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  1. I just found your channel recently, not realizing you post here. I've really enjoyed watching your videos.
  2. I already have subscribed. I just got my RAV4 at the end of December, and I love it so far.
  3. I have a RAV4, so it sounds like it might fit. I would want to measure to make sure, first. I'll do that this weekend.
  4. Okay, cool. I'll have to see if that would even fit in my vehicle. I'll get back to you.
  5. I'm tempted by this. Can you give the overall dimensions, as well as the dimensions of the opening for the monitor?
  6. Very cool. I'll have to drop in sometime ... though I know almost nothing about Dr. Who.
  7. Any chance your store is on Highway 67? If so, I just drove by it today.
  8. PM sent about the Genesis bundle. 🙂
  9. Ah, I didn't realize that there was an audio CD for Escape 2042. I only have the ROM I purchased from itch.io, which didn't come with an ISO for the audio CD.
  10. What is the issue with Escape 2042? I played through most of that game, and then it crashed on me, and I've never gone back. I just assumed the game was buggy. I didn't think it might be my setup that caused it. By the way, did you see that St1ka referenced this thread in his Paprium review?
  11. Here's what I'm experiencing: VA3 model 1 alone: fine VA3 model 1 with 32X attached: fine VA3 model 1 with model 2 Sega CD attached: graphics corruption after playing for several minutes (typically, by the end of the first level) VA3 model 1 with 32X and model 2 Sega CD attached: fine.
  12. Good call on trying it without the Sega CD attached. I tried it, and it works fine. So, for some reason, my VA3 model 1 attached to a model 2 Sega CD causes graphics corruption. However, the 32X added to this combination seems to fix this. By the way, I've also tried it on my Nomad with no issues (both playing it as a handheld as well as playing it on a TV via SCART).
  13. Yeah, that's how I discovered the issue was the cable. If I had the cable plugged into the Dragonfly (even if the 7800 end wasn't connected), the Dragonfly wouldn't turn on. Without that cable plugged in, it would. Just watched your video, by the way, and learned a few things. I need to check my cart to see if I have RAM on Force or not. I didn't realize that was a thing.
  14. Would a loose wire prevent the Dragonfly from turning on?
  15. When I first got my Dragonfly, I was worried at first that I received a defective unit, because it wasn't working. After a lot of troubleshooting (including trying different power supplies, different 7800s, etc), I discovered that my Dragonfly would turn on if I didn't have the cable that connects it to the 7800 attached. If I had that cable plugged in, even if the other end wasn't connected to the 7800, the Dragonfly wouldn't work. After determining that the issue was with the cable to the 7800, I moved it around a bit and successfully got the Dragonfly to boot. The issue seems to be at the end that connects to the 7800. By pulling the two wires apart a bit there, I got my Dragonfly to work consistently. I took this to mean that the wires were shorting out previously. It sounds like this is an issue unique to me, though. I just thought I'd share it in case this comes up for anyone else.
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