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  1. im sure you will sell 300 CDs without resellers it just takes time cause not everyone is that ofthen reading forums like me let there be some reviews, retro-news, letsplays, etc and you will see if you sell them rapidly then you will generate a high price like some other releases (another world, battlesphere etc.)
  2. good idea.. how about Elansar for Jag CD?
  3. cool feedback basicly i posted this topic under the jaguar "programming" section because i really wanted to discuss the technical theory of this idea senseless or not the question is: could it be fast enough and helpfull to solve the limited RAM problem of the Jag? greets to all
  4. no the marines have more AI than the aliens PLUS more animations: 4 times more cause of the 4 perspectives (front side left right and behind) and they also can move into different directions aliens only move straight to you !!! never back if you combine HUD map and radar you see they always walk straight to you and they cannot walk even a small angle around a passage.. just straight to you so if you think they are tricki its only because of mapgeometry if there is a corner between you and the alien you can wait 1000 years it never will come! but a marine will !
  5. like the extension pack for the N64 but a hybrid of memorytrack and (RAM) extension pack i know there not much CD Units out there.. and because of this it would maybe be senseless would be cool to see or to know that it could work
  6. yea.. but sense or senseless is another topic just curious if it would be technical possible due the bus limitations, module/cartridge interface, read write speed, or even access to a possible RAM on a Module reading and writing the eeprom of a memory track is also possible... so maybe also to ram... that was the idea :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  7. Hi all, just had a nice abstract idea that could maybe help the jag having a little more ram for its CD games. (while reading the CD <> Module thread) would it be technical possible to make an "Memorytrack like" Module that contains for example 4 megs of RAM that also contains eeprom to save CD stats? This way you could use 2megs internal PLUS the 4 megs (in this example) from the module that would be a SupermemorytrackPlusExtensionpack i dont know the read write speed of the moduleport comparet to the internal 2meg RAM of course i know this could only work if RWspeed is siutable and the jag could do a workaround to write into module adressspace would that make sense?? Think about it greets to all
  8. better do an extra poll, or this thread will be spammed i dont use mouse on jag (cause it hangs on TV and is console :grin:
  9. was there ever a video footage of freelancer 2120? anyone ever saw or have one?
  10. the real hoverstrike source would be cool also iwar
  11. http://forum.nexgam.de/index.php?page=Attachment&attachmentID=4408&h=d4c55abe2f6047e0fc25386ce3f0ec498c4d5a20 Antialaising... no just 3 fps more cd sound better controlls more levels groundshading lighteffects better controlls videos very little improved texturequality by 3Dengine
  12. wow.. thanks for this helpfull support the jag is 64 Bits of Power and a source for 10000000 misstakes and bugs i try it soon, but currently abroad @ work greetz
  13. gameplay is very good.. also presentation you got a real feeling of a racing championshipt graphics are good but frame rate is to low .. you can compare to hoverstrike mostly
  14. i would warmly recommend to enter a new genre of game think about it ..... Real time strategy, Scrolling Beat em up, 3d Jump n run, RPG (FinalFantasy like) to just give some ideas regards
  15. sad news guys: just read the FFL soucecode and it looks like ONLY Pog got a differend ending :-(((( im so sad now :-((((((( all other fighters are doomed to stay in the specterzone :-(((( God rest their souls
  16. hey my friend.. do you really want the jaguar has 3 MYST GAMES !!!! (+ 1 Demo) better make something the jag didnt have scrolling beat em up, rpg, real time strategy (<- if that contact me) greetings
  17. good or not good... does every fighter have his own ending??? yes or now and if yes.. how
  18. i am worldchampion @ FFL.... me my bird, cat, a grandma and 2 friends had a championship -> i won but lets come to important stuff: i playd it ofthen till end, but only saw a diffrent (happy) ending with pog anyone saw another ending?
  19. hahaha European FFL championships and the winner ist best FFL player and krim is now russian
  20. they are up to date.. downloaded freshly and replaced... would be good if someone can download the example.. and give it a short make and run so i would know is it my environment or is it the code
  21. thanks.. tryed it with .EVEN.. also tryed 32 also tested on win8.1 ... still same problem no success.. can you guys try to run this code? same effect on your env? @Linko: of course jcp -c
  22. hi there, as i tested today the skunkboard console skunkWRITEFILE i noticed that it writes nothing into my dumpfile.txt and the console hangs :-( any idea? i am using windows (7) i did a very trivial test (nearly 1:1 as in the skunkboard PDF description) can someone test it with his dev env? would be helpfull so i can see if the problem is my PC http://www.hochrhein-it.de/tmp/jaguar/SkunkDebug.zip greetz to all jagcoders
  23. they tried and they did it great! cause the textured graphics was great and super fluent for that time. looks like the hardware can handle textures or we dont have the same official cartridge most people didnt understand that it is design and gameplay that could be improved on FFL with better animation, sfx & music, timing FFL could be far better but its already not that bad and underrated you need a good sense for 3d to handle its gameplay
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