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  1. Only one week left to sign up for AtariAge Secret Santa. Join us! You'll find the thread in the Events section.

  2. @cvga, I just tried to send you message, but it wouldn't go through (it said that you can't receive messages). Maybe your inbox is full? Anyway, please let us know in the 2021 thread if you still want to participate (that goes for anyone else who hasn't expressed interest there yet as well).
  3. AtariAge Secret Santa 2021 has launched! If you want to exchange gifts with fellow forum members, be sure to check it out in the Events subforum!

    1. ClassicGMR


      Join ussssssssssssssssssssss............

  4. Yay! So glad to see you all joining in again!
  5. You! Yes, you! Do you like giving and receiving gifts at Christmas? If so, be on the lookout for Atari Age Secret Santa 2021, which will be launching in the Events forum next month!

  6. I'm already getting excited! I'm so glad to see so many people who made this a success last year showing interest in participating again this year! So, maybe we start making some announcements via status updates leading to opening up Secret Santa 2021 in early October? I think everyone will probably have to make their best estimate on shipping times. In my mind, it doesn't hurt if items arrive early, though not opening presents early when you receive them isn't easy. 😁 Hopefully, we won't need Rescue Reindeer this year. We only had one person who didn't follow through last year (and I don't think that person has been on AtariAge since).
  7. So when should we kick off Secret Santa 2021 this year? Should we do early October again (only a couple of months away!), or should we start a little later? Also, I think CaptainBreakout and I can team up on this again this year, if that works for everyone.
  8. Damn you, GoldLeader! I saw that Castlevania IV complete and got excited. 😛
  9. I finally replaced the belt for the disc tray in my Xbox. Simple repair, but a much needed one.
  10. I just recently received one of these with the light phaser adapter, and it works great! Had no problems playing Alien Brigade and Crossbow with my Dragonfly cart.
  11. I would hate to part that PSP out for just the drive. Someone should grab it and put a new screen in it.
  12. Yeah, I love beat-em-ups, so I definitely had to get these two. I also want to get The Gladiator, but it's a little pricey. Not as bad as Demon Front, but still not cheap.
  13. I might be interested in this. I have a PSP 1000 with a dead drive. I just need to see if I can use a PSP 2001 drive in a PSP 1000.
  14. I just recently got a PGM, and of course, this is one game I want to get for it. I currently only have Knights of Valour Superheroes Plus and Oriental Legend Special Plus.
  15. Try reaching out to @doubledown. I don't know if he's made any controllers for MAME, but he might be able to do a custom one for you. You can see samples of his work on his website.
  16. Black Dog Technology will have new kits available March 24, if no one else has one you can buy. https://twitter.com/citrus3000psi/status/1372653721662930948?s=20
  17. Is it safe to assume that these are still in the process of being shipped? I haven't received my copy or any indication that mine has shipped, but I purchased this a little later (December 12, I think).
  18. I'm sad to see you're selling your Zatoichi set. I love the Zatoichi series and have this boxed set. Excellent series of movies!
  19. Ordered mine last night. Guess I need to finally fix my Jaguar.
  20. I just found your channel recently, not realizing you post here. I've really enjoyed watching your videos.
  21. I already have subscribed. I just got my RAV4 at the end of December, and I love it so far.
  22. I have a RAV4, so it sounds like it might fit. I would want to measure to make sure, first. I'll do that this weekend.
  23. Okay, cool. I'll have to see if that would even fit in my vehicle. I'll get back to you.
  24. I'm tempted by this. Can you give the overall dimensions, as well as the dimensions of the opening for the monitor?
  25. Very cool. I'll have to drop in sometime ... though I know almost nothing about Dr. Who.
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