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  1. Asset tag is around the same time as mine . Mine got dated to 1982 by an atari employee. So that should be an indication to age the later serial number also speaks to a much later system. 1982 to 83. My atari hcd system tag had a system date code 6th week of 1980 but the tag was from 1982. So it's been at atari a long time. It's an interesting system but I dont think 1000.00 interesting
  2. Serial number 943 1953 stamp says 945 1953
  3. Theres one on Ebay right now sn 23829 I believe. Has anyone come across a system that's been sequential to their own system?
  4. This week I should be getting (pending the post office gets it here this coming week) an atari 800 earlier than any system on the list with the exception of the 28 prototype system. Kinda excited to get it in hand and open her up and see what the chips look like.
  5. Send me a message if you want
  6. Just following up is there a viewable list of the 500 or so titles that could have been put on the ecpc cart back in the day. I'd love to see a checklist of what is known to be floating around. 500 titles would be something else to see.
  7. I took a stab at it but went for 61.00 be interested to see if it was anyone on the site who bought it and any follow up photos of the item. I'm interested to see what close ups they can provide of the board.
  8. Great seller. Very happy with my rx8025 defender game
  9. I came across this box and I cant find any info on it. The paddles I have match to the launch year tennis paddles. So I'm thinking maybe the box is an early 1977 variant before it changed to the white and black style. Anyone have any info on this variant .
  10. It's been on my list for years. Great find. I fear still I may never end up with one
  11. I picked these interesting items up this weekend online. 1.) Salt Cart that might be a version 1.00 or maybe even an earlier version 2.) A Robotron 2084 Prototype 3.) A Disk Diagnostic Version 0.2. ( Im not sure yet if this is the same version as the 810 that was widely available in house or if this is a different version of the 810 CPS) 4.) A regular copy of Star Raiders but in a Brown XL XE style cart. From what Ive gathered shell was made around 1983. Style would not be seen again until Atari was sold . Kinda interesting and dont see too many of these around. I think 1 person on AA has made a post about it a while ago). 5.) Finally a copy of Donkey Kong JR with a double label.
  12. Summer games number 1 Crystal castles Karateka Thunderfox / airball And into the eagles nest is hard to come by. Also the atari xe demo cart is much rarer than the in store demo cart cxl4019. Wanted to make mention to that too
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