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  1. OMG... that made me so happy... then I realized I cant make games.... having a hard enough time making this movie. LOL
  2. VRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOM Got It! I will review for www.Atari7800forever.com SOON
  3. Thank you! When its available I will let you cool cats know.
  4. Where can i see some of your movies?
  5. Someone beat me to the punch on that.............................
  6. Well honey Chile, when 85% of Hollywood production is curbed due to COVID, distributors are starving because they have nothing to shill because there’s nothing in production. Enter the Shit heads like us with our shit projects. So that’s how someone is making money with it and the check cleared, so idgaf. see you at the movies
  7. I know this isn't 100% Atari 7800 related, but one of my projects is about to be picked up by a world wide distributor. Im starring in this comedy/ horror movie called "The Hike". The only reason I'm posting this here is b/c I want you to see the trailer... my character is rocking two outfits in this movie, and one of them includes the #1 coolest Atari t-shirt I have ever seen and Im a lucky man to own it. Even on the silver screen, I'll be pimping Atari, babies.
  8. I just picked up a brand new light gun from video 61, and it’s an Atari light gun. I was excited about it cause I never had a real Authentic light gun, And I wanted to re-review light gun games for my new website: www.atari7800forever.com... but it doesn’t seem to be working on my flat screen TV. Do these things only operate on cathode television sets?
  9. I wonder if mine has a pokey chip in it? The sound is not that impressive
  10. I have an old copy (7th made) of Beef Drop but it doesn’t say VE on it... what’s the difference between the old Beef Drop and the VE version? CV
  11. I have on a few... but not by much- I put the review snippets page back already---- you sate the appetites before I start the arduous process of making full pages for each game again. The biggest difference is that I moved Double Dragon from a 4.0 or 4.5 to a 2.5. I have no idea what I was smoking. I also improved the Asteroids score by a full point I think. I am also harder on the old homebrew games since so many good ones have came out. But most of everything stayed pretty close to the original scores.
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