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  1. I love that people are still making these great games better, and with such artistry! Keep up the great work!
  2. Yeah Craigslist is a little crazy right now. Two separate people have big lots listed but want $100 or more for them.
  3. Thanks! I'm really excited about having a huge cartridge collection!
  4. That does help! It looks like so far the main go-to seems to be online. This actually saves me from going all around here this weekend looking for something I may not find. I'm not going to completely rule out thrift shops and whatnot, but I don't plan to rely on them.
  5. Hi there! I've been a lurker for quite a while, and have recently decided to stop just drooling and start collecting. I've got Atari 2600 games coming in the mail all the time, but my hunger grows! My collection currently stands at 37 including duplicates and those with poor or detached labels. I want more! My main place for acquiring said cartridges is eBay, and it's a real crap shoot. Right now, I have four carts on the way, and a bid going on another four cart lot (both for a couple bucks). Sadly, it's either pay more for an individual game, or pay less for a lot and most likely get one to several duplicates. I don't mind these duplicates as I'm more concerned with quantity right now, which brings me to my inquisition. In your experience, where do you go to grow your game collection? eBay is nice. I can look through other people's collections without getting my hands dirty (or even putting on pants!) and they show up at my door in a couple days (the games, not the people). Unfortunately for me, people who take the time to list things online typically do some research into the value of those items, and want a little more than I'd like to pay for something that's been collecting dust in their mother's attic since 1983. Do I brave the "shadier" parts of town and check out thrift stores? Will pawn shops usually carry Atari 2600 carts? Will that pawn shop not charge an arm and a leg? Is it worth getting up early on Saturdays and fighting off the elbow throws of old ladies at garage sales? Do I keep an eye on Craigslist and meet up with the scary guy whose scheming to build a supercomputer out of an Apple II and finally complete his space beacon? (I actually got my 2600 console, controllers, and initial 32 games this way. The guy wasn't that crazy, but it was pretty close.) I want to know, people! I'm certain there's people in my local area who have just decided to clean out some old boxes and come across their collection from 30 years ago, and decided not to just toss them in a landfill (see what I did there?). You, who have been doing this much longer, may have knowledge you can impart into my eagerly squishy brain. Teach me, show me the way.
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