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  1. Not sure how I'll do on pacman. That's an inty game I never had as a kid. I'll be playing it in style though. I just finished my bartop arcade cab!
  2. Felson42. 124300 Third level again. This time I almost made it. Got the 2nd key and was on the way back to the door. This is a really fun game.
  3. Thanks DZ. It was only my third or fourth attempt. I played some more after that one and havent gotten close.
  4. Felson42 - 1,209 Great game. Thanks for this new classic! I was addicted after the very first play.
  5. Felson - Night Stalker - 707500 Knew I could do it. The game took around two hours.
  6. I've never played with two controllers at once on my own, but I have played Night Stalker as a fun two player game. When I was a kid my dad and I would play. I would be the runner using just the disc on one controller and he would be the shooter using the keypad on the other controller. It made for a hoot, blaming eachother when we died. Yet another reason I love this game.
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