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  1. ENOTRACKER with source: https://github.com/epi/enotracker/releases/tag/v0.1.0-alpha1-outline
  2. 10usd TTgo board with ps/2, sdcard, usb power, esp32... can we mod Rossums A800esp32 emulator to run on it??? https://m.aliexpress.com/i/33039492191.html
  3. Atari130XE RasterStereo RasterSDrive Ultimate1MB ram Ultimate Cart SpeedLink Competition Pro Amiga Mouse Samsung LCD with Scart
  4. Actually I like 320x192x2 Atari games looking like from ZX. Atari was better. Anyways ZX had Turrican, Lotus, Golden Axe, Dizzy, ShadowOfTheBeast etc games we never had and dreamed. Similar to C64. I think Atari should do more with gaming studios also marketing. On hardware side we was better. I own Zx128k +2A and some games are actually good!
  5. There is new 4usd Rpi Pico and its amazing for emulation: BBC: NES: What about ATARI 800 emulator or TURBOCARTRIDGE as Atmel Tomek8: https://youtu.be/iW_6zF1TMP0 https://youtu.be/3Uqtxvnk8f0 https://youtu.be/udMW9aeF-sk https://youtu.be/iW_6zF1TMP0
  6. Beautiful. Imagine this in 80s on XEGS. I think today we play Atari Switch...
  7. I have exactly same board without IC chips will scan it. Send to Santosp. Maybe will help!
  8. I am working on Atari 130XE case/enclosure. Soon I will post my cad renderings. If it is possible A130++: - stereo Pokey sockets + covox dma - 1mb ram - 65c816 20mhz instead of 65c02 - vbxe instead of gtia/antic - build in sddrive (supporting 32gb firmware) So we will have brand new next gen Atari. Like Amiga500 highly upgraded Amiga1200 AGA was. Why? New standard for games, demos, software. You will dont need upgrade old Atari. Just replace brand new motherboard and switch on.
  9. 9x Atari 130XE 4x Atari 65XE 2x Atari 600 ;);)
  10. As 10 years old I have buyed tape with sequencers, drum maschines, speech synthesizers etc. So I started composing electronic music on A800XE with tape drive and turbo 2000. Latter I discovered FastTracker2 on PC486. But basics I had from Atari. I lost that tape, but there was cool drum synths, sequencer like cubase but more simple. Also whole my childhood I was playing classics games with my sister, cousin. I learned LOGO, BASIC and even PASCAL on ATARI too.
  11. 2x PokeyQuad, covox dma Will send money now. But need wait lockdown. So You will send them in summer.
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