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  1. Anyone know of a source to create the actual cardboard 5200 boxes? I want to do a Cloak & Dagger one to go along with my arcade version of the game.....
  2. I am going to do a small run of the Cloak & Dagger Atari 5200 game labels.....anyone else looking for one? http://i132.photobucket.com/albums/q13/roadblock1906/Atari5200CartridgeCampDweb.gif
  3. @TPA5...No I understand 100%...and like I said to oldschoolretrogamer I completely understood where he was coming from and appreciated his information. He kept it strictly professional, I got more bothered by the other guy saying it's annoying...to me thats a personal feeling. I understand the tight knit community, I have been a member of the KLOV forums for a long time. My hobby is arcade machines and yes we have seen people get taking advantage of. So I will do better next time and didn't mean to piss anyone off.
  4. Yes, you are blessed...thanks for recognizing that....see you in 5....later....
  5. Actually @oldschoolretrogamer I was referring to Yurkie saying "I find it annoying when people don't put the city, state...or providence, city...country, city." I understood what you wrote and provided what you asked....Secondly I already had an account because once again I have bought a bunch of modded xboxes from Mark Wolfe....me posting here was mainly for people that were in the Atlanta area and could come by and check the machine out. Didn't give anyone any attitude all i did was state the obvious.... this is a hobby for me...if someone doesn't post something correctly I would either tell them how to do it or what their missing like you did...but to add extra shit is pointless. I don't care if it annoyed him..at all....I made a mistake oh well. And yes if you want to buy it fine, if not oh well....it takes two seconds to post something and see if someone wants it...if not off to eBay. So that is BUSINESS...telling me it annoys you is PERSONAL.
  6. I have done a ton of business with Mark_Wolfe and its my first post on here. Yes I am on ebay with 100% positive feedback (HdHuntaz01)and I find it annoying when people act like things that should be hobbies are life threatening or like a crime has been committed because someone forgot to post it properly. I'm in Lilburn, GA and anyone can feel free to stop by and play the kiosk. Also, feel free to send a friend or family member if that makes you feel better. Mark can vouch for me...my name is Chris Walker. Picture of item can be found here: http://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/vgm/4767988856.html ....... Buy it, Don't buy it...makes no difference....just trying to find someone that might like to have a Dreamcast Kiosk....
  7. For Sale: 100% Working Dreamcast Store Kiosk. Everything is original. Asking $500 or best offer. No offer will not be considered.
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