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  1. Pengo (SEGA, arcade 1982) have a LFSR 16 bits, with a period of 8192 values. Pseudo-code: hl := (seed) old_l := l hl := 3 x hl h := h + old_l (seed) := hl ; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .org $2d7c random: push bc push hl ld hl,(RANDOM) ; seed ld b,h ; bc = hl ld c,l add hl,hl ; hl *= 2 add hl,bc ; hl += bc (hl := 3*hl) ld a,c ; a = c add a,h ; a += h ld h,a ; h = a (h := h+c = h+old_l) ld (RANDOM),hl ; new seed pop hl pop bc ret Pengo take the value of register A for all random values it needs. The first seed is $365A. The 8192 values are perfectly balanced: http://zonadepruebas.com/viewtopic.php?f=115&t=5813&start=20#p77052
  2. The TOSEC Project have an Atari/8bits/ section.
  3. You can try the same trick with BASIC: allocate 2 K buffer, get address of this buffer, and calculate the next 1 K barrier within this buffer.
  4. If data are very closed to have sorted, one of the best algorithms is Insertion Sort. For general data, one of the best is Quick Sort.
  5. What is the difference between v4.20 and FTe versions? I test v1.2 cartridge version, but I can't run with 6502C additions. .DS directive are recognize but no INA sentence. None for v4.20...
  6. I recommend you to look this thread: D.K. VCS Source It contain all the .h files. And more.
  7. The solution at 6502.org wiki is... witty.
  8. The problem is to find the right software, of course.
  9. That is possible? http://www.retroarchive.org/cpm/archive/unofficial/gemworld.html
  10. Support for hardware? Today, the new programmers want all languages have SPRITE command, like the olds STOS/AMOS Basic languages for ST/AMIGA. Or framework or game engines like Godot, GDevelopp o Game Maker. Regards from another Perl programmer.
  11. explorer


    Or Ubuntu Edge... $12,814,216 of $32,000,000
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