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  1. Good to know, thanks! I may try to get some of my wants if they go on sale.
  2. I'm still waiting for that Robocop conversion ... Just kidding—I'm not. I finally got to play it on an ST. It's terrible.
  3. I love Vblank. They did something similar by releasing the PSP version of Retro City Rampage after PSP production had stopped (though they were too late to release that one physically, so they included it in the cross-buy with the Vita/PS3/PS4 versions). They even released a version of the game on a floppy disk for a 486 PC.
  4. Well, damn. Looks like I finally need to buy those 3DS games I've been putting off purchasing.
  5. Are you looking for a particular version of the Sega CD (model 1 or model 2)?
  6. Good god, is this the listing you were looking at? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles-TMNT-2-Arcade-Atari-Jaguar-CIB-Complete-Manual-Box/163929292170?hash=item262af27d8a:g:wM0AAOSwT6ldvDsl When Gaztee does a new release of ST ports, he allows people to get any of the older releases they may have missed. Don't pay that absurd price to a scalper.
  7. Rebooteroids and Tempest are my top two Jaguar games, so it definitely deserves that #1 spot.
  8. I would be interested in both, as well.
  9. There are definitely some highly regarded indie games in the bundle (Night in the Woods, Oxenfree, Bleed and Bleed 2, Celeste, OneShot). I don't see how anyone can complain about the bundle when the minimum asking price is $5 for over 1000 games/asset packs/etc. There's even one of Hardcore Gaming's books included (The Guide to Classic Graphic Adventures). And, it's all for a good cause.
  10. I finished Darksiders III today. I had a great time with it. There are definitely some technical issues (inconsistent frame rate and some loading that breaks up the action), but it wasn't enough to detract from my enjoyment. Now, it's time to tackle Darksiders Genesis.
  11. Just sent you a PM about getting one of the kits. Thanks for making these!
  12. I believe that -^CrossBow^- works on retro consoles. You might try contacting him.
  13. It's around here somewhere. Maybe hiding in shame.
  14. You can still get repros from Etsy. Maybe the shop you used closed down? As for repros from AliExpress, I've only ever ordered one—Alien Soldier. I ordered it complete in box, and what I received was disappointing. The cart was a flash board in a snap-together Genesis shell (which I ended up breaking when I opened it up to look at the board). The case was different than a typical Genesis case (same height and width, but not as deep) and was kinda flimsy. I expected the manual to just be a copy of the manual for the European release, but it wasn't a copy of the official manual. I didn't spend a lot on the game, so I wasn't too disappointed, but it's not something that I would display with my Genesis collection (I'm not even sure where I put it, as I can't find it, now).
  15. It might help if you shared what issues you're having. Is the screen too dark to see? Is the Game Gear not powering on? Are there audio issues? I think we have quite a few members here who do repairs.
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