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  1. Ah ok. I thought for some reason the 400 used like 1.5 k of ram for some reason similar to a vic 20. 3k was more than I was expecting.
  2. My 400 comes up 13315 or 13k I guess it's a 16m with some bad ram ?
  3. 19 working Atari 400 800 xe home computer carts. Adding basketball to the cartridges available.(bringing total to 20 titles) Orc attack and zone ranger sold already. 185.00 plus shipping Also have 3 no labeled carts I need to test to find out what's on them . One I believe is jump man junior the other 2 are spinnaker titles. 5 ea for those. 15.00 for the 3 no labels. Feel free to message me if interested .little flexible on price
  4. I came into possession of this cart and working on figuring out what software would work with it. Came across this post hoping someone here might be able to shed some light on things
  5. I'd be interested to lurk in when I'm helping the wife with other things around the house but when it gets colder out I'd be interested for sure.
  6. Next group is a few spare Atari 400 800 xe carts I have extra of. Choplifter 50.00 Face maker 5.00 (needs label reglued ) Alphabet zoo 5.00 ALF 10.00 home made label. All 4 for 65.00 As usual make offer on any your interested in.
  7. Will do it's a 4 switch woody but I'll add a photo tonight. Thank you
  8. Forsale an atari 2600 console only with 99 games some duplicates. All in nice shape. 《SOLD》
  9. It must have been back in the day. A Sampo tv with a built in pong game I take it would have been like how super nintendo and sega genesis was common but to find someone with laser active or a jvc xeye. Unheard of for most the people at the time.
  10. Quite a steep learning curve taking on a tv even with all the documents. I think for right now, just having a paired set is good enough. Just appreciating is where I need to settle on right now. Down the road I'll either tackle it or try again to find someone who can handle the task. I wonder if you can do English subtitles to get an idea of what they are saying. I do have another portable TV by Sampo that has pong built into it. Came with the manual but no box. Only other TV that kinda fits the built in pong variety is the magnavox 4305 that had pong built in also.
  11. The TV came with 6 or 7 booklets with schematics on all the boards and what is on each board. I fear the cost for restoring and going through the TV will be pricey. I dont see too many TV restoration places online and I fear trying to mail the TV anywhere.
  12. Here is my example of my Heathkit GD1380 pong console. This pong unit uses a special connector to hook up to certain Heathkit model TVs. ( The later GD-1999 pong unit uses a standard connector and hooks up to any television). As luck would have it I did come across this Heathkit GR-2000 model 25 inch color console TV that is one of the few models that is compatible with the GD1380 pong unit. The TV needs to be restored and gone through before I attempt to power it up and try everything out but being able to pair it up and have it the way it would have been back in the day. I hope one day I will have everything restored and working like it was back when it was new. I doubt many of these combos survived but I figure Id share this with everyone.
  13. Looking to see who has some harder to find atari home computer carts they are willing to part with. Feel free to let me know what you have
  14. Thanks. I dont regret many items sold. Basically just this one. Sorry bout your pain with yours. Just sucks.
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