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  1. Gave it a few rounds. I liked it and didn't find any bugs.
  2. I want to be the first to snag this one! Love all the art. Looks amazing.
  3. Dungeon map! Doesn't have all the floors but helps with the early ones.



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    2. s0c7


      I have the digital version, but without DaveD & Albert signing off on it I can't allow anybody to have a copy.  Unfortunately, we have one or two bootleggers around so you have to be careful what you put out publicly.  Don't want to do anything that would hurt AtariAge.

    3. s0c7


      BTW, thank you for the great video reviews!  I'm glad you are enjoying the games and have helped turn others on to them.  Really appreciate it!

    4. MrBeefy


      Yeah check out the Phantom 2/Pirate cart too. If you like Dungeon, Pirate is a fun little game. Little more chill than Dungeon.

  4. Yeah, Adventure was a favorite. I downloaded the EMR .bin but like to support the community with purchases too. I haven't fired up the .bin yet. Today, I plan on making a EMR2 video.
  5. Next videos: Dragon's Descent & Evil Magician Returns II

    1. MrBeefy


      This something you are going to put on YouTube? I have the first EMR and I'm waiting for EMR II to arrive in the mail! Loved the first one and if he ever does a second run it's worth it in my opinion. Mine says it was #11 out of 20 so he didn't make many.

    2. abrower9d9


      Yep, the videos are up on YouTube. LOVED EMRII. And I totally missed out on getting the original :(


  6. Ever do another run? Any left lying around?
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