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  1. It is - I used it for that purpose some hours ago.
  2. Yes, Editor/Assembler loads DSK1.UTIL1 when an empty path is entered in option 5.
  3. mizapf

    SDD 99

    Reminds me of my attempts to get a new PC graphics card; I'm hoping for a Radeon 5700, but no way to get one for about a year now. I could even sell my current graphics card (RX580) for about twice the price than I bought it 4 years ago.
  4. Don't worry - be happy. (Isn't automatic emoji translation great?)
  5. The point with TI Invaders is that you can end each wave by shooting all intruders as fast as possible. This could be done is less than a minute, I'd guess, and you have less fixed time as in Parsec where you have to wait until the next enemy swoops in. Another goal could be to reach 10000 points as fast as possible. This would mean that you have to carefully consider whether to wait for the yellow mother ship or for the interlude ship.
  6. Well, you could pick a particular round, as you did in Parsec with the killer satellites. For example, play TI Invaders until you reach the level with the green blinkers.
  7. I guess another well-suited game for speed running is TI Invaders.
  8. 50 Hz: 9 min 17 sec; may certainly be improved.
  9. This is really hard to beat; speed running requires me to play in a more risky way, so I do have some trouble reaching the 4th level at all. 🙂
  10. From my experience, the different speed (50Hz vs. 60Hz) has some noticeable impact on my game play. For instance, I barely use lift speed 2 in 50 Hz, while it seems really useful in 60 Hz in the asteroid belt passage. Also, the enemies dive bit deeper in 60 Hz.
  11. The HDC9234 (HFDC) can only load into its private memory on the card. The private memory is also mapped into the address space so that you copy the contents from there. This is what I actually wanted to ask for myself - how does SCSI PDMA work?
  12. When I think about the CPU cores in my PC that run up to 80°C when compiling, the temperatures of the TI are really negligible. The silicon material may have improved during the last decades, of course.
  13. @Hans23If you have an oscilloscope, you could try to check the frequencies of the CPU (ø1..ø4 (pins 8,9,28,25)) or the VDP (/INT (pin 16) and GROMCLK (pin 37)).
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