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  1. I haven't even installed the game yet but I decided to nab the season pass before the price goes up. Looks like it will include some significant content.
  2. Turning Point is definitely my favorite mode, but I change modes based on my current challenges. For example, if I have a challenge such as melee or pistol kills I'll usually switch to Droid Run or Drop Zone which are on smaller maps.
  3. FWIW, it's a double-xp weekend starting today (Feb 12). This thread is quiet so I don't know how many others are still playing. I hit rank 50 already but I'm going to take advantage of double-xp to earn more credits for unlocking new stuff.
  4. The more I play it the more I like this game. I think my biggest problem with it initially is that my expectations are too high. I still get aggravated sometimes by the randomness of kills and spawns, but overall I find myself having a lot of fun. I'm also enjoying trying different load-outs and weapons. The bowcaster is just brutal. I've also found that keeping an eye on challenges and trying to complete them makes the game more compelling; it forces me to do certain modes and use certain weapons. Maybe someday I'll learn how to fly.
  5. I've been playing Portal 2 with my daughter. She saw the game on Youtube and had to have it. It is a great couch co-up game. We also play Diablo III a lot. I just finished Bioshock Infinite. The FPS aspect gets repetitive after a while, but as with the original Bioshock the setting and story help carry it along. Just don't ask me what the story was because I have no idea.
  6. That isn't the first time I've seen that complaint. One reviewer said he was overwhelmed by junk. I don't like that aspect of RPS so I'm getting worried that I won't enjoy the game. I bought it before Xmas as part of a B2G1 sale, and I'm starting to have buyer's remorse before I've even started the game.
  7. I think I'm getting a bit better, too. I got around 25 kills in a match yesterday. Of course I got killed around 25 times as well, but in this game if I'm anywhere close to a 1:1 KD ratio I consider that a huge success. Given all the game's faults I'm surprised I'm enjoying it so much. I've been experimenting with different weapons and card hands. I still haven't found a favorite weapon, though, but judging how many times I'm OHK'd by the DL-44 I'm sure I'll warm up to it pretty fast once I unlock it. My favorite mode now is Turning Point on Jakku. It seems to be pretty well balanced, and the map size and open spaces help mitigate the overpowered DL-44, which suffers from considerable damage drop-off at long range. The number of players involved make it hectic and fun.
  8. SWB has become a filler game for me -- a fun diversion in between serious gaming sessions. Unlike a game such as Destiny that offers a huge variety of weapons, armor and, skills, SWB isn't a game that could stay in my console for days at a time. It is still quite fun in those short sessions, though. And since Santa brought us a second XBO controller my daughter and I are enjoying the split-screen co-op survival missions. I give EA/Dice credit for including couch co-op, a feature all too rare in games these days.
  9. My relationship status with this game is set to "It's complicated." I basically have a love/hate relationship with it. I picked it up as my free choice in a Best Buy B2G1 sale and have been playing a lot this weekend. On one hand: Star Wars! On the other hand: laughably unbalanced weapons, paltry selection of maps, and a ridiculous spawn mechanic that ensures you'll spend more time running back toward the action than you will fighting. I get so frustrated at the game play, but somehow I keep going back.
  10. Bungie says you can get rewards up to 320 based on your light level. The higher rank you are with the shipwright the better your rewards will be.
  11. The sparrow racing they introduced today is a blast, and a great way to break up the growing monotony of the raids and patrols. The best part is I'm much better at racing than shooting, so unlike crucible PVP I can actually compete. I even finished fist in a couple of races. I'm actually surprised at how good the racing is. If there were more unlocks and sparrows it could be a standalone game.
  12. Best Buy are having a buy two get one free deal on XBO and PS4 games this week. If you're a GCU member you basically get three games for around $95. That's a big ol' Christmas win. The weekly ad in the Sunday paper says the deal excludes Fallout 4 and Battlefront, but on their website those games are included and eligible! I just picked up the new Tomb Raider, Fallout 4, and Battlefront. This is the deal I've been waiting for, because while I definitely wouldn't pay full price for Battlefront it's entertaining enough to choose as a free selection.
  13. I finally got to try the Kings Fall raid. It took two days to finish it with the group I was in. Fortunately the sherpas were relaxed and didn't go ballistic as I repeatedly fell to my death during the jumping portions. We made it to the daughters on our first run. The next day we finished off the daughters and Oryx. I've never seen so many wipes as we had in those two days. It was arduous but very rewarding, both in loot and satisfaction. I ended up with a new primary (pulse), secondary (shotgun), boots, and mark, all over 300. With my best gear equipped I'm now 299. If I could just find another good piece, preferably a ghost, I could eclipse 300.
  14. As usual Joe's review is about 20 minutes too long, but it's spot on. I'm just thankful I was able to play the trial thanks to EA Access. If not I would have been tempted to keep my pre-order despite the lackluster beta, and I would have been angry. I haven't been this disappointed by a game since Destiny first launched, but at least Destiny had incredibly game play.
  15. I think three things killed the Vita. 1) Overpriced proprietary memory cards. Sony should have either priced their memory cards closer to standard SD cards or simply allowed SD cards to be used. 2) Mobile games for iOS and Android. Even for those who liked the better screen and controls of the Vita, it's tough to swallow paying $30 for the same game you can get for $5 on your phone. 3) Sony. It seems like they were never really sure what they wanted the Vita to be, and they kept it so locked tight that indie developers and the average tinkerer couldn't do anything with it.
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