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  1. Wow, I have installed SOPHIA DVI on an 800XL (with Ultimate 1MB), using Dell UltraSharp 1708FP Monitor, the picture is absolutely perfect. I have tried other solutions, nothing beats this. Thank you so much Jacek.
  2. I will order a black one please.
  3. Hi Guus, Does this mean that my wiring shown on the first photo above is correct? John
  4. Hias, Is it possible that for each OS that is installed the bootable disk software is available as drive door open boot? For example on Happy, the Happy software boots, on Archive the archiver tools boot etc. Is it easy to change/customise the bootable software?
  5. This technical masterpiece works very well. I only need the one drive now. I thought photo is required to clearly show where the wires go. And this to show the position of the plug on the main board. I did not cut the facia plate, the ribbon fits through the slot. I used 3M VHB tape on the back of the ribbon cable plug to hold the PCB firmly on the front. It could do with a small 3D printed bezel that attaches to the front plate screws for perfection.
  6. ULTIMON II is about 95% complete now. I have had to devote my full attention to a PC project that has become urgent. I do expect to conclude the first release of ULTIMON II within the next few months. The changes that I have made have been substantial and required much more work that I originally planned. Sorry for the delay, but it will be worth the wait.
  7. After a heavy week of work ULTIMON II is coming along nicely, its still a few weeks way though... because of new more powerful functionality. Top line is stack (current position leftmost). Bottom section live (continually polled). All commands are being re-worked with some commands having a different instruction set, for a better user experience.
  8. Its nearly finished, a couple of weekends should see the first release. If anyone has a list of possible requirements for the future maybe they should list it here; but please keep in mind that its a Debugger/Disassembler.
  9. The original ULTIMON! was designed when memory was limited to the Atari spec. It is planned that ULTIMON II will automatically work on all memory footprint configurations.
  10. No you are not losing it, not based on this subject anyway.
  11. You are welcome. It's only a taster, once ULTIMON II is out, the original will be of no use.
  12. I never knew of Computer House so I never had any dealings with them (sounds like I was lucky?). ULTIMON II is well on its way it will work in the Cartridge area, it has new and much better look, it will be easier to use and have more functionality. No target date yet but it should be within a couple of months. Biorhythms was written by John Sosta & Paul Carr (I think it was their first effort at programming a product for sale) jointly and was only produced on cassette media. If I eventually get a new drive belt I can try my only version to see if it works. Zapping Zombies I wrote that (it was my very first program when I became a software developer), Once ULTIMON II is over just maybe I can look at releasing it again (yes I have the source code).
  13. Thanks for all your comments. This particular version will die as soon an I release a MyBIOS compatible version (ULTIMON II; basically splitting ULTIMON from the OS, fixing bugs and re-documenting the changes), that should then open up possibilities for other hardware. I am just having a play with my favourite old computer and hopefully making others happy in the process. We can get more deeply into fixing it for you when we see how ULTIMON II works. Again lets see how ULTIMON II will perform. There is no emulation involved. I knew both John Sosta and Paul Carr very well, none of them had anything to do with ULTIMON, they were into games, I was into the technical side, as I already had Electronics qualifications. I did some programming on the Atari ST with Paul just to learn C (no products came from it). I never have been into games but I absolutely love playing Atari Space Invaders, in fact its what made me dig the old equipment out. Nowadays I am a professional software developer I spent 15 years developing robotic and diagnostic software for General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Jaguar Cars, Land Rover; after the massive decline in the UK car industry I was left with no work so I decided to reboot my career and currently I have many projects on the go; PC, Linux, Mac and iPhone/iPad for the Estate Agent business. I have programmed in 12 different languages my favourite being C#. I maintain my own Linux servers.
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