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  1. Wouldn't it still show a screen if the ram was broken? + It was broken suddenly not because its old.
  2. We own the computer for then 30 years so I don't think it has modern mods Any Ideas of what I could try next? Ooh I also have another question. Has anyone tried this: http://www.abbuc.de/...rechner-service to get his atari fixxed?
  3. I havn't looked at the back of the pcb are there any chips there?
  4. Hi recently I've tried to start an atari 800 xl (pal) . I keep getting a blank screen on it. I've read other threads concerning this problem. Things I've tried so far: -Measure output. I got 3 times 5 volt inside the computer. -Refit all microships. -Using star raiders cartridge also didn't work. -None of the parts get's really hot. Things I've noticed: Sometimes I get yelow screen flash but then it turns black. Sometimes with star raiders I have very thin blue lines. And sometimes a nice beeeeep sound. When I press reset the blue thin lines or the sound goes away. If I use UHF it finds the atari at 62 Mhz here there are blue dots around 1 cm appart from each other moving. I do remember that it was broken when we put it away 10 years ago. It was broken suddenly 1 day it was working , the day after it diden't boot. Are there any other things I might have to try? I can't really swap ic's since we only have one atari 800xl Are there any other common bugs on the pc. I think it's not damage from being old. My dad suspects that cartridge bay is somehow stopping the system from booting? Thank you for you're help!
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