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  1. Hello friends. I take 2x quad version for TMC2 experiments. Matej
  2. Matej


  3. Matej


    Any chance to get 2x AVGcart??? Or TMP can you send me gerbers, firmware in zip??? When you are not able sell me 2 carts to same country.I will made them?Can you opensource project on github?Like UltimateCart...
  4. There was better opl3 version of YMari redesigned by Yogi.Will produce few pcbs in winter... If you want one. FM OPL is good. Arcade machines (atari) had pokey+fm+pcm...
  5. Slovakia 20... Czech 40-50... On Forever there are people from whole Europe. But yes we was ZX (own clones Didaktik) and A800 country in 80s... In Czechoslovakia about 300 000 A800XE was sold. They was in schools (also PMD 85 - intel 8080 computer). Every second friend had it... Probably they are still in homes (turbo 2000 tape and standard XE). But no so big and si active scene as in Poland...
  6. In Slovakia there are about 10 active users.But lot of retrogamers which have standard A800xe + tape drive + turbo cart. So about 20-30 total.But core is about 5-10...
  7. Rybags - in future everybody will gave 65816 and vbxe...So 4x pokey will be ok...
  8. I dont like also SID. Pokey is pretty cool soundchip.Future will be 4x pokey or 4x pokey in fpga.YM/AY is good as it is in Atari ST.Also FM like opl or ym2151... They was in Atari arcade machines. Well for future is more lucrative maybe DSP!!! Sound + 3D calculations. Like on Falcon. Modern DSPs are cheap. So I can imagine cheap cartridge with DSP for 3D math or real time synth calculations and then replay it throught Pokey or Covox... Sort of AceTracker2 synth...
  9. I will take 10x for XE... (I own 6x 130xe...)
  10. ARMsid by Nobomi is best!!! http://dzi.n.cz/8bit/armsid/index_en.php T0ri from Poland made SIDARI cartridge. Use google translator... http://raven1.magix.net/sidari/sidari.html
  11. Please 2x for me - postage to Slovakia same country... Thanks.
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