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  1. ok i found it, and took a look at it. seems quiet usefull.. But it you have some additional docs, feel free to share Ok thanks, found it, took a look at seems easy if you still have some rmotion docs, feel free to share :-Da
  2. CyranoJ is this your secret company selling shower gel in germany
  3. nice release, thanks i will take a closer look at, maybe this time i manage to start coding a little. little question.. the rmotion.exe is for animation is there a little more information about it? i found not much details at included documentation and here at Atariage best regards
  4. Im intersted for sure, especially as a fanboy of castlevania and metroid. As you said, i see also a heavy load of design work. Great Job, seems to me you are a Talented coder
  5. I tried to preorder. There is a "Checkout with PayPal" Do you really want to enter my PayPal password on your Website?
  6. Yes BIWN was amazing at this time!! There was also a company calld Rockstar and they developed several years later a very similar game called Grand Theft Auto (with a little less 3d and no FMV) Nowadays we know this game "saved" Rockstar and they are one of the biggest Videogame Developer Studios in the World
  7. 2 player split screen mode would be epic ... or 4 player teamtap
  8. impressed what tech did you use? some libs, api? awesome job :thumbsup:
  9. That tells me, a more experienced Programmer would be able to provide much smoother framerate. Also more experienced on Jag Hardware in Detail would be an aditional benefit. The game itselfe is good but the framerate is a bad heavy impact overall.
  10. if you would hide the map like avp and then the player discovers step by step i think you get deeper gameplay with more focus on the upper 3d part. also more action
  11. rotate and zoom in our out while they get blown away would look good i think
  12. Sadly for me not :-( The errormessage: This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform pugin "windows" in "". Reinstalling the application may fix this problem. looks there are some dlls missing? could you add them?
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