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  1. Was looking into SuperCross3D last night and it's interesting to note SC3D was the programmers first game for any system. Same with a lot of early games on the Jag. I mean no disrespect to the guys who created these games as you clearly have to start somewhere but that somewhere and lack of experience/talent really hurt Atari.


    That tells me, a more experienced Programmer would be able to provide much smoother framerate.

    Also more experienced on Jag Hardware in Detail would be an aditional benefit.


    The game itselfe is good but the framerate is a bad heavy impact overall.

  2. if you would hide the map like avp and then the player discovers step by step i think you get deeper gameplay with more focus on the upper 3d part.

    also more action

  3. thanks for sharing,


    first feedback from my CMD:

    This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "windows".
    Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.


    is there a dll missing? i placed all dlls in same folder as the VJ


    fast goolge results: qwindowsd.dll ??

  4. Big IF and then segway to a sequel as if small teams have a chance to do back to back development in such short notice.

    Also if you immediately announce the sequel with improvements you may alienate some buyers that just bought the damn thing .... without improvements you already knew you could put in (a "crappy" prequel basically) ... right??


    boy, please do not tamper sophisticate my posts anymore

    (i dont post in bold red or underlined or yellowgaymargentaorange or something else)

  5. You are correct ! 3DO's RR's road is completely scanline! Not a single 3D angle adjustment! And while at NFS, you can clearly see the polygonal curvature of the road, in the 3DO's RR, the road is pixel-smooth curved. The hills go up/down, curves turn left/right exactly like in any other scanline-based racing game.


    yes.. i also think is basical the "old" roadrash with some 3d objects on the side plus the graphics are replaces by digitised trees, cars, bikers... what ever.

    the typical eyewashing of that time :-D


    however the result is looking and feeling good

    by the way i think crash n burn uses the same tech (2d scan + 3d sideobjects)


    what i wanted to say: if you handle to align some 3d environment (in sum max up to 50% of screen) attached to the 2d scanline engine, you are the man!! you did it!!

    the holy jag roadrash coder :-DDDDD

    i will errect a small shrine in my basement

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  6. Because there is a huge feature and qualitative difference between 2D scanline road (ala Outrun) and 3D polygonal road (ala NFS). The 2D road cannot adjust perspective and angle with the change in 3D camera.

    yes but we are talking about roadrash, and there is not a single inch of cameramovement or cameraturn or whatever. in best case there is a zoom at finish, and that is also no problem for 2d scanline .. :-o (see link below)


    The 2D road cannot adjust perspective and angle with the change in 3D camera.

    False, on case perspective look here: http://codeincomplete.com/games/racer/v4-final/

    and by the way.. wher did 3DO roadrash change perspective???


    however, i just wanted to tell you that they did the same on RR 3DO and save you from braking your brain on this topic ;-)


    and for sure, a 2D scanline racer got some "values" that you can convert / align to some texture dimension ;-) think about it.

    would be a much more easy way to add/sync a 50% "3D textured" object over/to the "2D scanline" object / engine.


    some basic housealignment, some hills/mountains, and as the crown of 3d a tunnel :-o

    thats all of the RR 3DO 3d texture science, sorry if that sound disappointing, but everything else is 2D scanline.


    the preferences of RR3DO are (graphic and game) design, speed, gameplay, sound, presentation and not its eyewash visuals


    get it as hint ;-)


    ps.: drTypo seems to be a specialist for affine perspective (gemrace, fallen angels, tubeSE) on the Jag, he could maybe help you on this topics

  7. why so complicated?


    look at WIP: Not Outrun


    there the basic roadrash engine is already done !!

    Just add you "textured" houses and hills on bouth sides of the road and you got your 3do roadrash engine (or better) on the Jag ;-)

    (maybe you find a way to align the textures to the old fashioned simple roadengine, thats it.. they done nothing else back on 3DO roadrash)

    as you see on Burnout the jag can do much much better roads than the 3DO :-D


    Your favorit Chairman has spoken


    I'd have to agree here. The networking side probably isn't worth the work required to get it going. Similar for the developer options - most everyone doing anything on the Jaguar has a skunkboard - and once these SD carts hit, I bet there'll be a lot of skunkboards on ebay, as people who bought them to play ROMs will not need them anymore.




    my skunk is in "coma" after i tested rebootroids (first test rom) i destryed my USB plug on my skunk by accident .. (as you know im a higly talented armed with chairs coder) so i need a new skunk or i try repairing it with a soldering specialist

  9. Bubsy - Genesis, SNES, PC (okay, not the same exact game, but still)

    I-War - PC

    Missile Command 3D - PSX, PC (again, maybe not the same exact game, but close)

    Power Drive Rally - SNES, Genesis, Amiga

    Tempest 2000 - PC, PSX, Saturn (okay, some variations here)

    Towers II - PC


    they are in that form not even close or NOT on other systems


    "maybe not the same exact game, but close" -> so we need no new racing games for example.. they are not the same but close :grin:

  10. From my perspective, it's because it's different. Most machines of the era have a lot of similar games, but only a few Jaguar games can be found on other systems... Plus I love the grungy '90's style sci-fi from games like I war or Skyhammer

    me too, and BIWN would be my holy grail but it died before release :_( :_( :_( :_( :_(

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