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  1. Hey, I apologize for not having the additional images and prices up yet. My best friend just found out that her boyfriend has prostate cancer, so I've been dealing with that. I will have images up tonight. I'm also going to be adding at least one more item up for sale (a 1541 Ultimate II+ with tape adapter). Thanks for your patience! For those of you who have PMed me without receiving a response, I'll be getting back to you tonight.
  2. I took a couple of pictures of the TG-CD tonight. I'll add more when I get time.
  3. Okay, I've had a few PMs about the Turbo CD, so I'll get some pics and a price together tonight. Thanks for the interest so far!
  4. Anyone interested in a CIB TurboGrafx-CD unit? The unit works and I have the box and everything that was included in it. The gear and laser in the CD unit were replaced back in 2010-2012 (I think). There are a couple of issues: 1. Some of the screw are missing from the CD unit. 2. The power supply is finicky due to loose wiring. Unless you have the wire just right, it doesn't power on the unit. You'd likely want to get a replacement power supply. I also have an FZ-10 3DO unit that I added a 240p switch to. I would include a controller and a game (Star Fighter) with it. If anyone's interested, I'll take some pictures later.
  5. Finished Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night last night. I enjoyed it, though there are parts that were a little tedious (farming for crafting resources being among them). It will be interesting to see what they do with a sequel, if they proceed with making one. My guess is it will have a little less fan service (references to Castlevania characters, etc) and start to stand on its own as a series. You know, what bothers me most about this game, more than the gameplay, is that they mistranslated Carrie's last name. It wasn't until I read Hardcore Gaming's book on Castlevania that I found out her last name is supposed to be Belnades, not Fernandez, and that she is part of Sypha Belnades's bloodline. Her inclusion in the game makes a lot more sense, now.
  6. The way my game room is set up, I just need to lean over and hit these on the console, though I've been thinking of modding my SMS so that I can pause from the controller. I've been looking at this kit that fits within an NES controller shell. It requires a pause button kit be installed in the SMS as well.
  7. Okay, just let me know if you do.
  8. Gotcha. If you end up buying the kit, I'd be happy to solder it together for you. I would even install it in your SMS, though shipping the console back and forth may make that cost prohibitive for you.
  9. Right, but soldering it is easy. You can just go down the line of pins. I was speaking more to soldering to multiple points on the SMS motherboard. I believe there are only three points to solder to on it (looking at the installation guide here).
  10. I installed one of my SMS years ago. I don't think there is a ton of soldering involved (at least, for the first version of the SMS—not sure what is required for the SMS 2). If you have even basic soldering skills, I think you should be fine installing this.
  11. There is a post a bit earlier on this page where @Chuck D. Head volunteered to help with this. I'm willing to help out as well. Maybe instead of putting all of this on one person, we can have a few people tackle it. I'm not sure if that makes sense, or if it would overcomplicate things. I really want to see AtariAge Secret Santa continue, regardless of who takes over. This is the only way I get gaming-related stuff for Christmas ... unless I just buy for myself.
  12. My guess would be that it would be difficult to replace the resistive touchscreen. Of course, if someone found a way to mod the Game.com with a better screen (you know, one you could actually see), I'd be more than happy to give up the touch controls.
  13. Castlevania was one of the first games I got for my N64. I remember it being frustrating at times, but I don't think it's as bad as many make it out to be. Hope you're having fun with it! I'm planning on tackling Legacy of Darkness sometime this year.
  14. Tonight, I finished Castlevania: Chorus of Mysteries. It's a really well-done hack of the first Castlevania game. Definitely worth trying out if you have any interest in Castlevania hacks.
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