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  1. People make Inty games in something besides BASIC?
  2. That's awesome! How does one go about making games for the DS (or the other Nintendo consoles, both handheld and not, that you've worked on)? What tool(s) did you use? EDIT: I see that you actually posted links to your tools for all your games. Thanks so much! As a homebrew developer who would also like to expand to more systems but not be forced to learn/write Assembly, I really, really appreciate you posting samples and full tools to make most of these things in C and other, more accessible languages, with full instructions for how to get the tool chain running! Out of curiosity, which were the easiest platforms to develop for (both in ease of tool use and ease of working within the limitations of the system)?
  3. Wish I would have known about that! Then I wouldn't of had to make SpriteAid!
  4. Hmm... Well, the ability to know the y-coordinate of a collision would be very convenient, though I can maybe make do without. Any idea why that kernel setting would be the cause of this issue?
  5. I think I will go for it. After hearing both sides and the encouragement, at least Game A seems worth the effort. I'll focus on my original projects after that. Game A already has a lot to thank you for, Omega. Will I ever make a game where you're not high up in the credits, I wonder...?
  6. I made a Flappy clone as well back in March of this year, just to try it, except I went with the standard kernel and focused on trying to be visually accurate to the original with the sprites. Interesting how there's more than one way to do things.
  7. Found the problem. If I have set kernel_options collision(playfield,player1) ... Things won't work. If I remove it, having only 2 extra score digits is perfectly fine. Isn't that kernel option required to avoid some bug or something, though?
  8. Appreciate it! Rather, I'd just rather move on to more meaningful projects than messing around with a game where you play as an insane clown sacrificing children to Clownthulu. Maybe someone else will have a better use for the assets.
  9. IntyMapper can be used to get the values you want as well as to see how tiles will look in FGBG and Color Stack modes.
  10. I had been working on a short horror-themed game for the 2600 to take a little break from other projects, but as the prospects of those other projects aren't looking too hot, I find myself a bit discouraged from continuing this little side project. So my loss is (hopefully) your benefit. Here's a title screen I made: And some sprites that go with it: Feel free to use for whatever!
  11. Thanks to everyone for the input. It's something to really mull over, as Game A was something I particularly wanted to do, not just because I thought it would be fun to have a game based on that IP in the library, but also because it was a good catalyst for me to try making a stealth-adventure game, something you don't see very often on the VCS. I'm sure, should I finish and release it under the recognizable IP name, assuming Al didn't run for the hills and the IP owner didn't come for blood, it could (depending on the game's quality, of course) be considered another fun Christmas homebrew to play when the season arises (of which I keep hearing there is a high demand). So, as it scratches my itch to want to make it, seems to demonstrate a genre could be done on the platform that hadn't been done before, and seems to fit a niche that is in demand, all while benefiting from a recognizable IP, I would think it would satisfy all the "reasons for creation," the big sticking point just being that I don't have official permission to make it. Don't get me wrong--I have plenty of original ideas. More than I can ever hope to make, but this seemed like a fun way to get the ball rolling and start working on brand recognition. I don't know how Piñata will fare in its upcoming release, but I'm betting that, when it comes to new IPs, people tend to stick with brands they know (Spicewire, for instance) rather than take a risk with a new IP from a new developer, so I need to build cred somehow, especially as I plan to develop across various platforms (VCS, Intelli, and 7800). I really appreciate that, thanks! But... Sorry to rain on your canine, but it's actually a bB DPC+ game. If I thought I didn't have much time to develop now, it would be a crap-ton less if I was coding in Assembly.
  12. I usually prefer not to reveal what i'm working on before it's truly ready to be shown, but I'm at a point of uncertainty. neotokeo2001's recent topics encouraging homebrewers to create games of classic Halloween-themed films led me to the belief that, much as remaking an existing game is the bread and butter of Homebrew cartridges, making film/tv tie-ins would be no big deal. Encouraged by that, I decided to start work on a couple Christmas-themed games in the hopes of a tentative holiday release. That is, until I recently noticed this thread for the first time, which essentially says that's a big mistake. Since I'm a month or so into the two games' developments and was really getting excited about how they were turning out, it's a pretty crushing blow, needless to say. At the risk of sounding like a corporate whore, I'll say that I'm not particularly interested in working on games that couldn't eventually come to a cartridge release--moreso than being about the money, I want my work to be immortalized in a cartridge that I can put on my shelf and be played in similar cartridges by others, rather than just being a ROM one can delete and forget about. I only have so much time to devote to this hobby, though, so working on games that can't developed fully is basically a waste of my limited time. Is there hope? Dare I risk continuing development on these games? Alternately, is it possible that I could get away with a little tweak to the game's name and still release them? Or would changing the name ruin the brand recognition and make the whole thing pointless (and cheesy) anyway? Zippy seems slated for a cartridge release in spite of the similarities being rather on the blatant side, and Princess Rescue would have gotten away with it, too, if not for those meddling game journalists. Please give me your advice! I've got a very early screenshot from each game below. I'm not going to say what they are, in case Google's spiders are watching, but I presume you'll be able to figure out what they are on your own. Game A A stealth-adventure game on the VCS where the player must find and steal presents in houses while avoiding toddlers and adults who will put a stopper on your nabbing frenzy. Game B A side-scrolling shooter (of sorts) on the Intellivision where the player takes to the skies on a very unusual Christmas eve. Drop presents into the chimneys of the good little boys and girls while avoiding the spooky Halloween nasties that have been set loose to stop you... or blow them out of the sky with your explosive presents.
