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  1. i will but can you anyway tell me what you 2 guys are doing with this?
  2. i dont know what they are.. but without math and skills i talked about their demo/engine/game or what ever wont look/work that nice please .. i try to say something and you blame for saying what you think i wanted to say okay peace and love to us all .. also to you my lovely jagchris separatist
  3. once again: i dont meant 8bit or retro 2d games sorry again for writing that relation not clearly enough "If you wish to discuss the topic of games produced by designers vs games produced" ??? no thanks.. but looks you searching it .. out of my words you maybe hope
  4. lol 2 answers while i reviewed and corrected my own post !! yes you migth be right.. but how many designers and creative guys are out ther in the wide world? maybe mulitmega1000s to the power of 333 and how many jaguar programmers that know the hardware in lowleveldetail and can code it to have a result that comes close to early 32 bit ish 3d or something like this and also have time???? i count none.. cause i dont know one :skull:
  5. hahahaha.. i want to see that game, that is made without that misterious tech "knowledge" and "math" maybe i there is a new way i never heard from to paint a jaguar game on a papersheet with brush :thumbsup: my post of "requirements/skills" refers not to 8bit style or retro 2d games like you guys do, maybe you missunderstod or its my fault cause of bad english okay, but seriously i understand that you guys are irritated of this thread and never had any intention to respond some serious answers and hey: why sourcecode in the "atari jaguar programming" forum when you can have spiderman pics :P
  6. oh a new topic.. oh wait .. just insulting orgy jagchris.. you will never new see any new software without a good programmer with strong skills in lowlevel asm (risc and 68k) and strong math knowledge (atariowl and drTypo are examples that goes that way) whatever programmers use, they need that skills even affine 3d (like atarikarts, wolfenstein) is not possible with current dev libs.. you need asm from scratch, your math and time retro or 8bit-2d games are nicely possible with raptor for example as you can see derLuchs is making something nice with raptor(asm) sadly i have no time for coding.. maybe next year.. when i got leadership of my it-department greets to all
  7. nice menues and presentation.. but ingame superburnout looks much much better
  8. easyest way is to grab a skunkboard (you find a thread here bout buying it) or you use just a emulator to run your code (if its enough for you) ups...see post above (0,33 sec before my post)
  9. maybe check your FFL cartridge.. someone fooled you on my FFL i can jump, kick, punch, step left/right, dodge and make specialattacs and breakingnews.. the cpu enemy also can !!
  10. the Saturn uses what the programmer told/programmed to use (same as the Jag) the 3do uses this "Quad" textures as far i know the advance is not the better texturequality .. its the better 3d model quality cause you got much more freedom of modelize nicer meshes
  11. i really liked this engine / demo, another question: is there ever known a kind of mipmapping technic in a jaguar game or demo?
  12. The only good "OWN" Project by Atari was Black Ice White Noise mergin shadowrun with GTA3, digitised persons, Adventure, nice action Actors etc... Elements we find many years later in GTA3, Watchdogs (Huge City, email, cyberspace) finaly a promising project.. ahead of its time.. sadly canceld
  13. not even a single font character in the 128kb of the jaguar bios ... epic fail a complete 1 bit fontset just takes 2 kb but thanks god there is a image of an cat and a small 3d routine/objects and animation plus sound and soundroutine.. :thumbsup:
  14. isnt there already a kind of font included in the jaguar bios/bootrom, that can be abused as source ?? the small "R" right to the Atari logo from the startup logo looks so fontish.. maybe there is the rest around. anyone knows? greets
  15. hahaha just lol do you think there will be more coders or jagcoders have more time now that there are more skunkboards out there??? jagutopica
  16. i was also impressed but then came to my mind that most jaguar games have much more colorfull textures (AVP and Hoverstrike especially) and i think also on the color vatiations.. (compare bc racers vs atarikarts) and you see what i think about however.. i think its much more effort to calculate a 3d texture with very limited colors (maybe 8bit or less, clut or so, like metalhead) instead of a well shaded (and maybe 16Bit Cry depth) color texture like hoverstrike CD for example i think metalhead COULD look much better on jag
  17. How you see that? looks for me linke standard texture technics for me
  18. phasezero .. one of the most promising jag developments ever fast,good gameplay/controlls, good visuals, good design/artworks, good sound plus jagling -> killer :-D :-D and... little dreaming... if they could make coop on black ice white noise, so that one is there and another somewhere else in the city and solving problems together... they had the chance on that time to write videogamehistory... even more when they could make the voicemodem work for use on onlinegaming i cant remember if there was something comparable at that time
  19. Holy if i would have such an employee he would not work in my company anymore.. also if i would know someone works with such practice i wouldnt arrange him but the explanation of just doing it fast and dirty is for me the most plausible in this case (as we can also see in the result @ finishd game) somewhere i read an interview with a CresGal Designer that told he had done a lot of renderet floating artwork/animation and in the final the took from e.g. 3 animationphases for huge bosses... quick n dirty also the only "specialeffect" was a zoom in the intro and 1 kind of bird-enemy that zooms in no other rotation/transparence/fade/zoomeffect etc
  20. and why the hell he posts sega sourcecode when we talk about labelnaming?
  21. @seedy... nice that you post sorcecode... but what do you wanna say to us? im still asking myselfe whats or if there is a benefit of nummberd labels
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