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  1. I've been playing The Sinking City. It's a very unpolished game, and feels like it was rushed out before it was ready, but I'm having fun with it.
  2. I'm really tempted by that Apple IIGS. I do have a barely used Ultimate II with tape adapter. Hmm ...
  3. Yeah, if you can give me an idea of exactly what connections to make, that would be great! If it would help, I can take additional pictures of my board.
  4. Thanks for the info! I bought the SIMMs yesterday. Now to figure out what all wiring needs to be done ... I may contact B&C in case they happen to have any documentation for installing the board. I'm a little concerned that no one will respond (it looks like pages have been down in B&C's store for a while).
  5. Would these work (eBay link)? 2MB (2x1MB) 30 Pin RAM Matched Pair Non-Parity 8 Chip 80ns TESTED WORKING
  6. Do you have any recommendations for new power supplies? Here's a pic of the Gotek installed in the 3-D printed bracket (not my design, mind you—I downloaded the files from Thingiverse). The bracket needs to be cleaned up a little, but I think it works nicely! I did have to extend the wires for the floppy power cable, as it was a little too short to plug into the Gotek when it was installed in the bracket.
  7. I took some pics of my boards (see below). Looks like the 2.5 MB does have a spot for a blitter, but the 1.0 MB board doesn't. Good news—I got my Gotek working (yay!). I'm currently 3-D printing a bracket for it. Also, I checked my power supplies, and unfortunately, neither are the models Console5 offers cap kits for, so I'll have to order individual caps from DigiKey or Mouser. I noticed that one power supply has Best Electronics on the board. That means it's been replaced, right? 1.0 MB full board 1.0 MB board left side 1.0 MB board middle 1.0 MB board right side 2.5 MB full board 2.5 MB board left side 2.5 MB board middle 2.5 MB board right side
  8. I just checked, and I don't have this for my Intellivision, so if no one else has claimed it, I'll take it.
  9. Sent you a PM about getting the TOS 1.04i chips.
  10. I think that it may make the most sense for me to just go ahead and install 1.04i (in all likelihood, I will get an UltraSatan at some point). The pinouts are a little different between the mask ROMs and the EPROMs, right? As long as I know what to do, it shouldn't be a big issue for me to swap out the 1.02 ROMs with the 1.04i EPROMs.
  11. Okay, I'll look at that. I may just disassemble both STs tonight and take some pictures of the boards. Probably the best way to determine what upgrades will work for them and the level of complexity involved.
  12. Sorry, I should have mentioned that one of the first things I did after getting the computers was to open them up, thinking that I would just do the TOS swap as recommended. The TOS 1.04 ST has 6 chips, and the TOS 1.02 ST has 2.
  13. Thanks for the replies so far! The ST with 2.5 MB RAM only uses 2 chips for the TOS; however, there are places to add in sockets for 6 chips. Is it as simple as adding those sockets and transferring the TOS chips? The exxos store has blitters for sale as well as the sockets. I haven't fully disassembled the STs yet to see if either has a place to install one. Sounds like that is a low priority upgrade. As for the hard drives, I have no idea. They are in the enclosure, and I haven't opened it up. It looks like Console5 sells cap kits for the PSUs. I'll have to double-check to see which PSU each ST is using. Oh, and I do have a SCART cable on the way so that I can connect the computer to my TV using my OSSC. That said, the image quality on the SC1124 is really nice. So, it looks like right now, I need to get some 28 pin sockets for the 2.5 MB machine (assuming that's all that's needed for the TOS switch) and some new caps for the power supplies. Oh, and 6BQ5, after I install the Gotek, you can have the floppy disk drive, if you want it. And dave5678, I would gladly give you a keyboard if either of these computers weren't in good shape, but both of these are in really good shape, and it would be a shame to part them out.
  14. Over the weekend, I saved the following from going into a landfill: Atari 1040STF with 2.5 MB memory and TOS 1.02 Atari 1040 STF with 1 MB memory and TOS 1.04 2 boxed Atari SM124 monitors 1 Atari SC1124 monitor a hard drive case with a couple of SCSI hard drives various peripherals, including 3 mice, a Mouse Master, and a few video switchers I plan on upgrading one of these computers for gaming. Any recommendations for upgrades? I have a Gotek coming in tomorrow, so I plan on updating the firmware of it and replacing the floppy drive on one of the computers (also have an OLED screen coming in to replace the Gotek display). I may get an UltraSatan, but right now, the Gotek should allow me to play the games I want to play (right?). Which of the 2 computers would you upgrade? I'm thinking of upgrading one to TOS 1.04i, which I think might be easier on the computer currently on TOS 1.04. I also thought about the 4 MB RAM upgrade from the exxos store. What about adding a blitter? Would that be worth the trouble? Are there other upgrades you would recommend? I'm a n00b when it comes to the ST, so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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