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  1. Oops- the tenative title for the project is "Gunkan Assualt" not "Gunkan Blast"
  2. Fail Safe is one of my favorite thinking man's games on the Atari 7800, and I finally got to review the damned thing after all these years. And I look at a project that two pals tag teamed up on, a thing they call "Gunkan Blast". The goal of the project? To see how much the Atari 7800 can graphically handle at once. Checkout the article on the front page to see what's up. www.Atari7800Forever.com
  3. Besides doing the super fun 7800 homebrew reviews I have been trying to knock out the original library's reviews, too. I've updated several from the old site that Crossbow and I did 15 or so years ago. Did you know that HAT TRICK features a racist song? Read all about it, I just finished reviewing it. Also reviews for Food Fight, Galaga, Double Dragon, Donkey Kong, Jr. have been completed with minimal typos. Hoo-Ha www.atari7800Forever.com
  4. My computer has crapped out for almost a month, but tonight I got it working, and finished a review WITH NO TYPOS. Scramble is one of my favorite Pac Man Plus homebrews and one of the very best shooters on the system. I have also recently finished reviews for Crazy Brix, Super Circus Atari Age, Astro Fighter and Serpentine. Check them out! www.atari7800Forever.com (Also, if you see this Albert, I lost my Cousin Vinnie log in information. Help me if ya can)
  5. Finally... by request, my review of Astro Fighter for the Atari 7800 "Astro Fighter kinda looks like its own outer space bowl of Lucky Charms. You have red chubby ghosts, yellow rocket ships, and blue uteruses" - Funkmaster V http://www.atari7800forever.com/astrofr.html
  6. Exactly. LOL Anyways... I also reviewed Serpentine and Super Circus Atari Age this week since I've been on a Homebrew kick. Check em out www.atari7800Forever.com
  7. Here's some Super Circus Atari Age love while we are in the bustin bawls mood http://www.atari7800forever.com/scaar.html
  8. I’ll get to Astro Fighter and Moon Cresta next, but first... I’m in the mood to bust some crazy azz brix www.atari7800Forever.com/crazybrixr.html
  9. Shut up and take muh.............
  10. Did you know that you could use the alphabet to help pick out your next 7800 game? It's true!!! www.atari7800forever.com/abc.html New Reviews: Commando, Dig Dug, Crossbow www.atari7800forever.com
  11. Welll sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. Ya know what's weird, is I helped with these maps in 2003... and I dont remember a damn thing about them! LOL
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