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  1. Hi All, this seemed like an appropriate place to post an Atari pic for tonight. I finally got around to testing 4 drives ( 2 810s and 2 1050s ) I've had sitting on my shelf for 5 years ( shame on me ). I _think_ one of the 810's has a Happy mod?? Here's a pic. I'm anxious to play with it if that is indeed what it is. All the drives seemed to work with a regular atari boot disk.
  2. figure I'll put in my $02. I owned a vic-20 and then an a800. Star Raiders literally sold the a800 to me. I saw that in the mall , and had to have it. I was very jealous when the c64 came out ... not because I didn't like my atari anymore (I loved it) but I did know enough to recognize it could do things my a800 could never do. having twice the number of sprites, that were each twice as big is a pretty obvious difference. To me, they cannot be compared, too different. In my mind the Atari came out in 1979, I don't care that marketing fools re-branded the computer and put it in a new case later. The simple matter is you are comparing a 1979 computer against a 82 ( 83) whenever the c64 came out. The c64 is a much newer platform. The Atari was incredible for the time period it was released. fyi, today I own an 800xl and several vic20s ... i may get a c64 soon too I should also add, I do get endless enjoyment from the atari vs c64 threads, so I would never discourage them from being compared .. I just don't think I would ever participate ... but I do love spectating.
  3. Thought I would add something to this older topic just to help someone maybe like me in the future. This topic helped me just now, as I was experiencing trouble with dasm on my 64 bit ubuntu. The -m32 option mentioned will indeed solve your problems; however there can be one additional hurdle and this may help someone: Ubuntu apparently doesn't include the needed 32 bit headers and libs, so you'll get some strange compile errors looking for a header file predefs.h. You may need to do something like this: sudo apt-get install g++-multilib that will get the multi target support stuff for the compiler; after I did that, with the excellent advice earlier, my dasm compiled and ran like a champ now it's back to 6502 hacking
  4. Phil, I just saw a post from you on another thread about AR, I see this thread is the more appropriate place to express my Awe! I just wanted to thank you for Tail of the Beta Lyrae. I had a legit copy when I was a kid on my a800. I loved that game, played it soooo much. I used to leave it running for mood music. It freaked me out the way the game play would change and I always tried to imagine how it was doing that -- I figured it was writing to the disk or something. I thought the idea was so novel as a kid. Truly an iconic game and a huge part of my childhood. Maybe it's time I check out AR. I never played that. Welcome!!!
  5. ok, off topic, but Wow, couldn't resist. An honor to see a post from Phil! I played the heck out of Beta Lyrae when I was a kid bought it honestly too with paper route money
  6. well, not scientists, but I thought I would add my $.02; memories I had of some local hackers when I was a kid who did some interfacing with the Apple2. This would have been around 1980 I'm guessing. I was about 10, and a friend in my church invited me to "help out" with their volunteer efforts. A local HAM group had created a system of Apple2s that would run photo-sensors to time the races at the local soap box derby. They had all kinds of stuff, I remember. The computers would pipe a composite video signal up to the announcers box with the current heat and the racer info, so they could announce it ... and then the computers would somehow detect the finish crossing, kick off a photo finish and some ladies at a terminal would process the results and enter the data for the announcers again. I remember the "computer room" was hidden under the bleachers and they had lined the walls with foil ( not sure why, to help with heat, or maybe to cut down RF?? ) there was a single air conditioner in the wall and there were several Apple2 all with the top lid popped off. I was in awe.
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