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  1. Will send money this week. Just was waiting for new credit card for paypal.
  2. Similar solution to Tynemouth adapter: http://blog.tynemouthsoftware.co.uk/2018/08/atari-st-usb-keyboard-conversion-kit.html?m=1
  3. I think this Xmas I will finish XE project. Will work daily on this. Maybe I can adapt it for NUC or 1088XLD boards, also RaspberryPI and LattePandaX86 or MiSTer latter. So we will have brand new Atari.
  4. @flashjazzcat Beautiful!!! @All - Is Quadpokey supported by Altirra? Want try TMC2. Also will upload my Quad mp3 song with 2x stereopokey song and mixed on PC to have 16 channels.
  5. Hello friends will finish XE top enclosure and keyboard case! I am working in this. Also I will post images. Are 600xl and 800xl keyboards same??? Also will do 800XL case and 600XL in spring, sumner.
  6. Will buy FujiNet in future. Want do scifi cyberpunk 2D MMORPG/VirtualWorld for it! Got this idea for long time. Metaverse for small Ataris. Any good network coder, gfx coder? I can do graphics and sprites and soundtrack and sound fx...
  7. 2x V2 QP+C Future 2x V3 Amy 2x YM2151
  8. V3 ideas (quadpokey+ym2151, quadpokey+amy, quadpokey+saa1099) Deflemask Tracker ---> Sega Arcade got YM2151 so QuadPokey+YM2151 https://deflemask.com/ We will need ym2151 player on Atari side. Also another nice soundchip is Philips SAA1099 from SamCoupé computer (Its like 2x AY or YM from ST) https://github.com/sorgelig/SAMCoupe_MIST https://github.com/stripwax/SAASound Here is SAA1099 tracker: https://saa1099tracker.borik.net/ So we need just SAA1099 player on side of Atari. How SAA1099 sounds: How YM2151 + SEGA PCM(COVOX) sounds:
  9. Beautiful! I will buy 4x after Xmas.
  10. He doesnt reply my emails. I dont know. Anyways I will finish small series of OPL3 cart original by T0ri from AtariArea our upgraded version by Yogi. @xxl - We just modified/upgraded T0ri's YMari Cart. http://raven1.magix.net/yamari/yamari.html
  11. ALL - I asked my friend author of multiple soundchips (Genesis/Megadrive, C64, Gameboy, Sega Arcade, NEC 6502 PC Engine, Nintendo NES) DEFLEMASK TRACKER https://deflemask.com/ to incorporate/implement QUADPOKEY+COVOX in next versions. He agreed and told me after NeoGeo soundchip He plan to include POKEY too!!! So we will have modern 16channelPOKEY+4channelCOVOX tracker for PC,MAC,ANDROID!!! So in half or 3/4 year of so. So there will be need code RMT player like on ATARI side. @Foft I will buy 4x QuadPokey+AMY and 4x QuadPokey+YM2151. @xxl We made with YOGI gerber for OPL3 soundcard. I have at home 10x OPL3+YAC512 DACs. So I will make PCBs soon and ask my friend from ATARI.SK to help me with sodering! Also Lotharek want make His own Melody FM Sound Cartridge and is almost finished!!! So in very near future there will be two FM soundcards/cartridges. I even build MSDOS 500MHz PC with OPL3 SoundBlaster16 soundcard and Adlibtracker2 only for that!!! So PokeyMAX v3amy and PokeyMAX v3fm should be AMY and YM2151. YM2151 sounds very similar to OPL3 and eats less in FPGA and its already available as opencore also is more better for 6502 cpu(see Commander X16 project)... Full potential of OPL3 (all operators, more complex instruments) You need 400MHZ Pentium. My friend SubZ3ro from city I had college made Adlibtracker2. OPL3 eats CPU. And ATARI used 2151 in their ARCADE SYSTEM1 for real. So why CURT wanted use it in 7800XM upgrade! AMY will be like dream. There are like 4 prototypes of Atari 65XEM in museums. It sounds beautifully little bit like APPLE 2GS ENSONIQ synth soundchip. Here is how YM2151 sounds: AMY will sounds more little bit like Apple2GS Ensoniq 5503DOC soundchip: IMAGINE such soft sounds + beautiful raw POKEY PSG sounds it will be amazing soundsystem!!! Like on Arcade Machines!
  12. I think best will be to have player on Atari. And Music Tracker (like RMT) on PC. I know author of Deflemask will write to Him to support QuadPokey. Also will send You money for my QuadPokeys+Covox. What about QuadPokey+similar/almost same or very close soundchip like AMY? Atari65XEM with AMY chip. There is lot of documentation even TAPE FROM ATARI MAINFRAME. Also http://www.atarimuseum.com/computers/8BITS/XL/ASG/Chips/AMY/index.html It will be EPIC to have real Atari 65XEM!!! Will send You my quad tunes too. Composing mine first 16channel tune!!! Or QuadPokey+Covox+FM(Atari used YM2151 in their Arcade Machines) https://github.com/jotego/jt51 As Pokey itself is amazing PSG I personally think better than YM in my 1040STFM. SID is very good feature. But I own HardSID PCI and C64 with 3SID upgrade for SID tunes. Also its like putting Pokey into C64. But what about keel Atari traditional Arcade soundchips QuadPokey/Amy/YM2151/Covox?? Also Lotharek is working on YM2151soundcard cartridge so there will be tracker in future.
  13. Thank You so much. Here is my PCB. https://tinypix.top/i/signal-2020-09-30-215634.PktJU
  14. Hello friends. I need help. I have few Skunkboard PCBs (Atari Jaguar Dev Flash Cart). But on internet there is just older verision V3 http://harmlesslion.com/software/skunkboard I have PCBs from 2017. Anyone got BOM, IC list etc? Please help me. Will post PCBs photos soon.
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