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  1. Pac Man is not my favorite thing either, but Baby Pac Man is a hybrid game with pinball where the sum is much greater than the sum of its parts. It's better (to me at least) than the actual pinball game its ported from for numerous reasons... and the 7800 was the only port of this game ever. Its so good and unique that I included it in my top 10 games to play on the Atari Fight Stick w/ Track Ball and Spinner video.
  2. If you click the link... all mysteries will be answered. I played them both immediately before I wrote the review.
  3. That's hilarious. She said "Oh you're Jon's friend?" and I was like.... "yeah." I had no idea who she was talking about, I just saw a pic of this diorama in her reviews (I guess it was you) and I was like OHHHHHHHHHHH SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT, It was the only 7800 diorama on the site and I was like MINE. Cant believe it was urs.
  4. I dont wanna brag- but my Atari corner in my office be gettin' pimped.
  5. Playing this game it reminds me of the Music/ Action Adventure game Candace of Hyrule, where the monsters move on the downbeats of the songs since Berbie's bad guys bounce and move at the same time. Looks like a winner, fo' sho Seriously, Ill pay your wife for a crocheted Bernie. I need it for the Atari part of my office. I'll give her BUXX, dude... Cold American BUXX.
  6. Damn dude… I came here to brag and look at your azzzzz
  7. My Knight Guy secrets page is up and complete thanks to Silverback, S Ramirez, Crossbow, Silverback and my own brain. www.Atari7800Forever.com
  8. I'm working on the secrets page for it now. I'm always down for more cheats/ secrets/ walkthoughs for the site... for ANY game. My cheat section is one of the site's biggest deficiencies, besides the insane amount of typos I keep seeing.
  9. We had a great Atari Age Day, playing all 4 of the funktastic 7800 games that was shipped on Saturday to the Mothership. We squeezed out a Knight Guy review and updated Dragon's Descent after playing it on cart for the first time. See what we thought--- more reviews from Funkmaster V, Silverback, and Crossbow coming soon!!! www.atari7800forever.com
  10. At this point I rate Baby Pac Man as the third best 7800 of all time on my site. Such a great great great playable game that never gets old
  11. Indiana and Ms. Croft wouldn't be bested by spiders and bats... we know this. These are clearly amateur copycat imitators. This thing looks beautiful. Nice jorb.
  12. I watched the ZPH twitch feed. I love the fact that the trapped explorers sometimes look like famous peeps like Indiana Jones and Lora Croft. Jolly good show.
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