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  1. Just kidding... just got it today... nice Christmas Gift for Funkmaster V. It's fantastic. This game seems pretty big... Serious question, I'm not a platformer guy... so how big is this game compared to Super Mario Brothers, Adventure Island, Sonic, Scrapyard Dog, Alex Kidd, Bonk etc? Do they all take about an hour to beat? Cousin Vinnie
  2. It's also on the Wii version. A gross amount of hair product btw
  3. What am I looking at here? I cant find an image that matches this on the internet
  4. I just received a game from the Atari Age store and it doesn't boot up. The "Contact Us" button does not seem to work and Albert hasn't responded to my PM after 3 days. Is there a better way to get in contact with the peeps at the store? Thanks... Cousin Vinnie
  5. hmmmmmmmm.... I don't remember. I've started an Atari 7800 video series and I could drag Ace of Aces out and give it a go for the show. I remember beating the pants of it many moons ago (let's just say, I Used to Kick its Ace), but I don't remember anything at all about acquiring different ranks. I'll look into it.
  6. ohhhhhhhhhhhh... I'm holding my own, I figure I'll jump up in the points standings when I get the chance with the games I dig.
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