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  1. yep.. thats why i ask.. count the lines and it doesnt make sense.. haha or someone deleted 10 lines is it something with ticks or so ????
  2. also do not underestimate low-level programing on a complex architecture, the poor libs, docs, tools. most are special - rare - different... what is a "talented programmer"? there are countless programmers that earn >10000 $s per month for their programmingskills in their jobs, but im sure only a little of them have still good knowledge of lowlevel (assembly e.g) programming thats nowadays IT-education as example: a motorcar mechanic today didnt learn same as 40 years ago, topics changed from physical to more technical stuff... e.g. they learn more about electronics and less about welding/soldering etc. -> same on programmers... topic priority just changes by time (e.g. webdevelopment is far from lowlevel )
  3. Hi all, while reading jaguarsourcecodes i found the great Crescent Galaxy (i take game.s as an example) i noticed that there are much numberd labels (.05, .10, .20, .40, and so on... ) Now i wonder what or if those number-organized namings got a benefit is there a special logic in this labelmethod? part of game.s greets to all
  4. what game???? it was an engine. A very ambitious one from scretch with blogging the math and jaguar coding related to 3d issues and knowhow looks atariowl has not much time left for it now, also i think he moved to dreamcast caus of much more potential of harware. sad, cause i would be very interested reading the source say byebye to that project a video? maybe some of the other members of the project could do one, like starcat. But i dont think they will. same -> no time for jag
  5. found on an old magazine the anouncement of "SuperX" for Atari Jaguar they wrote "SuperX Hierbei handelt es sich um ein sehr schnelles, modul-basiertes Motor- radrennen. Im Gegensatz zu "Super Burnout" sieht der Spieler das Areal aus der realistischen "first person"-Perspektive. Schnelle, texturegemappte Polygone bilden das naturgetreue Umfeld." that means cartridgebased, textured, firstperson, not-comiclike, firstperson motorbikeracing game anyone ever heard of this? or is it just supercross3d workingtitle :-(
  6. im sorry i forgot they want to avoid a loss of their highly profitable Battlesphere sale company empire :thumbsup:
  7. okay you dont know how but maybe you know the benefit they did it for
  8. are you sure about that?? the other question is how they did it
  9. why the battlesphere gold rom does not run on skunkboard??? anyone knows
  10. okay thanks guys.. i searched in several docs.. and also google... but you all know what happens when you search someting like "68k asm st" :grin:
  11. nice old thread... what i found while reading sourcecodes... a asm command called "st" what it does?
  12. nice info about the main actress of BIWN http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ff2z0MMxq-8#t=5m24s
  13. compared to this it looks not that bad... also the framerate and details isnt that bad in direct comparsion
  14. you guys forgot the maybe best homebrew: Fallen Angels
  15. quantity yes, quality definitive NO
  16. next product you could produce in china is battlesphere $$$$$$
  17. Anyone want to repair these bouth??? Europe please i would give one for having one back
  18. I have 2 very ill Jaguars :-( one has a missing pin under the cartridge slot ! between main board and slot i dont know how to fix cause im not soldering expert :-((((( the result is a red screen... so im sure at this pin is the problem and the other just didnt bring a picture (black screen but the TV recognises that a signal is coming) all 100 tries he runs for around 2 min then the game crushes i used several poweradapter and they are all okay as i tested them with my bjl jaguar wich is my last jaguar :-( another questions... -how important are the 3 metalpins on the mainboard bottom that touches the internal metal case? -is it normal that the GPU and sometimes the 68k getting warm after some moments running the jag? greetings to all
  19. in case there are not enough i hope you take this thread as reference to first come first serve
  20. why or how the jaguar 68k got >13 Mhz
  21. philia arrived today.. cool job orion_ !! all in all looks like very professional coding all the freatures of JagCD and load save to memorytrack looks good also CD and Boxart solved the first 2 riddles... good ideas and nice story thanks & greetings
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