! Of course, after those 2 songs what else do you put on a "Best of" My preference is still Phoenix. I still love that game. One of my faves from the 2600 silver era. Sean
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