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  1. as i have those 3do games.. i can say i really happy they didnt make it to jag.. much more sad im about that games like BIWN, PhaseZero, Soulstar didnt make it in public releases.. cause they was much more ambitioned than 3do productions of its time NfS is a little overrated .. nice presentation.. nice GFXartwork.. nice cops.. but it is on rails and a boring autobahn racer.. also it aged bad :-(
  2. my words.. i would say hoverstrikeCD is texturquality master of bouth systems cluing some lowres textures on a very basic 3d environment is not "better 3D capabilities" in most cases you just have more quality artwork/textures like in killingtime.. (but there you also see the 10 fps "better 3D capabilities" of the 3do) IronSoldier2 for example has much much more 3d environment than most or maybe all other 3do games.. at the jag side they didn not even know how to use the risc without splitting everything into its ram.. i think we maybe never see something that really uses the jag in the "optimal" way and shows his power.. (projects like atariowls was a nice impressive demo of what could be possible) all in all.. i think the jag as strong as the 3do in terms of 3d.. in some cases he is stronger.. plus the jag got more technical freedome .. compare BC racers and atarikarts.. doom and doom ... phaseZero and the non existant 3do voxel game
  3. I Disagree.. 3DO is same or little weaker than jag.. but most games "look" stronger for its time.. (now they aged bader than some jaggames and things turnd.. but thats my opinion.. ) the reason? the jag got "do the math".. there are 2 "do the math" on the jag.. one is a slogan for the customer to make advertising and the other is for the programmers to let them know they have to "do the math" for everyting they want on the jag so this "do the math" is the biggest problem when you have or wanna do "nextgen" games.. because if you not able to make that "math" for it.. the jag (or lets say the devkit&Libs) didnt do it for you or even might help you The 3do does.. because it had that "nextgen" math inside its public devkit and devlibs..
  4. super wingcommander is a polished version of wingcommander 1/2 they replaced the drawn 2d graphics (there was no real 3d content) with pre rendered graphics.. same as on soulstar megacd to jaguar
  5. i remember seeing screenshots of clubdrive 2 somewhere in the web in 1996 or so .. lot of Gouraud Shading and some textures added compared to clubdrive. anyone knows something about this? was it face or did someone have informations about that
  6. supercool !! maybe the enemys could be 3dos, snes, or megadrives/Genesis
  7. yes.. like me.. i make a lot of things happen... on of it .. this post
  8. Get coding then?? no time due job currently..as usual hehe.. "next gen" is not evolution or progress its just a "new" and the jag was also "new" someday
  9. i like Buffkis ideas they are not as crazy they sound in the first moment i also thought that a very early openGL version for the jag would be something awesome having some very basic 3d standards to make simple 3d objects, shaded, maybe gouraud shaded.., and only "very maybe" a little simple textured dont get me wrong.. just the ability to make an nice and simple 3d object for logos, menues, 2 objects e.g. in a 2d game or something.. just to have the option to polish a project a litte into "next gen" style nice idea.. keep this dream alive
  10. i also think the jag never saw a nice jaguar optimized 3d engine ironsoldier2 comes close.. but i think there is still more possible atari should task Eclipse software to develop a 3D Lib/Framework they needed offer those fully textured 3d games they wanted.. think the key is optimisation in the 3d and texture calculation like in some other games (mipmapping, limited Colorpalette, different distance detail etc) in addition the fact that noone back until jaguars end ever used gpu outside the gpu ram belive in it
  11. as you maybe know.. you can calculate (nearly) everything with the jag.. some with hardwaresupport (like Blitter,GPU stuff) some with GPU commands via routines.. in theory you can do the newest texture filters on the jag.. but then you have 0,001 frames per second or something the window in clubdrive is a simple blitter modification i think.. (take a shape and calculate its colors to some value darker) same on native.. take the background and do a blitt with the foregroundimage.. or something like that maybe there is an ObjectProcessor trick for doing transparent.. but i dont know about that. anyone else? compared whit 3do, the 3do got hardwaresupported full transparent effect .. the jag can do it also.. but has to calculate it by feet :-( wich coult maybe cause to much time in games
  12. seeing this demo (i think i saw a vid of it on youtube.. not sure), i think eclipse software could easily do a BlueLightning on rails compared to totaleclipse 3do (in terms of 3d) lol-> eclipse could do totaleclipse using prerendered or scanned objects instead of mix of drawn and pixelclouds it could look very good for sure.. they had the siutable 3d programmer skills 18,63 Kb for a basic texture 3d engine plus 32x32 image plus controls plus fractal initialisation of 3dData is not bad
  13. flat and gouraud shaded 3d game (like atariowl project) maybe little less textures but more speed either 3d jump n run (mario64 like) or adventure (Zelda 64 like)
  14. cannot upload on skunk.. choosed 2th bank with standard params after the nice upload colors the screen flashes yellow over and over after waiting some minutes i reset the jag.. choosed 2th bank with dpad down.. nothing happens (black screen) did i make a mistake?
  15. a ‘hack’ which allowed the texture palette to be a texture source, doubling the speed of texture mapping for small textures i think its a common routine/technic and they created just a clever way to manage its data/datasizes and shortcut some calculations have no idea what he means with "texturepalette" and "texturesource" maybe texture optimized or precalculated imagedata on chartridge rom (but then i have no idea why IS2 got so much more textures than IS1 ) or maybe a color limitation on textures.. as far i remember the IS textures are color limited.. compared to HoverStrike where you got lot mor shades and colors in the textures less possible colors (could) cause less need for calculation any other thoughts?
  16. yes.. that "hack" sounds very interesting maybe you can find out some technical details from marc rosocha (eclipse / iron soldier)
  17. ggn must be the head of the multimillion BSG business cartel
  18. isnt that the rom header of a 4 MB rom? so by replacing this it with another header works? BSG and/or BS are the only roms that dont work on skunkboards? if modifying a part of the rom (e.g. a graphicdata .. some pixels or so) then recreate the header with jagcrypt and it could work?
  19. isnt that the rom header of a 4 MB rom? so by replacing this it with another header works? so BSG and/or BS are the only roms that dont work on skunkboards?
  20. exact my opinion maybe some clever chinese grabs up that tutorial and breaks the BS prices
  21. Orion is right, but the controlls are much better than checkered Flags. Presentation, Visuals, controlls, KI, is quite good for a racinggame of that time sadly it has a small problem with framerate .. like supercross3d.. but not THAT huge problem
  22. do you have any idea what test.s does? display something? calculating something?
  23. Ordered, thx aehmmm.. for those who ordered and cant wait.. (maybe there are some ): is it possible to provide a skunkboard version for the meantime ?
  24. its not fun reading this topic ... filtering nearly 80% of flaming and spiderman pics between the topic related posts :-(
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