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  1. for the short dev time this demo looks nice but also: its nearly 1:1 Legend from SNES.. saw some identical images and all the sfx are the same.. the dogs and the voices are absolut identical with SNES Legend
  2. Otto1980


    awesome and simple
  3. If you disagree with me the only other opinion is that it is the best racinggame.. so who did not playd clubdrive???
  4. not the best racing game.. but it got much more "3d capabilities" than NfS and Roadrash (sadly no texturemapping) but who needs when you get a blocky cat instead
  5. i see paralells to common conflicts extremists, rebells, "officials", externals flaming and blaming why not let each have a peacefull day let the guy do what he wants.. maybe he manages to show a RROR (roadrashonrails) port kisses go out to all.. (one extra to cyranoily)
  6. NFS 2015: a new dimension of moving on rails (hahaah loool.. lesson to move forward)
  7. :-o its so unbelivable 64 Bitish you are the master of Jagcoding may the chair be with you
  8. the answer is NO (the expert argumentation: "because no") did we keep apart 3D "capabilities" and 3D "texturemapping"? or is it the same? did a huge 3d city with 100s of buildings (like IronSoldier) has less 3D "capabilities" than a textured low object/poligon game on rails with "texturemapping" like (NFS)?
  9. Hi shamus some feedback: i like the "frame advance" button together with the alpine mode but it would be even more nicer when that button press event would trigger the refresh of the apline status windows.. for example the CPU Broser or OP Browser that could speedup "basic" debuging a lot another fedback: awesome job.. i love the VJ :) greetings
  10. i cant tell.. N0 a hidden wizard told me that calculating less is taking less time in theory belive me ..i am professional armed with a chair
  11. i have "programming background" and i can tell you that supercross wastes lot resources while your holy shrine NFS does tweaks and windowdressing with things like reduction of details at already 30 m infront of your car, lowres textures, 3d world on rails.... i playd it 1 hour ago.. its just fact.. nice game nice presentation.. but also boild with water greetings.. your armchairmain of trust
  12. exactly.. i think in case of SC3d this is one of the main resource eaters the textures are not very colorfull but look relativly high resoluted.. so if you look from one end of the stadium to the other you see them still.. that means they had to calculate the textures from huge images down to a hand of pixels in the far distance i can imagine that this calculation takes heavily gpu power and results in the poor renderingspeed that ends up in the low fps some workaround would be cutting the drawdistance OR try to use mipmapping (which also would increase the texture sourcedata a little at around +33% but propably reduces calculation/rendering of "far" textures a lot) btw this would be a little more than a hack.. it would be a massive optimisation of its engine which requires the sourcecode (and more skill than i got :-P
  13. lostdragon where are you? tiertex ltd seems to be still active.. maybe you can "ask nicely" for the sourcecode
  14. yes.. sadly its mystlike.. and sadly its not fun to play cause of this but if it would had x3 the fps (and im sure there was much optimizing possible) it would be some of the best if not the best motocrossgame of its time
  15. i think the raw speed of its single components (processors, bus, ram) also the colormodes and the Objectprocessor that can be used in many ways (especially on 2d) more freedom.. but also lot mor tasks for programmers :-( the "disadvantage" against 3do in terms of texturemapping is the V-Ram (only if possible to store imagesources for textures in it .. dont know if it can) and mostly the hardwaresupport for "basic" texturemapping inside one of 3dos processors. (maybe also basic transparence effects?) for example... disadvantage: The texturemapping a jagcoder has to "calculate" by its own with the given processors.. advantage: its also possible to gain the texturemapping quality a lot this "manual" way as we see on HS CD that causes time and knowhow and results in another disadvantage.. 2 factors that avoid a lot for some programmers (like me i think the point is, how much of the Jaguars "raw" speed the SAME texturecalculations would burn to have SAME result as on 3do (which is possible for sure cause bouth can display pixels on the screen if you find out you propably can give an exacter comparsion the question is.. do you or the gamers want the SAME textures.. or do you also agree a tick lower quality.. or want higher quality textures look at doom.. variation of textures is a little lowered on jag (maybe resolution too.. dont know) .. but the game is much better than e.g. snes or 3do or 32x its the balance that makes it far better
  16. higher resolution? you must have a modded prototype or something ... 2 co-processors? okay when we start counting bits and processors .. the jag got 3 64Bit futuristic components inside .. the bus and its memory, the blitter, the objectprocessor i have bouth consoles.. and the closer i look the more i see the "advanced" 3d eyewash... reduce the 3D world down to very lowpoly or even put it on rails and map it with textures is not an advance or improve. its a gameplay-step-back at costs of showing textures.. not in mention the fmv games
  17. what several? allegedly better texture mapping support? videostreaming?
