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  1. I need a replacement for my 5200 2-port console. I'd be interested in a stock unit, or a modded one. I have controllers, etc. I am willing to purchase or trade. Also, if anyone has an Atari Video Music console in nice condition that they want to unload, I wouldn't mind an extra one.
  2. Draconian looks (and sounds) absolutely superb!! I cannot wait to get this game!!
  3. Looking for the 5200 conversion of M.U.L.E. on cartridge. I can offer Paypal or will trade Vectrex stuff for it.
  4. I need to move a pinball machine and some arcade cabinets from my old home in Texas to my new home in Utah. If anyone has experience with moving machines like these a long distance, I'd like you recommendations on how to best do it. I am hesitant to use regular movers, because I worry about these machines getting damaged if handled by people not experienced with handling these things.
  5. I'm sure it will wipe clean. At least it wasn't on a bunch of boxes or manuals!
  6. I'm giving away a NOS M-Network Tron joystick. Details here: http://highscore.com/contest/#Tron

  7. High Score just started a new multi-platform contest on Tron games. The prize is a NOS M-Network Tron Joystick for Atari 2600 (and other systems that are compatible with Atari joysticks). Contest details are here.
  8. The NES contest is currently in progress. There will be more contests during 2015, with some of those to begin pretty soon.
  9. I'm very sorry to hear what you are going through. I've only ever heard great things about the job you've done here. Best regards...
  10. I'm still willing to buy out one more person's pre-order, if the price is right.
  11. Ok. I sent payment for agreed amount to Toiletunes for transfer of ownership of his pre-order to me. Please reply to this message to provide public confirmation that you're transferred ownership of you pre-order to me. Curt: I hope you are recovering well, and my best wishes are with you. Whenever the XM is ready (however long it takes), please get in touch with me for payment of the remainder of Toiletunes' order and my shipping information. I may be buying one more of these. I'm talking to a couple of other people who are looking to exit, and I will post another note if there is another transaction.
  12. Maybe. I feel like I'd like to have one or two of these whenever they come out. I'm not going anywhere, so if it takes a while, I can wait. I'd rather contribute some funds to the effort to complete these things and bring them into production, even if it still takes a few more years.
  13. I can't do anything about your 4 years, but PM me and we can try to work out the cash part. If anyone else wants to sell me their pre-order spot, I might be interested in 1 more. Let me know.
  14. I know this project has been ongoing for a while now, but I'd like to kick in my support with a pre-order for a couple of units, if this is still possible?
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