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  1. Count me in for two. Sent from my LG-H872 using Tapatalk
  2. 1.) Action 3.6 2.) Basic XL 1.03 3.) Basic XE 4.2 4.) Integer Basic 1.00 C 5.) Mac/65 with DDT 3.6 6.) The Writer's Tool 2.25 7.) Tiny C+ 1.1 Links to all of the above would be nice. I would love to load a directory on my Ultimate Card filled with them.
  3. I have both versions of santos 5-in-1 carts and love them. I would love to see him create a new one with the final versions of the languages with all the fixes implemented.
  4. Kyle, if I am reading this right you got Carina up and running? Are you running real hardware or Altirra? Can I get whatever you have running as I have never gotten it working?
  5. Any chance of a version that makes the cart ports worked like a stackable so you don't end up with a tower of carts? I am in for two of these regardless.
  6. I am in Maryland and will pick it up this weekend if no one else can. Sent from my LG-V496 using Tapatalk
  7. The biggest issue with the lapdocks and using them for anything other than the Droid phones is the need for the cable to send DCC/CEC signal which the lapdock looks for. I will try the one you have with the project I am working on with a Raspberry Pi. Thanks.
  8. Can I ask what specific dongle you purchased? It seems to take a special one to get the HDMI to work or the screen shuts down after about 9 seconds.
  9. I am using my own SIO2USB cable the I created with an Inland FTDI board. Works perfect with RespeQT, reads and writes ATRs without issue. I guess I will just stay with MyCopier as it seems to support the U.S. Doubler natively.
  10. Yea, I ended up popping it open and checking. I has an ICD US Doubler in it from 1985. Thanks for the replies folks. Now, what is the best duplicator to use with the drive to make ATRs from floppies? I have been using MyCopier but I am wondering if there is something fast/better. T.E
  11. I am actually working on a similar project converting my collective floppy library into ATRs. I am using a custom SIO2USB cable I made with a 1050 connect to a 130xe. I am running RespeQT on my gaming laptop and MyCopr on the 130xe. I don't notice any pauses to write to the ATR, it reads the floppy and then writes the ATR. As for the Ultimate board...if it is in a dead machine but it is not dead itself hell yes move to to w working machine. Take advantage of any new hardware you may have available.
  12. Definitely interested in two when they are available.
  13. I have a 1050 that I have had for decades and I am wondering if there is something I can check, programmatically (peek) to tell me what upgrade may be installed (U.S. Doubler, Happy, etc?) so I do not have to take apart 30+ year old piece of working hardware? Thanks, T.E
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