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  1. I no longer have the NOS NTDE brand ones, but I do have others, USED, in generic brands - they work OK, but not as solid as the NTDE brand. PM has been sent. Thank you!
  2. Yeah, I dare to say the NTDE brand has some level of quality. Much better than the rest of the "generic" 8 bit accessories available in that time.
  3. Thanks for the good vibe and helpful hints gorfcadet!!
  4. Well, welcome aboard I do have the LAST ONE. Where would I ship to? Thank you! - Victor.
  5. v666


    Anytime Tom! Thanks a lot and happy gaming! -V.
  6. Excellent!! I'm glad you got it!! Whenever you need any other one, please contact me. Also, if you know anyone needing one of those, point it to me! :) Thanks a lot!
  7. For those fans of ATARI 2600 V-carts - I have two of them, with labels NOT very good... Yet, an interesting collector curiosity...as featured by our fellow friend User "nofrills100". Carts are working, and they seem to be PAL - as my NTSC system just keeps rolling the picture. I can't really say which are the original game names. I'd ask for both: $36 shipped to USA. or $44 shipped to the rest of the world. Payment through paypal. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks!
  8. Updated, Strider cart sold.
  9. Oh and I'll check Moonsweeper tutorials of course! Thank you guys!
  10. Oh yeah! Thanks theloon. I had visited that page sometime ago, but lost track of it! Glad you reminded me about that one. I'll dig into it.
  11. Nice contributions. That 6502 book looks nice. I'm also trying to get into 6502 aimed to NES.
  12. Added: Merlin console. Fixed and Working. Package is open from the lower side so I could test it. Out of the box it did not work, but I managed to fix it and it's working great. Thanks.
  13. Now adding some ATARI stuff: Boxes, manuals, catalogs, comics... See the pics, all things in regular-acceptable to good conditions. There are some manuals in Latin American Spanish. All manuals have complete pages. Boxes have some torns or rips, but they can be fixed so they look nice again. Make me an offer. I will confirm exact shipping costs once you have pointed me what is it that you want. Anything, PM me. Thank you!
  14. Up for sale, some of my childhood famicom pirate carts...and PSP and 3DS games. Famicom carts are in very good Working condition, all tested. Labels (front and back) are complete. All games acquired during the 90's - they have a good while! Always taken care of and stored safely. Final fantasy IV and Bust A Move Universe are brand new sealed items. Interested? Make me an offer - any offer will be considered. Just don't shoot to kill Items ship from Mexico, so please consider adding 5 USD to your offer when shipping to USA. or add 7 USD when shipping to Canada, Europe or UK. Australia and Asia please add 9 USD. Of course, in any case shipping costs might need to be adjusted depending on the order size. Payment is through Paypal. 1. Dragon Spirit 2. Adventure Island 1 3. Gun Dec - Vice: Project Doom 4. Choplifter 5. Flintstones 1 6. Super Contra 7. Strider SOLD 8. 1943 9. 16 in 1 - Many simple games plus Contra 1 10. Hokuto No Ken 2 - Fist of the North Star 11. Rockman 4 12. Bart VS The World 13. Twin Bee 14. The Goonies 15. Wrecking Crew 16. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 17. Urban Champion 18. Final Fantasy IV The Complete Collection PSP 19. Bust A Move Universe 3DS PM me with your interest and your offer ! Thank you!
  15. What's most amazing about this collection is to actually own the space to keep it!! I think that's what most gamers lack ...SPACE!!! If I'm fighting with room for carts...now a complete Arcade machine!!! XD
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