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  1. I came across this box and I cant find any info on it. The paddles I have match to the launch year tennis paddles. So I'm thinking maybe the box is an early 1977 variant before it changed to the white and black style. Anyone have any info on this variant .
  2. It's been on my list for years. Great find. I fear still I may never end up with one
  3. I picked these interesting items up this weekend online. 1.) Salt Cart that might be a version 1.00 or maybe even an earlier version 2.) A Robotron 2084 Prototype 3.) A Disk Diagnostic Version 0.2. ( Im not sure yet if this is the same version as the 810 that was widely available in house or if this is a different version of the 810 CPS) 4.) A regular copy of Star Raiders but in a Brown XL XE style cart. From what Ive gathered shell was made around 1983. Style would not be seen again until Atari was sold . Kinda interesting and dont see too many of these around. I think 1 person on AA has made a post about it a while ago). 5.) Finally a copy of Donkey Kong JR with a double label.
  4. Summer games number 1 Crystal castles Karateka Thunderfox / airball And into the eagles nest is hard to come by. Also the atari xe demo cart is much rarer than the in store demo cart cxl4019. Wanted to make mention to that too
  5. Where the Ca or Co part number usually is this just says SKRF 30. Just something new I didnt see before.
  6. I've seen boards with assy ca 060053 which typically would be used on diagnostic carts and prototype projects Next I've seen ca 060063 which are typical green PCB normal release games. Can be or not be socketed rom chips. But now I'm getting a PCB that says SKRF 30 for the part number. I've done research going through part lists hoping to find what kinda board it is and original purpose of it to be. Looks like both boards listed above. Has sockets for eproms. Just something new I've never seen and would like to learn more.
  7. As a truck driver go i80 to i71 then i70 to i44 to i35 to i40 then up i5. * This time of year u want no piece of i80 west of Nebraska. Done that too many years.
  8. As a truck driver go i80 to i71 then i70 to i44 to i44 to i40 then up i5. This time of year u want no piece of i80 west of Nebraska. Done that too many years.
  9. The qix has a location name that goes back possibly to an atari caribe inc out of Puerto Rico. Which was established from 1981 to around 1985. At least that show holdings and such. Found that interesting besides the boring san jose location in cali.
  10. Not in the listing. I was given a name that I need to research but its unclear if they were tied to atari in house or an outside person maybe who reviewed for a magazine. Or just a guy who collected or randomly ended up with this stuff before he passed away.
  11. Here are the photos of what I found.
  12. I found a few 1st article samples kn Ebay I added to my collection. Was wondering who else has a few of these. I heard they went to quality assurance department to check for errors in a test run before mass production took place . The 3 I have are paint dig dug and qix. I posted photos in the what did you buy lately section but would love to hear and see what others might be floating around in other collections
  13. More Atari 8 bit computer items tonight. Scored some 1st article samples and 1st submittance items tonight. Possibly for the quality assurance department of Atari. All dated April to May of 1983. Unsure how rare but seemed interesting and would make for a good discussion starter in the game room one day. Anyone have more information about these.
  14. New to the club heres my new 2800 system.
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