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  1. Bought a Game Gear Everdrive. Shipped quickly, packed very well, and received quickly and in great condition. 10/10 would buy again
  2. Ooh, I'll take the GG Everdrive. PM me with payment details pls?
  3. Hi all, I have a few things I need to sell soon, including a Famicom, FDS, Gameboy Light, Mega Man 9 press kit. Here is a list I've compiled in google docs of everything I have for sale. I will accept money order or cashiers check, also personal checks but will wait until they clear before sending. Paypal or cash will be accepted if nothing else. I will ship via FedEx/USPS and will ship with tracking/insurance if you would like. This may result in a price change. I'll work with you if you aren't satisfied with the item to try and exchange or refund.
  4. Don't forget this year's show - July 13/14 I've been having a hard time making it to Portland for the last few shows, but will still be at Seattle Retro. See you there, all.
  5. I was looking around in the events forum, thinking that this would be posted over there somewhere. Also, I saw the plug for the show in this month's Game Informer (great news!) Bought tickets for myself and fiancee, and have been plugging the show at work and to friends. I think this year is going to be great, guys! [interchangeable super excited smiley]
  6. http://www.gamegavel...item=0000581609 This is my auction, posted over at Game Gavel. I originally had intentions of keeping it longer or getting it signed by Inafune-san, but unfortunately, I do need money soon. I like to donate to Child's Play Charity around this time of year, so I also will be giving 10% of the auction ending fee to the good folks. Thanks all.
  7. Don't forget to stop on by the Seattle Retro Gaming Expo this year! I'll be there this year. There will be tourneys and we're hoping for a good turnout this year. So let's make it the best SRGE yet! http://www.seattleretro.org/
  8. Seattle Retro Gaming Expo '11 - May 28-29!

  9. Bumping. All items listed are still for sale. I'm willing to accept any good offer as I really need to pay the rent this month.
  10. I have a fami. It has all the original parts and even the box (poor condition styrofoam) and manual (someone wrote some notes in the back of it in kana). I'm not sure how much they're going for (don't know if ebay prices are a good gauge).
  11. Yeah, all games are complete unless noted. Thanks. PM sent back. Yeah, I do have one, but I haven't been able to test it out and clean it yet. It's been collecting dust for a few years now. All systems I have are listed out in the original post. (Original post has been edited to fix a minor error and I'm now uploading some pictures.)
  12. Changed original post to include all items.
  13. eBay Seller: mjantonellis All prices have been updated, BIN added, and now 25% goes to Child's Play charity. 25% goes to charity, 10% ebay, and 65% to the credit debtors.
  14. I can only ship inside the US, and will only accept paypal. I would prefer if each sale was a minimum of $20 total. Genesis: Genesis 6-pak Radical Rex Atomic Runner The Adventures of Batman and Robin Vapor Trail Phantasy Star 1, 2(w/strategy guide), 3, and 4 Power Base Converter GameGear: Tazmania Mortal Kombat 2 Pac-Man MegaCD: 3x3 eyes (JP) Saturn: Lunar box and inserts (MegaCD/JP) Lunar 2 (MegaCD/JP) Lunar (Saturn/JP) Lunar 2 (Saturn/JP) Magical School Lunar (Saturn/JP) Action Replay 4M Plus Street Fighter Alpha Street Fighter Alpha 2 Street Fighter the Movie Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (loose) Dreamcast: Grandia II Evolution Street Fighter Alpha 3 (loose) keyboard mouse Generator vol.2 Famicom: Famicom + Disk System Otocky (FDS) Shogi Doraemon Shounen Jump Hero Retsuden Star Force Star Soldier Bio Senshi Dan Dragon Buster II Star Juster NES: 2 NES Messiah wireless controllers Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt/Track Meet (loose) Karnov (loose) Kung Fu (loose) Rad Racer (loose) Dig Dug 2 (box only, taped up) Final Fantasy Dragon Warrior Castlevania Iron Sword Star Tropics Star Tropics 2 SNES/Super Fami: SNES console with controllers Romancing Saga Romancing Saga 2 Romancing Saga 3 GB: Gameboy Gameboy AC adapter Light Boy roll of gameboy printer paper GBA: Digidrive (JP) Dialhex (JP) Boundish (JP) bootleg Fire Emblem & Sacred Stones Gamecube: Gamecube controller with PC USB adapter Baten Kaitos Baten Kaitos 2 Lost Kingdoms Lost Kingdoms 2 Metroid Prime Metroid Prime 2 DS: Feel the Magic Elite Beat Agents Korg DS-10 Rhythm Heaven Wario Land 7 (JP) (edited) PS: Incredible Crisis Final Fantasy 8 discs 2, 3, and 4 PC: Guild Wars Nightfall Collector's Edition Atari Anniversary Edition CD Midway PC game bundle CD (Xarcade pack-in) Schizm Mysterious Journey Mega Man Anniversary Collection (GCN) Mega Man X Command Mission (GCN) Mega Man X7 (PS2) Mega Man X8 (PS2) Mega Man ZX (DS) Mega Man Star Force Dragon (DS) Mega Man Zero 1, 3, 4 (GBA) Mega Man Xtreme (GBC) Mega Man & Bass (GBS) Mega Man Legends (PS) Mega Man Legends 2 (PS) Fire Emblem VHS Prince of Persia Limited Edition box (360) Nights into Dreams behind the scenes DVD and accessories for various systems *Most everything is complete in box with inserts unless noted. Edit 1/11/2011: Added note on quality of games. Changed "Wario Ware 7" to "Ware Ware 7". Adding pictures. Edit 1/12/2011: Pictures added. Edit 3/2/2011: Changes to description.
