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  1. Bought a Game Gear Everdrive. Shipped quickly, packed very well, and received quickly and in great condition. 10/10 would buy again
  2. Ooh, I'll take the GG Everdrive. PM me with payment details pls?
  3. I enjoyed Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams and think it would fit well on the Amico. It already has multiple difficulties and the pretty simple transform mechanic, and platforming would probably translate well to this system and demographic. I know it's not as popular outside Europe. I'm in the US and Twisted Dreams was the first one I played, but I think it's highly underrated. @Tommy Tallarico Really appreciate the last few videos. I can't speak for everyone but as a retro and indie enthusiast, I'd like to see is more game footage and info coming straight from the Amico devs and partners. You know people love content, so keeping things content-packed even if shorter would probably be popular. Kindly agree to disagree with woobman on not needing to say everything is a work-in-progress, but even a short reminder that something is in alpha or beta stage, or even just a "WIP" watermark or wording int he video title would help.
  4. Honestly, I was not very impressed from what I've seen, but if Cornhole turns out even half as fun as the Wii Play/Wii Sports games, then I'll probably end up playing it with my family pretty often.
  5. Wasn't the Amico on Fig and crowdfunded too? Or was that different? Asking without sarcasm, because from my impression (and others' point of view) Fig is/was a crowdfunding platform.
  6. That was good to see the new Finnegan Fox trailer. I agree with some of the criticism- mainly minor things like the shadows and animations which I assume can be easily modified. I was also confused by the multiple hearts and easy mode, since it was not mentioned in the video that there would be a hard mode. Additionally info I was seeing on the subreddit was echoing the "Amico made for kids, therefore only easy games" which put me off- that would be nice to know if there'll be multiple modes in future demo trailers, given I didn't read all the comments. Otherwise, and now that I know what I know, I'm still excited about this title. Based on the launch library, I think this'll be my first purchase.
  7. Speaking from the perspective of a retro gamer who also loves indie games, I'm interested in the Amico just for the fact that it is taking a different approach than the other current consoles on the market. I'd rather pay once for a console that will last ~10 years and have it be "underpowered" and see unique games that take advantage of the hardware, rather than paying out the nose for a marginal harware refresh for huge games made by huge teams that are mostly focused on pushing polygons. I'm getting hardware cycle fatigue and don't want a repeat of The Great Console Crash of '83 anytime soon.
  8. Hi all, I have a few things I need to sell soon, including a Famicom, FDS, Gameboy Light, Mega Man 9 press kit. Here is a list I've compiled in google docs of everything I have for sale. I will accept money order or cashiers check, also personal checks but will wait until they clear before sending. Paypal or cash will be accepted if nothing else. I will ship via FedEx/USPS and will ship with tracking/insurance if you would like. This may result in a price change. I'll work with you if you aren't satisfied with the item to try and exchange or refund.
  9. Don't forget this year's show - July 13/14 I've been having a hard time making it to Portland for the last few shows, but will still be at Seattle Retro. See you there, all.
  10. I was looking around in the events forum, thinking that this would be posted over there somewhere. Also, I saw the plug for the show in this month's Game Informer (great news!) Bought tickets for myself and fiancee, and have been plugging the show at work and to friends. I think this year is going to be great, guys! [interchangeable super excited smiley]
  11. http://www.gamegavel...item=0000581609 This is my auction, posted over at Game Gavel. I originally had intentions of keeping it longer or getting it signed by Inafune-san, but unfortunately, I do need money soon. I like to donate to Child's Play Charity around this time of year, so I also will be giving 10% of the auction ending fee to the good folks. Thanks all.
  12. Don't forget to stop on by the Seattle Retro Gaming Expo this year! I'll be there this year. There will be tourneys and we're hoping for a good turnout this year. So let's make it the best SRGE yet! http://www.seattleretro.org/
  13. Seattle Retro Gaming Expo '11 - May 28-29!

  14. Bumping. All items listed are still for sale. I'm willing to accept any good offer as I really need to pay the rent this month.
  15. I have a fami. It has all the original parts and even the box (poor condition styrofoam) and manual (someone wrote some notes in the back of it in kana). I'm not sure how much they're going for (don't know if ebay prices are a good gauge).
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