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  1. At this point I rate Baby Pac Man as the third best 7800 of all time on my site. Such a great great great playable game that never gets old
  2. Indiana and Ms. Croft wouldn't be bested by spiders and bats... we know this. These are clearly amateur copycat imitators. This thing looks beautiful. Nice jorb.
  3. I watched the ZPH twitch feed. I love the fact that the trapped explorers sometimes look like famous peeps like Indiana Jones and Lora Croft. Jolly good show.
  4. Did he really? LOLOL. In preparing for the review I was blown away at home many games are in their series. The one called Sol Cresta looks really fun. You can combine all three parts into a giant Phoenix that sets everything on fire.
  5. Will your version have an ending Lewis?
  6. Something about the dialogue and look reminds me of the book Heart of Darkness. can HERO be beaten? Or does it trip levels?
  7. People have asked me to review Moon Cresta at www.Atari7800Forever.com for years, and tonight was the night history finally happened. After playing the arcade version of Moon Cresta for a bit... it was time, once again, to give the Prosystem one a whirl. I have always hated this game. But over time... did my initial disgust recede? Click the lank to find out, Jeeves. http://www.atari7800forever.com/mooncrestar.html
  8. My favorite system! I hope you enjoy it
  9. Not for my site, sir… I wrote the original Ms. Pac Man for my 7800 gimmick. I’ve got to bring over your Rampage and one of those dreadful Flight Sim reviews from the old site. Silverback is doing two gun games and we will be all caught up on the OG line up. Then we can start delving into crazy fun stuff like Pole position 3, Apple Snaffle and Wasp! jump in if you want!
  10. TBH, I didn't touch this game for a very long time... until readers of my site were like- Why are you avoiding this game? You mention it in articles and lists but you've never reviewed it. Does it suck? I think I was partially saving it... maybe partially intimidated by it. It's not a game I would normally buy... but man. It's so good, glad I got into it. Tear it open bro... you need to play it. It is the best game for the system. (Just don't tear it open... carefully remove the contents)
  11. Surprise! You dirty hookers! Jon Stoll, Jr. (AKA Silverback) is helping me catch up on reviewing and creating content in the midst of an Atari 7800 scene that has amazingly gotten more and more frantic in the last few years. When we catch up on all of the original release reviews, we can delve into the more fun and unpredictable waters. Here's what has been recently added to www.atari7800forever.com Silverback reviews Mario Brothers, Ms. Pac Man, Kung Fu Master, Pole Position 2. Silverback interviews Frankodragon (Roof Pooper, Fat Axl, Hearty Manslapper). Funkmaster V interviews Muddyfunster (EXO, Danger Zone, Bernie) #MarioBros #kungfu #MsPacMan #EXO #FatAxl #poleposition2 #wjhcam #campsmokey #thehike2021
  12. I just beat the game... and now I have to figure out how to get to the warp zone. Not killing any bunnies seems like a trick.
  13. Im surprised a pimp like you didnt burn through the game. I wonder how many actual Atarian's beat this on Original Hardware, especially with 2 playaz
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