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  1. Last week but still very happy to add this to the atari xegs set. Final piece to complete the set
  2. Price charting isnt a good source since it's very incomplete. It's a start but I'm sure theres gonna be items in the lot you wont find. Digital press is a great option to find rarity and a time stamp to what items are worth. Action is correct 45 to 60. I would open and check tennis to see if you have eproms or masked roms. One of my tennis carts came in with eproms and a assy labeled board.
  3. I appreciate the photos. I'm gonna send you s private message
  4. I am looking for a smooth shell (no ridges )of flight simulator 2. Also I'd be interested in a grey shell pacman or a metal back 1986 copyright silver label variant of pacman.
  5. Updated photo will come this weekend. Please note cart 20 summer games xe and cart 22 atari light module carts have been obtained and off the want list. Down to 36 to go
  6. That's a really nice looking one. Any info on the chip dates inside?
  7. Either skimming or reinvesting for the time they have it before they have to pay the tab quarterly. I wouldn't be surprise if they invest the funds make a little something then pay the taxes when needed
  8. Heres a list of the last 38 or so titles needed to finish off the atari cart set according to pitfalljones.com. any help or leads would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Asset tag is around the same time as mine . Mine got dated to 1982 by an atari employee. So that should be an indication to age the later serial number also speaks to a much later system. 1982 to 83. My atari hcd system tag had a system date code 6th week of 1980 but the tag was from 1982. So it's been at atari a long time. It's an interesting system but I dont think 1000.00 interesting
  10. Serial number 943 1953 stamp says 945 1953
  11. Theres one on Ebay right now sn 23829 I believe. Has anyone come across a system that's been sequential to their own system?
  12. This week I should be getting (pending the post office gets it here this coming week) an atari 800 earlier than any system on the list with the exception of the 28 prototype system. Kinda excited to get it in hand and open her up and see what the chips look like.
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