  13. But by the sound of it, that advantage only exists with an extremely minimalist background--once you start having nice, detailed tiled backgrounds, that advantage evidently vanishes due to the slower way the 7800 handles tiles, plus the cycles lost by waiting for the MARIA.
  14. Personally, I'm not sold on the explosion, particularly since it reveals that the beard and part of the second foreleg are shared between two sprites. If it was an animated explosion, that would be another thing. What about a simple knocked-down, dizzy animation? It would really only take 4 extra cards (unless you have the goat in 8x16 pieces, then it would be 6), assuming the horns/eye is a single card that's being placed as needed.
  15. I like the idea of kicking as well, but I don't think that losing points for kicking good items is necessary: just have the player get no points. So you have to be facing the "food" to eat it and get points, but you need to time your kicks right to get points off of bad items. It makes a double-sided risk-reward: you could just avoid bad items, but then you're missing out on potential points, but you have to make sure that you're not kicking wildly or else you'll kick away all the good stuff, too.
  16. Just finished reading. I guess I thought there would be more pluses and minuses, but it sounds like 7800 was definitely well behind capability-wise compared to the NES/SMS competition. But I guess working on 7800 homebrews, like 2600 homebrewis, is more about nostalgia, brand loyalty, and compromising with less, right?
  17. Here you go. 1.2.3 adds in MODE on export and compress. Whether it is MODE 1 or MODE 0... depends on the STIC mode you have selected. It will assume that you're using the STIC mode that corresponds to how your map data is meant to be displayed. As an added bonus, this version can also teach your child how to count. IntyMapper_1.2.3.zip
  18. Ah... IntyMapper doesn't actually export that data--it just saves it in a .csv file for itself to use so you can see what you're doing. The data in the .csv files is not meant to be put into IntyBasic--use the "export" button for that. But since you requested it, I'll add in exporting of the stack data in proper MODE format.
  19. How strict is this stuff today? I saw a lot of recent encouragement to make tie-in games for horror/Halloween film properties like Halloween and The Nightmare Before Christmas. I'm getting some mixed signals, here. And what if someone made a game based on stuff like the Rudolph or Dr. Seuss animated specials? Those things are old and, I would imagine, unlikely to rile up much trouble should one make a tie-in game on a long-outdated console, but where's the actual current state of this sort of thing?
  20. I've never tried an Atari 7800, so I'm curious of how it stacks up to other consoles of the time. How does it compare to the Atari 5200? From videos I've seen, their capabilities look similar. Where's the difference? Also, how does it compare to the NES? Aside from the obviously inferior default sound chip, how does the POKEY compare to the NES's sound chip? What about graphically? From videos, the 7800's games look grittier, with more colors but a lower resolution. In comparison, NES games look slicker and streamlined, with more cartoony colors and a higher pixel density. Where are the actual lines in the sand?
  21. Sorry, I'll give it a try in a few days. I've been a bit occupied lately. Also, since what I've got is working and fiddling with all this stuff is frustrating (because the line between "works" and "doesn't work" seems entirely arbitrary), I'm not overly inclined to keep messing with it. I'll give it a try again in a few days. I just don't understand why this would reveal anything different. Either it's something wrong with my version of bB (which makes no sense to my mind) or it's a ROM boundary issue, unless there's some other probable cause that's not been mentioned, I'd say we have it narrowed down.
  22. Haw! "Lonely Goatherd." I get it!
  23. Well awesome, then! Noted about the mod. Can't beat 5 bucks for a controller with free shipping. At that price, they're practically paying you to take them off their hands.
  24. Afraid I don't and yeah, that's what I got. See the image earlier in this thread. So that might not work for the 2600 without being physically modded? That won't do... I want something that will work out of the box so I know that my game can work out of the box (with a Genesis controller). Any proven-working options? What about the official Sega Genesis controllers? 3-button or 6-button?
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