  18. lol same told me a grumpy housewife after i told her my opinion "you dont have a own child, so you cannot say that" "no but its nevertheless the truth what i told" i say are you grumpy housewife too? once again i miss the "kiss" emoticon
  19. maybe the thell you this.. but all of them (except ATD and Rebellion) did just one project which was also their training/learning lesson as you maybe know you have no devLib as the 3do has.. (so on Jag-side more disadvantage than advantage, depending on how good you are) and as you see... they (atd and rebellion) did huge steps in terms of 3d between their games @ the jag to make good 3d on the jag, expecially textures you have to customize your routines fitting for your needs and use blitter/GPU Pipelining in clever way plus you need good 3d math understanding (matrixcalculation, worldcoordinates etc..) i think you also have to adjust the game- and graphic-design (espacially textures) siutable to get good results a lot of things that a 3do coder not has to do in that complicated / lowlevel way framerate.. hm.. yes might be aproblem but games like HS CD show how it could work.. (complete game except music runs in jaguars 2mb ram) sure you dont have high framerate (but you also got 3DOs "texture" games like Killingtime or even WCIII with between horrible and low framerate) also you got on HS CD lightsources, colorfuller textures and texturefilters plus Gouraud shading that you never would see on 3do games in that quality.. i think we all should consider this points when comparing the "weak" 3d capabilities of the jag with the "strong" 3d capabilities of the 3do removing this "extras" could gain the framerate a lot i think what also happens on 3do when you do "true" 3d you can see on the late racinggames "autobahn tokio" or "F1 GP" even WTR looks good and smooth compared to them RR and Need4Speed are very limited in their 3D world (not even CD, CF or wtr are that "3D - World" limited) think about it.. they did a good and clever job on N4S and RR but they also used their tricks..
  20. i dont agree with mr. diskett.. especially as some other jaggames show nice (and more detailed/colorfull) textures than magiccarpet did plus M.Diskett never did any 3d coding on the jag or even 3d coding until 1995 (as mobygames say) and i dont think he concerned a lot with the jag architecture in terms of 3D or any ideas of workarounds, tricks, etc... to roadrash its mainly the presentation, music and the artwork and intuitive gameplay that makes this game so popular technicaly its not that strong.. its on rails.. nearly everythink is done by 2d objects.. the tracks (roads) look like some afine or similar routine.. only some houses and sideobjects (hills e.g.) look like true 3d textured objects.. i think we should not overestimate the 3do RR technics..
  21. the game got pros and cons sadly there are cons that make the game .. lets say.. bad and that is as you guys correctly recognized controlls, AI, and a little the framerate now you ask for the pros? i think the sound (music), visuals and presentation are not that bad.. i like them.. kind of british i personaly prefer those more than VRacings japanese look and feel but the VRgameplay itselfe is of course far better
  22. ahhh.. nice.. this way you have identical gameplay on pal/ntsc i knew there must be something hidden
  23. what is sub-pixel positioning?
  24. 1. We can count them because they exist.. plus we cannot count them as finished and released game 2. no its not possible that the 3do may had "similary ambitionous games" in development because they do not exist like those i talkd about.. If we would.. we could also talk about mario64 or finalfantasy on the jag.. they also "possible" exist yes i like it also more than cf and cd.. especially controlls and FPS .. but what i absolutly dislike is the fact its on rails .. but some persons like to have the choice of driving straingth forward or.. yes forward me.. with my opinion .. and also you.. with your opinion is not "any Jaguar fan" so i cannot talk for them
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