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  1. Cool. Thanks phaeron. I noticed that there are matching sections that match the GUID for keymap, etc. I am correct that if not specified the defaults are on play?
  2. Can someone shed some light on the altirra.ini file? Specifically the line in bold below. Is the Hex value at the end significant in some way or just random? Thanks, T.E [User\Software\virtualdub.org\Altirra\Profiles\6AC4B1FF] "_Name" = "400/800 Computer" "_Visible" = 1 "_Category Mask" = "hardware,firmware" "_Saved Category Mask" = "hardware,firmware" "Hardware mode" = 0
  3. Count me in for two. Sent from my LG-H872 using Tapatalk
  4. 1.) Action 3.6 2.) Basic XL 1.03 3.) Basic XE 4.2 4.) Integer Basic 1.00 C 5.) Mac/65 with DDT 3.6 6.) The Writer's Tool 2.25 7.) Tiny C+ 1.1 Links to all of the above would be nice. I would love to load a directory on my Ultimate Card filled with them.
  5. I have both versions of santos 5-in-1 carts and love them. I would love to see him create a new one with the final versions of the languages with all the fixes implemented.
  6. Kyle, if I am reading this right you got Carina up and running? Are you running real hardware or Altirra? Can I get whatever you have running as I have never gotten it working?
  7. Any chance of a version that makes the cart ports worked like a stackable so you don't end up with a tower of carts? I am in for two of these regardless.
  8. I am in Maryland and will pick it up this weekend if no one else can. Sent from my LG-V496 using Tapatalk
  9. The biggest issue with the lapdocks and using them for anything other than the Droid phones is the need for the cable to send DCC/CEC signal which the lapdock looks for. I will try the one you have with the project I am working on with a Raspberry Pi. Thanks.
  10. Can I ask what specific dongle you purchased? It seems to take a special one to get the HDMI to work or the screen shuts down after about 9 seconds.
  11. I am using my own SIO2USB cable the I created with an Inland FTDI board. Works perfect with RespeQT, reads and writes ATRs without issue. I guess I will just stay with MyCopier as it seems to support the U.S. Doubler natively.
  12. Yea, I ended up popping it open and checking. I has an ICD US Doubler in it from 1985. Thanks for the replies folks. Now, what is the best duplicator to use with the drive to make ATRs from floppies? I have been using MyCopier but I am wondering if there is something fast/better. T.E
  13. I am actually working on a similar project converting my collective floppy library into ATRs. I am using a custom SIO2USB cable I made with a 1050 connect to a 130xe. I am running RespeQT on my gaming laptop and MyCopr on the 130xe. I don't notice any pauses to write to the ATR, it reads the floppy and then writes the ATR. As for the Ultimate board...if it is in a dead machine but it is not dead itself hell yes move to to w working machine. Take advantage of any new hardware you may have available.
  14. Definitely interested in two when they are available.
  15. I have a 1050 that I have had for decades and I am wondering if there is something I can check, programmatically (peek) to tell me what upgrade may be installed (U.S. Doubler, Happy, etc?) so I do not have to take apart 30+ year old piece of working hardware? Thanks, T.E
  16. Scott Adams Adventures were very popular as well as anything Infocom. Sent from my LG-H830 using Tapatalk
  17. Thanks. Got it working. I found an FT232 FTDI board in my parts box and wired it up with the SIO port and running updated and forked AspeQT from the forums. Working great.
  18. I have never done a floppy dump to ATR and have a ton of floppies I would like to preserve. I have an SIO2BT and an Arduino based SIO2USB as well as two Rana 1000 drive, two 810s and a 1050 with a chip in it that expands the capability (not sure which one been too many years since I installed it). What is the best way to go about dumping my floppies to ATR with what I have available? The vast majority of the floppies are non-protected to copy protection will not be an issue but some are double density. I have an 800 (48k) and a 130xe available to use as the 'read' point. Thanks for any help T.E
  19. I am definitely interested in a version for the horizontal connector version of the Ultimate Cart. I have 400's, 800's and 130xe's so I dont think there would be any issue with it fitting the slots. I have two and have never found cases that I am happy with for them.
  20. Not sure how this is a pre-production board as it was purchased 2 days before i opened it from Bed, Bath & Beyond. Unless i got lucky somehow and got a different internal board. Sent from my LG-V496 using Tapatalk
  21. Sadly no. The pictures I posted are the best I have. I am not interested in taking it apart again. Sent from my LG-V496 using Tapatalk
  22. 8-bit sound is 8-bit sound no matter how good the technology behind it.
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