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  1. Great system. I've owned one since 2002, and I'm a fan of *gasp* the dreaded domestic library. I've never imported anything, despite the mantra that has always been "you gotta import if wanna play Saturn". I don't agree with that. Galactic Attack, Darius Gaiden, Solar Eclipse, Panzer Dragoon... there's plenty of great games where you shoot at stuff, right here with the domestic library. Besides, I'm not that much of a shooter junkie that I need like 20 of them on one system. My current library is about 80 titles deep, and I've got most of what I've ever wanted for it. Lotta cool stuff on the system, probably the most underrated consoles of all time really and I feel like it's still majorly slept on. Like it's more of a collector's item than something people discover and actually play, which is too bad. It deserved better than the mass neglect it suffered back in the day too. Why did nobody buy this thing?? It still baffles me.
  2. Very hard to say. I've done some completely recapped fresh and still just a white screen. Apparently sometimes the transistors can go bad as well, and the screens themselves can fail. I wanna say it's probably not a cap issue, but I've never seen one where sound fails after a recap.
  3. Well, I kinda hate the original PS controller, and it only recently made a significant improvement. DC controller was decent, inoffensive, serviceable. On paper, it was jank beginnings of what is now become the Xbox controller, which has always been superior design to the PS controller.
  4. My brother's Jaguar will not power on what-so-ever. It was known to work a few years ago, and recently when trying it out again, just won't power. No cart can get it to do anything. Too lazy or just don't care enough so we haven't investigated any further into it. I convinced him to let me try his untested Jag CD on my working system. It put up a bit of a fuss, but about 20 minutes later I was granted admission to a working CD unit. Still not sure about his system. Could it really get that dirty after a few years of sitting on a shelf?
  5. Guys. Such drama. I slap you all with wet fish. Wet fish is known to have calming effect. Ya know, I disagree with the premise of this thread. Jaguar isn't far from the best console. Considering the literal hundreds of consoles throughout history that have existed, I think it sits squarely on the side of those worthwhile. Yeah most Nintendo consoles are better, most SEGA ones, some Atari ones, all PlayStation ones, all Xbox ones, sure... but there's still a lot more consoles out there. Even considering only the 5th gen... stuff like Amiga CD 32? Pfft... PC-FX? No thank you. Apple Pippin? Oh yeah, that thing existed didn't it... FM Towns Marty? I'll pass. I'd go even as far as to say Jaguar is better than SEGA 32x. As for 3DO? Just maybe. There's clearly more consoles that aren't as good, than ones that are better. Just sayin'.
  6. My arbitrary dictation on retro is that it's at least 20 - 25 years old, whether that's gaming or anything else of vintage. It has to be old enough that it could passed down to a new generation that was either too young, or not around when the retro thing was current. Any sooner than that and it would be simply aging, or outdated. I wouldn't regard anything that just went out of style to be retro, that's a little silly. Windows 7 is not "retro" by any means. It's just outdated, and no longer the standard. Windows 95? That's retro. Retro is a moving target, and it's also a misnomer. Retro means a modern interpretation of something old, not the actual original article. For example, you might find a retro 60s lamp at Target, but you won't actually find a 60s era lamp at Target. We don't retro game, unless we're playing a new game that's very retro in style. We play classic, legacy, or just plain old video games, for the most part.
  7. I think they took maybe one animation out of the 1MB Cybermorph cart. I would just try cleaning the one cart.
  8. Most of you guys probably already get what I've been jabbering about regarding the N64 visuals, but just in case it wasn't clear (no pun) - here ya go. I used to be of the opposite opinion, but nowadays I prefer the look of PS1 and Saturn.
  9. As is often the case, there were some 5th gen projects that didn't see eventual release until the 6th gen. No doubt some PS2 games look a bit like the previous gen. There were some 360 games that looked PS2. I generally don't take that to be demonstration of the power of the older consoles, but rather the lackluster graphics of a particular game that has been either in development for some time, or is a budget title. Time Splitters development began immediately following the release of Perfect Dark by some of very same ex-Rare developers which founded Free Radical Design. I think you are correct, Time Splitters doesn't look particularly great for a PS2 game. I feel N64's graphics are hit and miss taking the entire library into account. Of the gen 5 consoles, sure N64 had some of the best looking games, but I don't feel that this was always a general "rule" as some others do, especially looking back at them now. I kinda think that more PS1 games aged better due to the N64 filtering effects. I find some PS1, Saturn, even Jag offerings comparable, even preferable to some N64 visuals. As where back in the day, I would have sworn that N64 was better every time. However, graphics don't mean so much to me now, as they did then. The fact that Saturn and Jag have more 2D sprite based games, I see that as a kind of a good thing.
  10. I was listening to the Doom Jag OST on YouTube and notice that every upload of it is missing one track that's actually on Doom Jag. I think it's "They're Going To Get You". Not sure why that's been omitted on any of the playlists I've found but I'm pretty sure it's in the game after some of the levels.
  11. I just sat down played me a good half-hour's worth of CF. I dunno, I'm telling ya, those 10 tracks... That is the strongest point of the game, so you know I gotta stress that. I don't have too much trouble playing it. Yes, the frames are terrible, but it took me all of 3 minutes to compensate for it. It's not that hard to play. If you would run it on an emulator with much better frame rate, then you're good to go. There's a lot of folks out there who are honestly terrible at racing games and that's why the genre has lost so much popularity and succumbed to the sluggish racing sim cliches of today. There's more to most any racing game than just mashing the throttle button, and anyone who doesn't know this will really be screwed playing CF as is often demonstrated in most videos of people playing it.
  12. Pipe dream game? Duke 3D. Lobotomy Software pulled it off rebuilding the entire game when the Saturn did not play nice with the original engine. Seeing what Id was able to do with Doom, I don't see why not.
  13. Only the most skilled of racing game enthusiasts can master those turns at 6 frames per second. I think I read somewhere, that the game only take your control input once per frame. You just gotta know how to wrestle that d-pad into submission. A turn is not a simple matter of press the corresponding direction, it's left-right-left-right-left-right-left. You gotta have ninja skill.
  14. I'm gonna play the devil's advocate and remind you without the FX chip in the cart the SNES could never have done Stunt Race FX at all. So is it fair to call that last gen? Even then, CF looks quite a bit better than Stunt Race, and it's also full screen. Regarding Ridge Racer the PS1 conversion - "A single course is featured, and it consists of four configurations of increasing difficulty: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Time Trial (the latter two are extended)." So technically that's the same track done a few different ways. 😉
  15. Did you guys just get into a fight over whether the games were high score, or linear? It does makes sense that if they were bringing back any of their legacy games, it would be an arcade style game. Otherwise, would probably be a linear game. It had both. I think Towers II counts as an RPG, but it's like an old school dungeon crawling one. Never realized anyone wanted story from those types, but an RPG nonetheless. Personally I don't much notice the absence of the eastern style or story based/anime inspired RPG. Very rarely can even get into those. As far as I can tell however, the Jag does have plenty of linear games where score is an afterthought at most.
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