  15. Oh wow, just saw this. Hopefully I can make it to Portland this year. It all depends on a lot of factors, though. How big is the turnout going to be this year? The NWCGE 2007 event was fun to attend and I feel bad about missing '08. I saw Leeni perform last year at the Child's Play charity event here in Seattle. That was pretty awesome. Here's to a great NWCGE(Event) '09 in case I don't make it. Cheers, gentlemen. --- BTW, the Saturn Bomberman Tourney sound like mad fun.
  16. First off, hello. It's been a good long while since I've posted on the AA boards. Now on to business. In short, I'm looking for the aforementioned title games [uS/NTSC], but after quickly browsing through eBay's sellers, my hopes were quickly dashed. Does anyone know or have any advice on where I could look to pick up these games at a reasonable price, or are the eBay prices accurately reflecting the current market value? Over $100 for one game is way too much cash for me to even consider for a game even if I do love it. And before anyone suggests, I'd rather not emulate them and prefer to own the game and play it on the original hardware. AFAIK SF3 and SFCD haven't had any re-releases and probably never will unless the Wii Virtual Console adds Sega CD and Saturn to their repertoire. Thanks! P.S. I was also thinking about picking up Shining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict, which judging from eBay looks a little less expensive.
  17. I haven't bothered to find out the going price, but if I had to make an educated guess between the Game & Watch and the Hanafuda cards, I'd say the cards.
  18. Sorry to anyone interested. My brother wanted it, and family comes first. If he gives it back for some reason and it's still broken, I'll probably ask back here for trades.
  19. Anyone interested in buying a dead 360? As much as I like having a 360 around, I can't bother with the mail in replacement system. I don't want to get stuck in a vicious circle of replacements. So without turning this into a rant, I'll end with the specs. And yes, I can confirm that it's 3RRoD, complete hardware failure with no hope of reviving. I've tried powering it on over the course of a week. You'll have to mail it to MS support to have it repaired (or do it yourself if you're the ballsy type). It's a first/second generation model (newer run of the first chipset). I bought it back in Dec. of '07. All attachments are included minus a HDD which this one does not have. It does however have the HDMI port on it and a wireless controller (batteries not included). It was in perfect condition until a few days ago when it crashed and finally gave up on life. I'll probably post this over at DP depending on the response. I honestly don't know if people buy broken 360s.
  20. Bumpity-bump. It's been almost a month, but I'm still looking.
  21. Looking for a used copy of Mega Man 7 for SNES. Willing to pay via paypal preferably. I don't have much for trade, but go ahead and take a look at my list of games (which I should probably update).
  22. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16834115412 I bought this laptop recently back in March of this year. I still have the original packaging, Vista Home restore DVD, battery, AC adapter, etc. Warranty may still be good too, I never checked. The reason I'm getting rid of it is because I mainly don't like Acer. The only problems I've had with it have been a couple "phantom-restart" occurances (while running Windows XP, don't know if that means something or not), and finding the sound and wi-fi drivers that are compatible with XP. Yes, I installed XP on it, but the restore DVD is Vista Home. I haven't tried a Linux install on it yet. That and I'm thinking of taking a trip to Japan, and any extra cash would help. I'm accepting offers if anyone is interested. Due to the high price of this sale, I'll need to purchase insurance for shipping, and I will consider trades too, but I'd prefer money. I prefer to ship inside the US (very preferably inside Washington state, and payment with cash) but will accept payment via paypal if you have references and are willing to pay for all shipping fees. -Matt
  23. Your point is? My parts are in prime condition, and I offered to pay for shipping. My prices are very reasonable. Regardless, I'll leave these offers up for a few more days to see if there's any interst, then off to eBay they go with shipping prices added on.
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