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  1. Now available: Quadromania and Space Battle! Gameplay Videos: Quadromania: Space Battle: How to order: Quadromania: http://luchs-soft.de/shop/product_info.php?products_id=247 Space Battle: http://luchs-soft.de/shop/product_info.php?products_id=248 Artwork by Jacek Selanski
  2. Here's the Link for the upcoming X-Mas Release with some infos: http://luchs-soft.de/shop/product_info.php?products_id=244 This is the preorder for the X-MAS arcade shooting game Retro X-MASsacre. The game is expected to ship from the middle of next week! It's a retro bottom shooter in the style of the early 8-bit days The release contains: - Curved Lip Cartridge - Box - Manual (There'll be NO Pin or Poster) + A video will be upload within the next days. Stay Tuned! Attention: IF YOU ALREADY HAVE AN ORDER THAT ISN'T ALREADY SHIPPED, PLEASE ORDER THE GAME BUT DON'T PAY! YOU'LL RECEIVE AN EMAIL LATER! Artwork as usual by Jacek Selanski
  3. Unseen is now available in the shop :-)
  4. Look at Dracula, if you know the walkthough, it takes about an half hour to finish or less. So it belongs to how much time you need to finish the game
  5. All Lynx Games are in stock, looks like you've tried to order Vectrex Games, please write an email that I can check want Vectrex Game you're Looking for :-) Or if you're looking for Jaguar Games, they are sold out. There will be a Cartridge Re-Release HOPEFULLY in 2019
  6. Just waiting for the Manual, so it will be released within the next weeks. If someone wants to preorder, here's the link Still hoping that it'll be released at the ejagfest. Cross fingers!
  7. @Bochum_Boy: Wainting for LX, so it will be released asap. Another Update: :-)
  8. Yes, LX needed to change something. So it will be released asap.
  9. Just for the record: UNSEEN is in production right now and it will some something special :-) After that SPACE BATTLES and QUADROMANIA will be released at the same time.
  10. Yes, as soon as the request for Wyvern Tales ends
  11. @all: Thanks :-) @GuybrushThreepwood: Sorry, my fault, I forgot to change it. Alpine Games and the Ejagfest Slideshow aren't on preorder for some month now. Everything is available. ​Cheers
  12. 14 supporters left for package 2!
  13. 19 Supporters left for a Box release
  14. At the ejagfest 2017, I was asked about MENSCHENJAGD, so after 3 year of being in the Releasepipeline I've talked to John and we think it might be a nice X-Mas Release BUT the question is, who's interested in a physical and how many total. I want you to write me an email preorder[at]luchs-soft.de to let me know that you want a copy. If there are many ppl who are into that release, we'll do: 1.Package: Box (original size), Manual, Overlay, Red Shell, Cartridge if there are a few more than usual, we'll do: 2.Package: Box (original size), Manual, Red Shell Cartridge if there are as much as usual or less, we'll do: 3.Package: Slimcard (packed like vecz) Cheers!
  15. Hi friends, as some of you have noticed, I will become father the second time in November. Due to the fact that we have to rebuild the house because we are missing a room, I just have no time for the projects or releases. I ask for your understanding and hope to have a Christmas release this year. So, soon I'll be back :-) I'll try to be at the ejagfest next month. Cheers, Sascha
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